Protection Removed


(Scene starts at the compound briefly, then moves into the city. The scene is joined in progress and begins with Forest finding Stephen and Grace together, wanting to go check on Crystal to see how she’s doing with her new rules and her first night back in the city.)




Forest tries to hide a laugh and nods, turning to head towards the truck, "Come on Grace, I'm not waiting all day while you primp your hair." The words obviously meant as a friendly joke. He heads to his truck and hops in, starting it up when he gets there.

Grace grumps a little, her energy seething a bit at not only being interrupted, which she's blaming on Crystal, and being left there. She growls out at Forest's words but just shakes her head, grabbing her clothes and following them.

Stephen slides into the truck cab next to Forest, giving Grace enough room and leaving the door open. "So what stupid thing's Crystal gotten herself into?" he rumbles, slipping his vest on before starting with the boots.

Forest gives Stephen the run down of what happened at the cabin, Crystal earning some freedom but it came with rules. She can be out of the compound with other shifters, no humans, unless an alpha that can control her shifts is present, "I just want to go check on her, I want her to know I'm not just letting her go."

Apt 201: Front Room - Rondo Building - North Avenue: East

This apartment is close to 1,000 square foot. The living room is wide, decorated with the usual suspects for a living room. A recently purchased leather couch and matching recliner, along with a glass top, cherry wood coffee table. Across from the sofa, is an entertainment center that is full of books; from novels and paperbacks to text books and reference books. A TV and stereo are there, among the library but appear unused for the most part. The black wood floor is covered in a few rugs here and there, the rice-paper motif continuing here from the hallways and lobby.
In the back, is a small kitchen which is neat and outfitted with a collection of new appliances. A kitchen table that looks as if could seat no more than a foursome is covered with a laptop and stacks of books. Some open, some closed, notebooks and a pencil or two. Obvious, a workplace for someone.

Forest knocks on the door marked '<201> Apt 201'.

Ahikam comes out to the door, wearing jeans, and nothing else, opening the door to peek out, blinking at seeing everybody out there, frowning a bit, worried, but opening the door and stepping back to welcome everybody in, his voice soft as he bows his head, "Forest, Stephen, Grace, come on, is there something wrong?"

Forest is standing just outside the doorway in the hall, Stephen and Grace with him. At first there's a smile upon his face, but as he steps in and catches the scents on the air, he frowns, "I came to check on Crystal. Is there something you want to tell me Ahikam?"

Grace is standing behind Forest, sunglasses on, hair messed up and she smells like sex…smells like Stephen. Her energy is almost crackling, she's pissed at something. But she's not saying anything. She too sniffs the air, tilting her head to the side and frowning.

Stephen stands behind the other two, mostly since there's really not room for them all in the doorway. The big, black man glistens with dried sweat and doesn't say a thing, keeping his arms folded over his broad chest.

Ahikam frowns, his body lowering, confused, and more then a bit scared to have these three suddenly show up, "we were just about to settle down for a nap i think, and some good snuggling… is there a problem?

Crystal is alright, we were in the bedroom…" frowning, and sniffing the air, not smelling anything out of the ordinary, though the look from Grace had him even more worried, and he had to take a few slow breaths to calm himself.

Dwayne comes out of the bed room and closes the door. "Ahii….kam?" he stops notcing the guests at the door and blinks. He looks at forest, recognizing him from another time.

Forest frowns, obviously unhappy, even more so when Dwayne shows up, this man being the scent he caught. "I want to speak to Crystal, now." His term brooks no nonsense, he's serious.

Grace crosses her arms over her chest and the red head just sighs. She leans into the large black brickwall what is stephen. "Really?" Other than that one word she shuts up, content to lean.

Crystal walks out of the bedroom and blinks, crap…had she done something wrong already?? how?

Stephen just stands at the doorway as the others move inside, filling up a good portion of it. He doesn't talk, leaving that to the others. Apparently, he's just here for backup.

Ahikam frowned, his body lowering further in submission, but he looked up at Forest, "Forest, please, with all due respect, this is my home, i don't want trouble in my home… Dwayne is a friend, and has been for a while, i trust him," looking back to Dwayne, "could you get Crystal?" but then Crystal was walking out, and he turned back to Forest.

