Power is odd. It pretty much covers how much magical 'oomph' your character innately has. For a rough chart of Power, see 'news magical ability', although the listing in the chart isn't exact nor accurate.

  • Most empowered humans tend to have a Power under 20.
  • Shifters have a minimum of 15.
  • Vampires have a minimum of 20.
  • Fae tend to have a Power under 20-25.
  • The "alpha" shifters and "master" vampires tend to have 10-15 higher than their normal peers (just because a vampire or shifter manages to reach the Power 30-ish range, it does not make them an alpha or master preter any more than a large duck can become a goose).

Neither Power nor "alpha/master/sidhe/necromancer" status makes one an assertive leader, nor does a low Power rating make one more of a follower.

Power also sets the cap for how high your Abilities can be. If you have Power:0, you do not have what it takes to learn any magical or psychic powers.

Power can be raised with XP, but it's costly and can't be raised more than +10 over what you started with out of CharGen. Even then, it takes a few weeks out of CharGen to be able to raise Power (for something more exact than 'a few weeks', please try the XP Hall and find out first-hand).

Faithful (SEE: news faithful) do not have any Power due to their tricks channeling Power from a greater divine source; the deal is similar for summoners.

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