Pick A Flick Video
Pick A Flick Video's Information
Type: Commercial
Rating: 1 Star
Location: Blue Island Avenue: Crimson District
Fame: n/a
Atmosphere: Semi-Seedy
Owner(s): Isabella
Manager(s): Stormy
Employee(s): NPCs


Your usual video rental place found almost anywhere's, though this one contains an Adult-Only section in the back room.


Front Room:

A large neon yellow sign greets you as you enter the store, it says simply, Pick A Flick!. There are rows upon rows of videos and even more DVD's. The clerk's counter is to your immediate right as you enter the store, and you pass through a merchandise detector on the way in. The place is covered in yellow and red lights, and a door in the back is marked: Adults Only - Must Be 18 to Enter and Able to Prove it!. The place is kept cool, with velvety red carpeting and a new paint smell. There is a door marked 'Employees Only' in the back, on the opposite side of the store from the Adult Section.

Adult Section:

This area of the store is darker than the main area of the store. It is lit primarily with red lights, casting a soft red glow around the room. There are more XXX rated videos for rent in this room than anyone should have the right to own. There is a sign above the DVD's (of which there are several hundred), that says More XXX on DVD than any other place in Chicago!. There are always a couple of creeps in this room, occupying themselves with the pictures on the empty cases.

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