Dwayne looks at Forest and his supa frown and gives a look. "You… You did something to my fieance or.. some thing.. but your name is forest.. yes?" he questions the supa frown man.

Forest looks to Ahikam for a brief moment, something akin to regret in his eyes but it's only briefly. He turns his attention to Crystal when she comes out, "What were the rules I gave you Crystal when I said you could leave the compound?" His eyes move to Dwayne briefly, "I don't know who your fiance is." It's a simple statement, he has more important things on his mind.

Grace frowns at the human. "Stay out this," to Ahi she just shakes her head again. She is standing behind Forest, they are still in the doorway and Stephen is behind her. She smells like Stephen, for those that can. And her energy is crackling pissed for some reason…though when isn't it? Finally her eyes, behind the sunglasses, come back to rest upon Crystal. "Oh how the mighty have fallen." She looks up at Stephen.

Crystal blinks "It was alright for me to go home. Private was alright otherwise I need an alpha, sir, Alpha to go anywhere" and under those circumstances she prolly did bring an npc alpha with john driving

Stephen hasn't moved pretty much since their arrival, just standing there in the doorway with his arms folded. It's almost unnatural, without so much as a twitch or flicker.

Ahikam lets out a low whine, but he was ignored, not that he expected anything more, leaning forwards to place his hands on the ground as he sunk to his knees, clearly upset at this intrusion into his home and his life once again, hopes and joys at being allowed to return to his life with his mate obvious, letting out a deep sigh, head bowed, neck bared.

Dwayne nods. "Electra.. Mage." the man says with a bit of confusion, but hell he got the name right, points for him. "You called me to pick her up or something when she freaked out night a month or two ago." he doesn't seem to remember the exact date. "Eh, my house, not your's tell me again and you may leave." the man says looking at Grace, grabbing the near by telephone and putting in 3 little numbers. Oh he had a damn clue who -all- three were now, an very strong clue who forest was.

Forest sighs and shakes his head at Crystal, seeming disappointed and angry with her, "There was one other very important thing I said Crystal. No humans unless you have an Alpha with you." He looks pointedly at Dwayne, a frown on his face as he watches the man using the phone, "I'm not here to cause violence Dwayne, I'm here to possibly save your life."

Grace steps forward when the man starts to dial, but she backs up when Forest speaks. She nods once.

Dwayne looks to forest, addressing him directly. "Could you ask them to leave Please." the man keeps that phone in hand and looks at Grace. "I rather enjoy being human and all but I'm not in the mood to have you three arrested or killed for any sort of violence, it's insta death for any of you if I'm attacked." oh he knew that law REAL good.

Stephen rumbles low behind Forest and Grace, his accent deeply Cajun. "Den' we ARE here fer' Crystal's protection, seems."

Ahikam frowns at Forest, "you let her go home to a home when you knew i lived with a human… i made no secret of it… " he lowered his head, glancing back to Dwayne, "theres no need for police… this isn't going to turn violent," he lowered his head again, and sighed, "i'm feeling set up for failure here however, my Raj…" he knew how this was going to end… "i guess its time to pack up again…"

Crystal creeps toward forest trying to be apologetic and rub against his leg if allowed "I didn't know he was here sir. I remember that you said no humans without an alpha. This is my home sir. Ahikam and I live here, we haven't been here long. And likely would soon figure out what to do. I would not break your rules sir. I simply wished to give Ahi the news" and bares her throat him.

Johnothan comes out of the bedroom, one hand covering his mouth as he yawns, the discussion outside having snaped him out of his quiet reverie, his energy sliding out before him "Forest? I brought crystal after you stated she could leave in the company of a superior if we were coming to a private residence it did not have to be anyone specific, we didn't know Dwayne was here until we got into the bedroom, we haven't been here more than ten minutes. I was bringing her back after she collected some fresh clothes when I realized Ahi had restricted company." He waits until there is a quiet moment to say his peace, his words gentle and spoken carefully to not give offense, or if any is given, that Forest wher the blame lies.

Forest is obviously very displeased with the actions of those before him, his beast kept very much inside himself. Crystal's attempt to rub his leg is easily dodged, her bared neck ignored. "Need I explain myself more at this time? All three of you, outside and in my truck, now." He obviously doesn't want to continue this in present company.

