Plot: Shattered

ST: Eleanor
OOC Dates: Jun 27, 2009 to Jul 5, 2009
IC Dates: Apr 4, 2010 to Apr 16, 2010
Summary: A demon is brought to this plane in a botched summoning which shatters him into smaller versions of himself. In order to perform a ritual to reform himself, he sends his mini parts out to collected needed spell components, then ascends the Sears Tower to try and become whole again. The citizens of Chicago have other ideas.


Listed by IC date.



  • Edna Spitz - Orkney Troll who helped Wes figure out how to beat the demon.
  • Gamosh Sanguinus - He of Blood and Lightning. A demon who gets summoned and shattered into parts. He attempts to collect items with the smaller parts of himself to reform into one whole in a ritual.
  • Hubert Eggleston - Vice President of Ad Net Zips, the company that facilitates the heroes getting onto the top of the Sears Tower.
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