Police Reports - Pre 2007

Reports for 2002

Case Number: 020129-203147H
Date: January 29, 2002
Type of Incident: Homicide
Officer's Narrative:

On January 29, 2002, my partner and I responded to Grant Park to investigate the report of a dead body. When we arrived at the scene, we quickly proceeded to the rose garden where we found Mr. Jacob Friedman waiting for us. Mr. Friedman was very agitated as he pointed us to the corpse that he had found as he was jogging that morning. My partner took down Mr. Friedman's personal information and his initial statement which will be attached to this report. I investigated the area and marked it off to preserve the crime scene. Lying in the center of an area swept free of any footprints was the body of a caucasian male. There was little blood in the area. Hair seen beneath the split skin revealed him to be some kind of lycanthrope. The body was nude and severed in several places, even sliced in half at an angle. Torso was separated from the hips and legs. An arm was removed and it was decapitated. I couldn't tell if all of the pieces were accounted for because there were entrails and organs hanging in the tree overhead. Two other units arrived to help secure the scene until the evidence technicians arrived. My partner and I returned to headquarters with Mr. Friedman to take his full statement.

Officer Mark Atkinson
Badge 540

Reports for 2004

Shortly after midnight on Friday August 20th 2004, Mr. Wade O'Bannion has reported that while walking on the beach along Lake Shore Drive, Mr. Ezekiel Kincaid drew a previously concealed pistol and aimed it at Wade without provocation before concealing it again. Mr. O'Bannion has retained legal counsel for this, and the lawyer is making it known that Mr. O'Bannion expects reasonable actions to be taken immediately.

According to Mr. O'Bannion, Ms. Aislinn Greystone was a witness to the event.

Reports for 2005

The evening of October 19th, 2005, the Morgan Preternatural Clinic on Western Ave in Bridgeport was the target of hate-crime arson. According to the front-desk secretary and security cameras, the assailant in conjunction with two drivers tossed two burning bottles of a kerosene/gasoline mix into the lobby, shouting anti-lycan claims. When the fire and security alarms went off, Dr.Raphael Maestroangelo, Ms.Erin Altice, and Mr.Austin Roberts (who were in the building at the time) subdued the flames with extinguishers resulting in minimal structural damage.

It is suggested that officers interview the three about any details they may have to recount, as well as checking with Monolith Security (Mr.Ezekiel Kincaid and Ms.Rowen Kincaid), the maintainers of the Clinic's security and monitor system.

Reports for 2006

APB on a Sword and Gunman

To all Departments. Dispatch has released an All Points Bulletin for the following individual. There was a man today out in public with some sort of sword scaring the normals. he has black, snow white like black hair, somewhat of an Aryan/Nazi facial features.a scar from his left eye to his mouth, green eyes and a black pinstripe suit, over which he wears a riding cape, boots and a burgundy tie. He was last seen entering and leaving the Seventh House Cafe. Any unit seeing this individual are to immediately detain this individual for questioning. Consider this individual to be armed and dangerous.

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