Old Navy
Old Navy's Information
Type: Apparel
Rating: Three Stars
Location: Water Tower Plaza, Michigan Street
Fame: Known for reasonably-priced casual clothing for men, women and children.
Atmosphere: Serve yourself warehouse with minimal decor and bright lights.
Owner(s): Corporate
Manager(s): n/a
Employee(s): n/a

Comfortable clothing at reasonable prices, Old Navy has something for everyone. The store is split into sections: men's on the left, women's the right, and children in back. Each section has a red neon sign announcing what they sell. Headset wearing store clerks move between the racks to help customers find dressing rooms or their correct sizes.

The store is located in Water Tower Plaza, right off Michigan Street. The large shopping center resembles a small mall of sorts, except for the fact that the entrances to the stores lie facing the outside. The plaza gets its name from the trademark water tower that resides on its left side, perhaps once hovering over the surrounding landscape but now simply dwarfed by the neighboring skyscapers. Surrounding the water tower is a small park and picnic area, with tables strewn around both under the sky and in a small, enclosed dining area.

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