Payton's Vitals
Name: Payton Esther Barnes
Race: Were-rat
Shortdesc: 5'7", auburn hair, brown eyes, mid 20s.
Position: Bartender - The Third Circle / Grad Student, University of Chicago
Fame: Former Peace Corps member.
Temperament: Sarcastic, funny, tough chick with a cheery attitude.
Themesong: "Wasted Jamie" - Steve Carlson
Danneel Harris as Payton Esther Barnes


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Payton is Chicago native who left the city in 1996 to serve in the Peace Corps. She has returned and is a grad student who will begin studying law at the University of Chicago in the Fall 2010 semester. She is also a bartender at The Third Circle on Michigan Street, working for the manager, Travis Jenson and the owner, Selene de Segrave. She is often seen at the bar, on campus, or at the Guan-Ki Kwoon Dojo.

Payton has recently returned to Chicago after spending some time overseas. She officially met with the Rat King, Jack Green, and has been welcomed into the Plague. She has made it known that she is happy with Jack's style of leadership and that he doesn't seem to have a business or military agenda like the Plagues in NYC and Kathmandu did.

Payton is a registered lycanthrope, having been infected out of the country with rat-based lycanthropy in Nepal in 1998 while serving with the Peace Corps. She otherwise has a completely clean criminal record, although she was the victim in an assassination attempt on a NYC client in early 2009. She and her husband were serving as bodyguards for a Manhattan restaurateur while he was travelling in Florida. The client survived, she was shot three times in the back with silver ammo, and her husband, Nolan Grant (also a registered rat-based lycanthrope) was killed, leaving her a widow.


Payton is a bit complex. On the surface she might come across as a funny, sarcastic, tough chick who is sociable and usually cheerful. A good deal of that is a mask and the game she plays as a bartender or a law student.

On the inside, however, she is considerably darker. She's a widow, she survived a violent attack that infected her with lycanthropy, and she spent several years as muscle for hire. She's a pessimist in many ways, and she's got a slightly morbid view of the world. She does not trust easily and it takes a lot to move past the level of acquaintance to actually be someone she considers a friend.


Payton Esther Barnes was born in 1975 in the heart of Chicago to Pamela and Robert Barnes. Robert Barnes was a renowned competitive martial artist and martial arts intructor, versed heavily in Karate and later Budokai-do, an art that originated in Nepal. Pamela was a public defender who represented Robert after he suffered a career ending knee injury in a Karate tournament where his opponent cheated. They fell in love, wed, and three years later, Payton was born.

Payton grew up heavily influenced by both of her parents. She trained in martial arts (karate then budokai-do) from the age of four, but she always intended to be a lawyer like her mother, whom she always viewed as being a hero for representing the weak.

She went to a local grade school and George Pullman High, where she was on the cheerleading squad and martial arts team. She had a relatively normal four years before graduating in 1993. She studied hard and managed to get a minor scholarship to the University of Chicago where she majored in History as a suiting degree for a future law student. She graduated in 1997.


  • Jack Green - The Rat King. She likes his views on the Plague.
  • Merrick - The Benefactor. A recently infected young wizard, he is also fabulously wealthy and has become Payton's benefactor, paying for her education. She's helping to answer his questions about his new rattiness.
  • Pierce Cheung Fung-Kim - The Chef. A fabulous cook who is probably the closest person to the Rat King. Payton really likes her, and their similar losses due to being infected give them a common thread to hold on to.
  • Travis Jenson - The Chief. Manager of the Third Circle and thus her boss. She thinks he's got a good head on his shoulders and they get along pretty well.
  • Rian Sanford - The Queen Emeritus. A really sweet little woman who seems to be a caregiver sort. Payton thinks she's a vast contrast to the Rat leaders she's known in the past.
  • Bert Stone - The Cabbie. A cabdriver. She seems all right and has a neat sense of style.

Recent Unfoldings

  • 05.04.10: Welcome to the Family, Merrick - Travis, Payton, and Bert meet up on the full moon and retrieve Merrick who was infected earlier in the month. They lead him to the Rat's Nest and help him through his first change.
  • 05.10.10: Rodent Q and A - Payton and Merrick meet for coffee and she explains a lot of what it means to be a shifter. He explains how he was attacked and how Travis saved him, and then pays off her education in one fell swoop.
  • 05.10.10: Snake Snake It's A Snake! - Payton and Meg finish up their shifts at the Third Circle and decide to take a walk. It gets pre-empted when Meg decides to wear a reptile as neckware and freaks Payton out.


"If you had me shadow her, my shadow would have walked right out that door and down the street to work somewhere else. I'm too damn old to be packing the jigglies into a bikini top and getting my ass patted by frat boys."
Payton to Travis, Did You Grow Up In A Hot Topic?

"You want me to protect and serve the Plague in that manner and I'm all for it. But I'd be too tempted to pop Britney Spears head off like a dandelion if I was ever asked to guard her."
Payton to Jack, Rat Kings and Rumple Minze

"I learned a lot about myself in Kathmandu. I think, or at least I hope, I'm a better person for it. But Chicago will always be home to me."
Payton to Pierce, Leftovers


RP Hooks

  • Payton's parents are alive and well and happy retirees. Her mother was a lawyer who was a public defender in Chicago and her father was a longtime martial arts trainer who moved from Karate to the more recent offshoot art of Budokai-do after a trip to Nepal in the early 90s. Students and others associated with both are welcome.



  • Budokai-do is a martial art form that originated in Nepal very recently by martial arts standards (only widely taught in the last twenty years). It is very similar to karate. Teachings are based on the five elements, earth (darti, or prithiwi),wind (bayo), water (jal), fire (agni) and heaven (akash).

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