Bureau of Strategic Deployment

The Bureau of Strategic Deployment is responsible for maintaining ready forces of personnel capable of responding to emergency situations, special events, and mission-directed patrols; conducting tactical analytic activities supporting effective deployment of field units; maintaining and deploying certain specialized vehicles; analyzing anti-terrorism intelligence; coordinating the Department's overall anti-terrorism planning and preparation; and providing dignitary protection.

Following the disbanding of the Special Operations Section in 2007 after much negative publicity and controversies, the Special Functions Group was formed to absorb the specialized units that were not associated with the controversial plain-clothes unit known informally as SOS. The Special Functions Group includes a full-time SWAT team, organized in 2005, with 70 members. It also includes;

  • The marine,
  • K-9,
  • Animal abuse,
  • Critical response,
  • Mounted patrol,
  • Helicopter,
  • Dignitary protection units. The dignitary protection unit, based out of O'Hare International Airport, is the only unit that utilizes two-wheeled motorcycles.
  • Targeted Response Unit.

The Mounted Unit maintains 30 horses as of December 2006. The marine unit maintains 9 boats.

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