By no means are vampires, were-things, fairies, sorcerers, psychics, ghouls, ghosts, zombies, and animators the full scope of the preternatural.

There are gargoyles native to both the Old World and the New World (nasty flying six limbed scavengers, mostly chimp-sized but a few man-sized breeds are known of in Europe), dragons (mostly extinct, but once not unknown of in Europe and South America. Many of the Oriental Dragons are more types of Fairies, as far as preternatural biologists can determine), trolls (the basis of the sasquatch and bigfoot legends in America - the two herbivore breeds still around while the one omnivore species has been hunted to virtual extinction - as well as the Yeti, Yowie, Almasti, Ucu, Yeh-Ren, Skunk Apes, Ebu Gogo, Orang-Pendak, Xing-Xing, et cetera), to name a few. We won't even get into Jackalopes, Devil Bears, and Catspiders.

The Great Lakes seem to support a small population of 'lake monsters' (or "Aquatalis Bestia") like Lake Champlain's "Champie", Lake Erie's "Bessie", and Lake Michigan's "Flat Dog", but exact counts are still unknown. 'Lake monsters' have been known to frequent stretches of freshwater that tend towards 50 Fahrenheit, between 32 F and 67 F, in both Northern and Southern global hemispheres. Unrelated to dragons and gargoyles, they are perhaps cousins to the theoretical 'Mokele-Mbembe' of Africa or the 'Buru' of the Himalayas.

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