Pierce's Vitals
Name: Pierce Cheung Fung-Kim
Race: Wererat
Shortdesc: 5'5", dark, stocky, Asian and female. Short spiky black hair.
Position: Temporarily unemployed.
Fame: That Female Living In Jack's House
Temperament: So matador, so calm, so oil on a fire
Themesong: 'Rise', Origa - SAC 2nd Gig, 'Big City, A Little Love', Wang Leehom
Joelle SL (Photo credit Dawn Studio Creations) as Pierce Cheung Fung-Kim


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Pierce Cheung Fung-Kim hails from Wan Chai district in Hong Kong. Born in Phuket, Thailand, to a Thai professor and his Hong Kong cellist wife, she moved to Hong Kong to live with her maternal grandparents after her parents divorced. A promising career in the Hong Kong Police Department was abruptly cut short when an undercover operation went wrong and she got severely bitten by her target, who just happened to be a wererat. Following an extremely difficult adjustment period and the disintegration of her three-year marriage, she decided to leave Hong Kong and start afresh somewhere else, in the hopes that it would be better than the life she'd left behind. 'Somewhere else' proved to be Chicago, after a phone call to an old friend named Jack Green. Officially still a consultant with the Hong Kong Police Department, she's settling in fairly smoothly both with the Rodere and with the city she's chosen to call home. She's known to be a very good cook indeed, and also takes a keen interest in lion-dancing, and Chinese opera.

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