Power Thai
Power Thai's Information
Type: Restaurant
Rating: 3 Stars
Location: 4273 Ravenswood
Fame: Beautifully decorated cuisine
Atmosphere: Family dining
Owner(s): N/A
Manager(s): N/A
Employee(s): N/A


Simplicity at its best can be found here within the restaurant. Walls are a tinted stucco, floors a rich red tile. Along one wall is hung a mirror, its base fitted with a wooden shelf in which candles are spaced along its length, lit to provide an intimate atmosphere in the evening hours. Decorations are at a minimum here, the few statues, plants or wall hangings elegantly displayed. Tables are set with linen cloths and napkins with wooden chairs pulled up to the edge.

Enjoying a Thai meal usually consists of beautifully decorated and delicious cuisine. All of these shared with family and friends. The employees here at Power Thai believe that all those who walk into their establishment are considered "family". Their Chefs take pride in preparing each dish with the finest premium ingredients. Their promise is an oasis of flavor as they invite each patron to come and experience the delicious tastes of authentic Thai cuisine. Lemongrass, curries, and basil are some of the fresh ingredients to be found in their wide variety of dishes, their aroma to hang in the air here.

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