Bureau of Investigative Services

The Bureau of Investigative Services is responsible for the follow-up investigation of crime and the apprehension of offenders. There are three major divisions within the Bureau: The Detective Division, the Organized Crime Division, and the Regional Preternatural Investigation Team.

  • The Detective Division is responsible for the investigation of felonies, selected misdemeanors, missing persons, and unidentified, deceased persons; the processing of juvenile offenders and the care of juveniles in need of protective services; the response to, and investigation of, bomb and arson incidents; and the collection and processing of forensic evidence. The Detective Division includes:
    • Bomb and Arson Unit,
    • Cold Case Unit,
    • Fugitive Apprehension Unit,
    • Major Accidents Investigation Section,
    • Forensic Services Section which includes;
      • The Mobile Crime Lab of Forensic Investigators,
      • ET-North and ET-South - which are the two Evidence Technician Units.
  • The Organized Crime Division addresses large-scale narcotics activities; vice crimes such as gambling, prostitution, and the distribution of obscene matter; the infiltration of organized crime into legitimate business activities; and gang-related crime. The Organized Crime Division includes:
      • the Narcotic
      • Gang Investigations Section
      • Vice Control Section.
  • The Regional Preternatural Investigation Team addresses potential crime beyond the mortal ken (NOTE: As of June of 2007, the RPIT is no longer a "team". There are preternatural specialists, but preternatural crime is now the duty of all officers)

The chief of detectives heads the detective division, the chief of organized crime heads that division—both reporting to the deputy superintendent BIS. OCD has one deputy chief, while the detective division has three.

The city is covered by five detective areas each lead by a commander:

  • Area 1 (Wentworth) and Area 2 (Calumet) covers the south and southwest sides, while;
  • Area 3 (Belmont), Area 4 (Harrison) and Area 5 (Grand Central) covers the north, west and northwest sides of the city.
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