Pomme de Sang

Most of the time, a vampire will feed off of any number of (hopefully willing, if the police have anything to say about it) individuals. Every so often, a vampire will declare protection over a particular person due to that person letting the vampire call dibs on their blood. When this happens, the non-vampire in this relationship is often referred to as a 'Pomme de Sang' by those with a penchant for French terminology (Translated: Apple of Blood. Abbreviated: PdS).

Oftentimes, this is dressed up as some big important thing, on par with engagement or with a vampire Marking the individual, but it's more just a social contract between the vampire and the other vampires, where they agree to not feed off of the PdS unless they're attempting to get on the dib-calling vampire's bad-side. To do so is generally insulting to the dib-calling vampire, with the insult anywhere in the spectrum between taking advantage of the vampire's significant other, to kicking the vampire's dog, to drinking the vampire's last beer (metaphorically speaking), depending on the vampire. Generally, the PdS also gets some sort of 'reward' for maintaining the relationship, with the reward at least being the vampire's protection and at most being lavished with gifts as much as the vampire can afford to buy (or steal).

To refuse or abuse a Pomme de Sang position is also often considered insulting, depending again upon the vampire, since it could make the vampire look weak (since they apparently could only choose an "easy" PdS, or their protection is apparently worthless to the Pds) but it is generally not considered a mortal insult due to the lack of any preternatural ties between the vampire and the PdS beyond that of the vampire and any individual that has been often feed off of (which tends to create a degree of control over the fed-upon person).

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