The following actions constitute a disciplinary 'offense' on Windy City MUX. Use of the '+accept' command indicates compliance and understanding of this file.

  • Harassment - sexual or non-sexual (See 'harassment')
  • Cheating - At the staff's discretion.
  • OOC Crossover - Using OOC knowledge in an IC fashion.
  • Intentionally attempting to damage the MUX in any fashion.
  • Intentionally attempting to damage the MUX server and/or traffic.
  • Intentionally disrupting the enjoyment of the MUX by another.
  • Intentionally attempting to disrupt the work of the MUX staff.
  • Falsely accusing another of any of the above.

Staff may use any in-game action necessary to enforce game policy (as limited by the following staff-action files). Actions outside of the game (on forums, E-Mail, Instant Messengers, postal mail, etc..) are the concern of the players alone and not staff, although their repercussions in-game can be a matter of staff concern.

Staff Policy

  • Staff are here for the MU* and the players, not themselves. Think of it as a restaurant; staff are the cooks and waitstaff, the players are the customers. Professionalism is a must, courtesy is a watchword. Players are to be treated equally and fairly with no bias towards 'friends of staff' or bias based on personal dislikes. Staff must not use their powers for evil.
  • Although staff can see many details about a player and their character, staff may not purposefully disseminate game-related information between players without permission or just cause. This includes but is not limited to alternate characters, unfindable locations, and concealed Non-Investigated IC agendas. If another player could not find information out by way of +finger or +info or similar public global commands, that information is considered private. Staff may not share any non-game related private information without prior permission.
  • If it thrives in secrecy, yet withers in the light of day, staff ought not be doing this theoretical "it".
  • Staff are allowed to have characters in-game, but generally +leader-type positions should be held as placeholders until a reasonable player candidate comes along. If a staff-alt is leading a faction, that staffer may not make faction based official game decisions for that faction. Staff-run characters must be semi-transparent, to the point that if a player asks if it is a staff-run character, the staffer must tell the truth. Conflicts of interest should be avoided when possible, to the point of having another staffer mediate in cases of staff-alt vs player conflicts.
  • Staff must be visible and available to the player-base for the majority of their online time. If they are staff of a particular department, it is a given that they shall keep tabs on the inner workings of the player-activity within their department as well as being in touch with important all-game situations. Staff shall keep abreast of +bbposts, +jobs, @mails, meetings, in the hopes of being reasonably informed by both players and fellow staff. A reply or response to a player should take place within a 24-hour period, with a three-day delay at the very most. Beyond three days, the matter should be covered by other less idle staff, with the original requestee informed.
  • Staff will only @boot or @newpassword a player or character in extreme cases of trouble to give time for an investigation. @destroy and site-banning will only be used in the most serious of cases. Ninety percent of all "trouble-makers" can be dealt with by a civil and polite request that the player leave. The suggested course is to first request the player log off. If this is not followed through in a reasonable amount of time, the next step is temporary removal after a warning. Sitebanning or Destruction is just reserved for when the player is being disruptive or code destructive to the game as a whole (and isn't always the assured response to such behavior).

News Files

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