Phoebe's Vitals
Name: Phoebe "Phee" Liana Silversmith
Race: Fae
Shortdesc: Short and slender. Looks much younger than her actual age. Blonde hair kept short. Perpetual smile. Will occasionally glow.
Position: Owner of boutique "The Perfect Fit".
Fame: Known for creating a successful line of key jewelry, called "Key Chains".
Temperament: Excessively cheerful, friendly, and optimistic. Really, this amount of happiness is just plain unnatural.
Themesong: Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves; Pocket Full of Sunshine - Natasha Bedingfield; Happy Boys and Girls - Aqua and any other ridiculously peppy, happy, bouncy song.
Kirsten Dunst as Phoebe "Phee" Liana Silversmith


There are many myths about seers. There's Cassandra, there's Delphi. Every culture has myths about those that Know. What is Known varies - anything from names, to secrets, to events they have no way of knowing. There is more to Know than what we can see, hear, touch - five senses are adequate, but seers have so many more than five.

Phoebe - as she's known now, her True Name known to few - is one of the seers. Perhaps some myths are based on her, or perhaps she is based on some myths. Whatever her origin, she grew up in the Unseelie court. Time passes differently there than on the more earthly places, but one would hazard she's been around long enough to remember when the New World hadn't even been a concept. (Of course, at that time, she'd still been in the Court, as unaware of the New World as those who would later claim it as their own.)

Her relatively small stature - for she can pass for a child without much trouble, so small is she - suggests that she might have a will o' wisp as a grandfather. However, no one knows for sure.

The Unseelie court is a place unlike any other. Its inhabitants will, by turn, incite sighs of awe and gasps of terror. Her childhood was almost eternal, for aging happens differently in the Unseelie court than elsewhere.

With loving parents not particularly high at court, she spent most of her time at play. Phoebe took quite a shine to making things, and had a room entirely dedicated to her creations. She also quite liked performing - dancing, singing, prancing around pretending to be someone else.

More than anything else, Phoebe liked being happy. She was kind, she was friendly, she was endlessly optimistic. Her giggle, her smile, they were constants in the lives of those around her.

For most of her youth, she spent time among the lords and ladies. The reason? It had become evident that Phoebe was a seer. She knew things she couldn't possibly know, about courtiers and enemies alike. She was priceless in political times: she knew a person's weaknesses and strengths, their accomplishments and their shames. She knew what was to come, what had been, what was.

When it was time for her to make her own way in the Fae world, Phoebe made a drastic choice. She was to leave court, and live among humans. While she loved her fellows at court, the more she learned about the human world, the more she wanted to explore it. It took a good deal of time before she left, but she left the Unseelie court with its blessing.

The first records of Phoebe's life in the human world was a high school diploma. The year was 1990, and she'd been alive for nearly a century of human time. After acquiring her diploma, she went to college. It was quite an experience, for although Fae had been present for quite a while, the average college student wasn't used to having a Fae classmate.

Deciding to go with her strengths, she took a double-major: art and psychology. Phoebe refined her ability to create, and was soon making her own clothes and jewelry. She also learned about humans: what made them tick. This was endlessly fascinating for her.

By the time she graduated, she had a Masters in both art and psychology. The degrees meant little to her, but the knowledge she'd acquired in order to earn them was precious.

The next step wasn't particularly obvious. Was she to go back to school? To court? Get a job? Where would she settle? The choice, finally, was Chicago. She set up a boutique in Chicago, called The Perfect Fit. It opened just in time to welcome in the new millenium.

Phoebe's fame among humans came a few years later. It was one of her many creations: this time, a set of silver key jewelry. Subtly bejeweled skeleton keys on chains, to be worn as necklaces, bracelets, anklets. They were a ridiculous success, and many soon sported them. They were her fame and fortune.

These days, she spends much of her time in the supernatural community. Accepted both because of her psychic abilities and her warm nature, she is respected by most. Her life is good, business is good, and she is happy.


This can be used as IC information, as it is what is already generally known about Phoebe.

Hailing from the Unseelie Court, this Fae seer is known among the preter community as one of the ones to go to when you have a problem. While not everything is known about her particular brand of abilities, it's clear that she knows more than a regular person. She has amicable relationships among the Fae, the shifters, vampires, and humans with supernatural abilities or involvement.

To normal people, she's known for her ability to dress and accessorize any customer that comes into her shop. She has impeccable taste, and a knack for knowing just what will suit a person. In addition to that, her bubbly personality makes her a pleasure to be around.



This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has either roleplayed out learning it or been given permission by me, Phoebe's player, to use it ICly.

Glowing: When a strong emotion comes over Phoebe - be it happiness, anger, or fear - she begins to glow. The golden-white light seems to emanate from her skin, and the more intense the emotion, the more intense the light, though it never reaches a blinding point. The glow takes time to fade after the emotion has passed, anywhere from five minutes to several hours, depending on the intensity.

Knowing: Phoebe has a certain type of psychometry (touch psychic), that works best with people. (This includes vampires, shifter, and Fae, as well as normal people.) What happens is this: with a touch - and it can be anything from bumping against someone's fingers or being tackled by them - she gains knowledge about that person. The knowledge she gains is decided both on a +roll, and the OOC choice of the person she's touching. The +roll determines if she learns something, and the player of the character she's learning about decides what she learns. It can be something not particularly useful (like their favourite colour) or something big (like that they're cheating on their spouse), or anywhere in between.

A second part of this ability, also determined by a +roll, is visions. These are rarer, and will generally only occur as plot points in staff- or player-run plots. While the first part of knowing as discussed above comes simply as a new idea or thought, the second part is much more involved. All of her mind, all of her senses, will be focused on a moment of time that the vision is showing her. This means that she has no idea what's going on in her actual body, and is particularly vulnerable during this time.

OOC NOTE: If you think you can do something neat with your character using Phoebe's Knowing, feel free to page or @mail me and we can hash it out.


There are a few notable things about this girl. For starters, she's tiny - barely five feet. Her build is that of one with a very fast metabolism, for she is slender and lithe. Her hair, cut short into a pixie cut, doesn't help make her look more mature. Really, she doesn't even look like she can vote, much less drink.

Secondly, her smile is practically perpetual, and lights up a room. Her eyes are wide, and occasionally there's a glimpse of intricate swirl designs around her eyes. However, they are subtle, and seem to pulse against her skin. Speaking of her skin.. it glows. Yes, glows. There is a golden-white aura of light about her.

Finally, she is dressed impeccably, with clothes straight off the runways in Paris and Milan. Bright colours, vivid prints, and bold styles seem to be the theme. There's a collection of silver bangles on both wrists, some of them sporting colourful beads. Around her neck is an elaborate silver skeleton key on a silver chain.

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