Petra's Vitals
Name: Petra Reznor
Race: Looks human to me!
Shortdesc: Tall, thin. Black hair, bright blue eyes.
Position: Author, Buddhist, Creative Personality
Fame: Once a known author of preter books
Temperament: Varies, but usually smiling regardless!
Themesong: Private Life - Oingo Boingo
Liv Tyler as Petra Reznor


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Petra was once a well-known author of preternatural books and short stories. One of the first writers on the scene following the Addison vs. Clarke legislation, Petra wrote several well-received books and achieved a minor following by the fans of the subject matter.

However, one day she simply vanished and left it all behind. 20 years later, she’s back on the scene and has returned to her original hometown in search of new subject matter to begin a new series.


Like most authors hungry for subject matter, Petra is friendly, inquisitive, and open eared.
She generally keeps true to her Buddhist teachings, but has been known to be a bit unreasonable
when stress is high and deadlines are looming. As a creatively-driven artist type, her personality
quirks are numerous, varied, and can sometimes get the better of her.

RP Hooks and Oddities

• Known author of preter fiction
• Works at the local Buddhist Temple in her spare time
• Wears a modified wetsuit under her clothes. (?!!?!)
• Technophobe. Uses a typewriter!
• Health food nut.
• Looks half her age.
• Loves Japanese monster movies.



Thanks to the tech-savvy world we live in, information on Petra is readily available via wikis and rabid (both positive and negative) fan sites. Of course, this ‘is’ the Internet and not everything may be as it was written.

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