Noah 'Poe' Reynolds
Poe's Vitals
Name: Noah 'Poe' Reynolds
Race: Were-Wolf
Shortdesc: Average guy, green eyes, blonde hair.
Position: None yet.
Fame: Youngest Doctor.
Temperament: Quiet, lost.
Themesong: Waiting on the World to Change
Garrett Hedlund as Noah 'Poe' Reynolds

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General: A young doctor who is always there to help.
Lukoi: A young wolf whose always up for challenges and rarely seems to back down in a fight.
Vampire: A werewolf who was Pomme De Sang of a vampire in New York until he was released in early 2013.
Wolf: A young wolf whose rather weak in strength but powerful in spirit.
Shifter: A young Lukoi whose known to frequent a smile and a helping hand.


The man you look at is over 5'6" tall, weighing in at just over 9 stones. His skin is pale with lots of freckles. His eyes are a bright green tinted blue. His eyelids are slightly hooded making his eyes appear slanted. His hair is dark blonde with natural lighter pieces from sun exposure. Just over his ears the hairs are slightly white in look. His hair is short with curls and cowlicks. His face is thinner but not at the sharp point. His nose is neither upturned nor down turned. His lips are average. He is generally clean shaven.

He's currently wearing a black band logo shirt with a pair of torn up jeans that seemed washed to make them look older. He's wearing skater shoes as well.


I have the most average life, ever! I like it that way. My name is Poe! Well\, not really. It's Noah but people call me Poe cause…well, I don't really know but I kind of like it. Poe…poe…

Anyways, my life's been average. Wait, I said that already. Okay, my parents were both bank executives. I didn't want to do that cause I saw how fast they went grey. So I found out what I like to do. Cook. I liked baking and cooking. Creating things that taste amazing! So I decided to go to Cordon Bleu. The course was so intensive and frantic that I started to dislike cooking. Well, I didn't want that to happen so I dropped out and moved home.

Home is New York. We lived in the upper East Side. I grew up around rich snobs. Yes I was rich but snobby, hell no. I had a friend from Brooklyn. I was a philanthropist. Beyond how amazingly kind I am, I decided I should do something in the medical field. I connected it rather easily. Cooks use knives, doctors use knives. Voila. Next career path. This schooling was super hard to but since I didn't really enjoy it I didn't drop out.

I came to a road block in my second year. I wanted to continue but things were becoming too hard. I switched majors to Vet Tech. It's a cheap two year course. I was actually really good at it. The more I learned about being a vet tech the more I wanted to help. Those animals needed their warrior and that would totally be me! So I graduated from school, finally, when I was 21! Three years after high school.

My first job was easy. I was to watch over this wolf compound and make sure that the wolves in it didn't get hurt or anything. So I sat in the tower and fell asleep. Late one night I heard whimpering which woke me up. I took a look and one of the wolves looked like their leg was broken. So I grabbed my first aid kit and headed down the tower. I completely forgot to call the ranger guy for back up. I jumped from the tower and slowly moved towards the wolf. It growled at me at first then I showed it the first aid kit I held. It seemed to know what that was. I moved towards the wolf and crouched down. It took me a few moments to set her broken leg and get her all wrapped up.

That was when I heard it. There was a crashing through the woods and the wolf took off. Jumping through the trees was the biggest freaking wolf I'd ever seen. Well I took off running. In retrospect it probably was the wrong choice. I guess the wolf saw me as bait and chased after me. Have you ever seen a Chihuahua running beside a Newfoundlander? The Chihuahua needs to run so much faster cause the other ones legs are longer. So, totally not fair.

It didn't take much time at all for the wolf to pin me to the ground. My face in the mud and his claws digging into my back. It didn't matter the screaming I did, no one heard me. I was tossed around like I weighed nothing and cut up and bitten. Suddenly the wolf just left. I was lying in the mud shaking. I wasn't sure if I'd survived or was dead. Lights cut through my eyes and I saw someone looking down at me. It was the ranger guy! I felt him pick me up and he moved me to a more secure location. I lied in that bed feeling like I was going to throw up for days. If really felt like years. He kept telling me that this is the worst part. I didn't understand.

I felt the full moon start to rise and then my body started cracking and my skin started to fall off. That was trippy. I didn't know what was happening but when I woke up, I was naked and fully healed. A drug induced dream maybe. The ranger came back in and explained what happened. He started to teach me about wolves and proper procedures and stuff. There was so much I had to learn. How cool was it that I got to be a shifter! It took me a long time to learn to shift when I wanted to and control what I did while I shifted. I was the best grey wolf shifter ever!

Sure, everyone was probably stronger then I was and I wasn't gifted with any real special skills, I was a wolf man! That meant that even though I was weaker then any other wolf man, I could still kick Chuck Norris's ass. The peace didn't last long though. New York had two packs and the pack that was protecting me got kicked from New York to Newark. Who wants to live in Newark? My parents all through this were totally supportive. I said bye to them and then by to my pack and moved to some place with one pack. I always wanted to see the Windy City. So now I'm here, with all my awesome!

ADDENDUM! I forgot to add, while I was training in New York I was offered help from the Padma vampire lady. She spoke wolf or something. She was really nice and helped with my training. Though she started getting really distant when the MoTC disappeared. One day she just disappeared and I was left unknowing of where she went. I was like 'What the hell?!' Then another vampire mentioned I was no longer her Pomme and it made my stomach sink. Not long after that the war happened and I got outta dodge.



  • Nick is my friend and companion. He helped me through training and for that, I'm grateful and will be at his side forever and a day.
  • Karmen is my girlfriend. She's got a hard road a head of her. I don't know what she will do now. Whatever she chooses, I will be beside her.
  • Cherish is rough and hard to find. I hope she takes her position as Ulfric…we need her.
  • Erin is the Munin speaker…I hope she can talk to Logan for me.
  • MaryJane is the healer and hopefully still around. We need our pack now.


  • Zack offered protection and couldn't follow through when his friend attacked.
  • Alexavier is crazy. He doesn't like positivity and belief in yourself. He'll crush it like a snail under his boot. :( Revenge is underway.
  • Forest & Jeremy are mates that seem… like two little ions and cannot control their pulses.


  • Euric is doesn't want me around so I wont be.
  • Emily is Eurics little pet. Waste of space for shooting her own kind. Makes me sick. She will never be pack.


  • Logan was the Ulfric. He killed himself to free us and in doing so damned us. I still miss him.
  • Una offered a home and the start to small and broken family, but still good.


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