Pizzeria Unos
Pizzeria Unos's Information
Type: Restaurant
Rating: 2 Stars
Location: 2091 Taylor Street
Fame: Deep Dish Pizza
Atmosphere: Casual
Owner(s): N/A
Manager(s): N/A
Employee(s): N/A


As one walks into this establishment, the first thing to assault their senses would be the mouth-watering aroma of various italian cuisine. That's right, not only do they offer a wide selection of pizza, but also spaghetti, stromboli, calzone, lasagna… oh, Mama Mia!

Coming into the front door, a cozy establishment stretches back, a long and slender building, the tables and booths arranged all along one long, long wall to the left. A large buffet isle rests directly in the center, one that offers a selection of italian eats for lunch and sometimes early dinner. Of course, the cashier's stand resides directly to the right of the door, nice and convenient, and the kitchen takes up the rest of the right side. The walls are spackled in a mild yellow color, wooden girders built into the ceiling and reflected in the antique wooden racks hanging above the seating areas, which hold vines of grapes and dimmed lighting. The tables themselves are covered in the traditional red and white checkered cloths, with the booths upholstered in a matching red.

Waitresses and waiters stream in and out of the kitchen, filling the place with an aura that fits the pleasing smell of food, and graceful dining music pumps through the speakers.

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