Police Reports 2007-2011

Reports for 2007

Case: #07-15-KW
Assigned To: Officer O'Niel

NOTES: 01/15/07 Late in the evening A call was received from Portia Knight. A package was left on her porch wich she said was disturbing. When I arrived A gentlemen named Russ Matthews was waiting outside. In the house with Portia Knight was Gavin Howel. (Howell printed the scene and gave me the prints, I redid them and kept his work) Once inside I was shown the package. Winthin was a ladies hand, obvious from the bone structure. The hand is that of a Therians, the hairs proof. Send the hand to trace. Called in a CSU team to work the scene after my primary check. Prints, Hairs, etc
01/15/07 The hand was fingerprinted and it was in the system. A shifter who had worked for the courts in Texas. Made news because she was "downsized" after her infection and took the matter to court, spent all her money to get her job back…and lost. She then disappeared from public eye. No one has seen her for a month. No drugs, but a high powered vet type narcotic was in the system…it seems that there is some silver burns on the skin, but does not look like the wound was caulderized with silver when it was..made.

Reports for 2008

Unrestrained exotic animals

Case: #08-07-PK
Assigned To: Officer Anderson

NOTES: 02/07/08 A report came in that a Ms Amanda Russel had been "attacked" by exotic animals. Upon investigation the animals "Lions" according to Ms Russel did not attack her. Her injuries seem to be self caused when she was evicted from her workplace and fell down in the snowstorm. The local zoo has numbered its animals, and the lab is currently running tests to determine if the animals were lycanthropes, lions, or cougars since Ms Russel's description is vague.

Follow Up: As per the tiger attack on Amanda Russel, the were-thing was shipped to Northwestern Memorial Hospital to be tranquilized. Until someone posts here otherwise, it's there awaiting delivery back to the preter holding cell in the police station. Should it not shift back in more than a week without someone claiming it, it'd be easy to get an order of execution.

Reports for 2009

Michigan Street Shooting

Saturday June 20th, 2009 — Officer Hadley was called in over an evening altercation between a masculine, muscular bald black woman and a 20-something brown-haired, brown-eyed man, about six feet tall and 200 pounds.

Initially starting in the Second Circle, some words were said and tensions heightened until the man drew a firearm and shot the woman in the shoulder. This obviously prompted a state of panic among the employees and patrons of the club. After this, the woman exited the club to the street outside with the man following close behind. Once out along Michigan Street, the altercation continued, with police just beginning to arrive. The man shot the woman at least three more times (and was shot at by the reporting officer) before hoisting off her body and departing via the sewers.

Reports for 2010

Officer's Report Lincoln Park Incident

Two people were placed under arrest, A were-lion shifter and a Vampire, the vampire officers that came Identified her as Alyssa Mourning, position was not shared with me. As for the lion shifter, I was unable to obtain a Name, Possibly officer Eleanor was able to obtain it. As for the Were-Wolf shifter and His Lawyer, They were not detained after I was called over the radio infroming me no charges were pressed. Though I have made a few mistake on that end, by trying to arrest the Were-wolf shifter and then his Lawyer as I beleived she was trying to obstruct justice. -:End officer's report:-

Det. Sgt. Aaron Ordando

Reports for 2011

Incident Report - Officer Reese Shooting

Incident Report: Henders-Gaberiel-01142011
Associated Cases: None
Associated Reports: None
Date: Friday, January 14, 2011
Filing Time: 11:19
Filing Officer: Officer Jane N. Pcee
Inident Location: Blue Island Avenue: Crimson District
Assigned Officers: Officer Electra Ann Reese, Patrol Car's 4456 and 4457.

Arrest Warrant Charges:
- 720 ILCS 5/12-2 AGGRAVATED ASSAULT (6 Counts)
- 720 ILCS 5/12-1 ASSAULT (2 Counts)
- 720 ILCS 5/12-2 AGGRAVATED ASSAULT (2 Counts)
-720 ILCS 5/12-3 BATTERY (2 Counts)

Summary: At or near 11:00 PM 2300 Hours on the 14th Of Jan 2011, Officer Electra Ann Reese while in the performance of duty as an undercover officer assigned to Orginized Crime/Vice Squad, made contact with Mr Gabreil Henders. Mr. Henders, who is now known to be involved in Human Trafficking/Prostatution, requested a meeting with Officer Reese. Officer Reese acting under guise as an on call girl, while undercover accepted the meet request and proceeded to wait for Mr Henders in public on Blue Island avenue with one Dwayne Monroe. Upon Arrival, Mr Henders according to eye witness satement physically struck Officer Reese.

One eye witness stated that Mr Monroe assisted officer reese and physically placed himself inbetween the Officer and Mr Henders. Upon doing so Henders drew and brandished an Illeagel and Serial-less hand gun. Officer Reese noting the danger to a Civilian steped into the Line of fire to atempt to calm Mr Henders down. The firearm he was holding was discharged, strikeing officer Reese in the abdominal area pasing through and strikeing Mr Monroe in the abdomen as well.

Eye witness reports a shifter known as Ahikam, atempting to assist Officer Reese and Mr Monroe by restraining via suprise Mr Henders. Also on scene was Miss Temina Haroun, local reporter and EMT qualified person. Miss Haroun having heard the gunshot atempted to assist Officer Reese and Mr Monroe until the arrival of fellow officers and paramedics.

Officer Reese is currently in stable condition at Memorial Hospital, though currently non-responseive. Officer Reese will remain in the care of Memorial Hospital until she recovers and can decide to return to duty.

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