Chrysalis Angelina Murphy's Vitals
Name: Oleander
Race: Shifter/Wolf
Shortdesc: Punk Goth Girl
Position: None that she'll admit to.
Fame: None
Temperament: She's got an attitude!
Themesong: None
Pauley Perrette as Oleander


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.


Only child of Montgomery and Elizabeth Murphy, a prominent family in the city of Chicago. Her father a highly sought after Criminal lawyer, her mother the heiress to her families fortunes and never worked a day in her life. Chrysalis was raised to be the perfect lady, the best education, tutors. She is talented at singing, piano, violin and flute. Can ride horses, embroider and other needle work, which if you ask her she absolutely detests, but in truth rather enjoys it.

Went to school with Antonio Higgins, dating him for almost a year and a half from the time she was a freshman and him a junior in high school. When his dad died their relationship soon ended as he pretty much cut himself off from everything. During her senior year in high school a new guy moved in. They were pretty passionate and madly in love the way teenagers are oft to do. On the night of their high school graduation she realized how very little she actually knew Orlando. Having decided to give her virginity to him they found themselves out under the stars in each others arms. During the final moments he lost control and shifted, claws tearing into her skin, leaving her nearly dead, lying in the field. Only the fact that a party was brewing heavily nearby and another came by in search of a place to take a leak saved her life. She never heard from Orlando again.

The news that their daughter had been infected didn’t go over well with her family. Her parents pretty much outright disowning her. Their lives didn’t have room for a shifter, thinking her somehow evil and that she’d wanted the change. As soon as she could she emptied out her bank account and left her home, heading out to LA. Life there wasn’t any better than it had been at home, the Pack she found herself in was ruthless, a complete change from her previous life. The training was terrible, more competition than anything and she had never been one for violence. She was in essence the bottom of the totem pole. She went through many changes during her time in LA, changing her appearance and attitude to that of a punk goth girl, even changing her name to Oleander, a poisonous flower. Before knowing much about her new life she tried getting tattoes and piercings, only to find they healed not long after getting them so she switched to using Henna as an artful replacement for the tattoos she wanted. Finally, unable to handle life in LA, she returned to Chicago in the hopes of reconnecting with her family but finding herself nervous about the prospect.


A petite young woman, barely 5’2” tall, small yet curvy. A creamy pale complexion is set off by her died black hair, the tips a flame red. Green eyes belie the color of her hair, as well as the eyebrows that are likely colored in with pencil. Dark blue eye shadow and liner cover her lids, a bright contrast to her pale skin. Lips a deep, shiny red. Her hair is generally pulled up to pigtails or braids, something wild and punkish. Her clothes tend to the hard goth side, leather, black and red, definitely something that would stand out in a crowd. High heeled boots adorn her feet at all times, giving the illusion of one who is taller than she actually is.


Antonio - Former boyfriend from high school.
Robert - Local Ulfric, can't quite make him out yet. Offers family yet hasn't told her what he wants from her in return.


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