Olena's Vitals
Name: Olena Cheburko
Race: Ukranian-American, Wererat
Shortdesc: Pale, dark hair, blue eyes
Position: N/A
Fame: N/A
Temperament: Lifeless
Themesong: Save A Prayer - Duran Duran
Koshka as Olena Cheburko


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

General: Olena Cheburko is probably some sort of prostitute, she definitely spends alot of time on the streets.

Police: Olena Cheburko is rumored to be Olena Kushnir a woman wanted for prostitution charges in Connecticut, and supposedly having been rescued from a cult 16-years ago in Arizona.

Rodere: Olena Cheburko is a beta, seems to have a natural talent for focusing someone else's abilities. She's a little dull in personality, like she's on mood stabilizers or something.

Criminal: Charges 20 bucks an hour.

Shapeshifter: A wererat it seems.

Known Associates

  • Eric: "Rat King" She's been seen with him on the streets, he seems to be trying to clean her up and get her off of the streets.
  • Jack: She's been seen to happily proclaim, "Deathgiver!" whenever Jack shows up…
  • Pierce: Woman-Who-Smells-Like-Jack. She's been known to be taking care of Olena.


  • A Good Night For A Traveler: "Is way world works. Is way has always works. Otherwise world is chaos. Senior Representatives of Chaos?"


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