Grace eyes johnothan, the girl starts to laugh.. "Y'all need to get your stories straight. They don't match up. 10 minutes.. Snuggling, And you look like you've been asleep for more than an hour." She shakes her head, and turns to walk out at Forest's word.

Stephen will wait for Forest and whoever else goes to leave first, being the last at the door.

Crystal sighs as Forest pulls away and without a word she dashes for the truck at his order

Dwayne makes a face, he has all the right do alot of things at that moment. "Thank you, I'll explain further once they leave." the man says looking at forest, but replys to Grace. "They ahven't been there that long and I don't think Johnothan would fall asleep for an hour with a -human- in the apartment with crystal if she is under 'such orders'." he can tell who grace is no problem there. "Now, I appologize for my actions sir.. I do not personally enjoy … people like her." he means grace, showing up pissed off, atleast forest hide it well. "I knew of Crystal's restrictions and johnothan was observing to make sure she did not harm myself. Also, I know what stress can cause on a shifter, Maybe sending her back into such a thing is a bad.. idea." telling this to the Raj, bad idea? maybe, but he is a scientist of them.

Ahikam sighs, sounding fairly miserable, "back to prison," he murmured, rising, turning to slip into the bedroom to retrieve his shirt, socks, and shoes, stuffing them all into the bag he hadn't even unpacked up, and returns, grabbing his coat again from the door, looking after Dwayne with a sad smile, "sorry i couldn't stay longer hun, do that appartment searching for me, and if i ever manage to return to the city we can move in there, otherwise, you get to keep my appartment as long as you'd like." before he turned to head out after Crystal.

Johnothan makes his way towards the door, face calm and nearly unreadible, his eyes following grace as she stalks out the door, that amused look curving his lips briefly, moving out after Ahi has.

Forest waits until the others have left, then he turns to Dwayne. "I'm sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you." He pretty much ignores everything Dwayne said to him, but his eyes show true sorrow, though it's brief then quickly masked before he turns and heads out the door.

The drive back to the compound is quiet, Forest, Greace and Stephen sitting up front while the other three are in the back. He hops out of the truck and moves to stand in the clearing, obviously very upset by this point. He waits for the others to join him.

Auranna is outside the cottage, she came back after an appointment she had and found the place empty, so was not far from the door doing some stretches and working through some of her katas. She looks up the truck arrives.

Ahikam slips out of the car, throwing his back on the ground, having not even bothered to get dressed again, sighing as he settled down to sit on the ground outside the truck, head bowed, simply depressed, and seeing no reason to do further right then.

Crystal was the first out of the car and walked over before crawling over on all fours and baring her neck silently

Stephen slides out of the truck, hanging back and walking slowly. He growls low as he approaches Ahi. "Da' Raj decides whether you getta sleep outside or in de' house, young one." he murmurs.

Johnothan leaps lightly down out of the side of the truck, lifting an eyebrow at Stephens comment, wondering what it has to do with anything right now as he heads over to the Raj, his energy held in quietly, eyes lowered

Forest turns to look at the three of them, each in turn, Crystal, Ahikam, and then Johnothan. Once again Crystal's greeting and baring of her neck is ignored. "Are my rules so easily laughed at, so easily broken, that you would go and do this so soon after I gave them?" His voice is soft and calm, his beast held tightly within him as he speaks, "I thought it was quite simple, no humans without an alpha and only in public." He looks over to Stephen briefly, "What is so difficult about that?" He gives a shake of his head, not really wanting any answer. "I had forgot that there was a human living with Ahikam and Crystal, yet Crystal was very aware of this fact and she went there. She has broken my rules and must be punished." He takes a deep breath, lips pressing together as he moves to stand before Crystal, "You said that you would accept the consequences of your actions Crystal. You are no longer protected by the Pard."

Auranna stands there looking over and just blinks. Those words just stun her and she is in shock.

Ahikam lifts his head to frown at Forest, and snarl, rising, his beast up as he grabbed his bag, "goodbye Forest, for all the faith i put in you, to be set up for betrayal like this," his anger rose, but he was not foolish enough, "you could have told us there instead of dragging us all the way back out here, what do you intend, to have your muscle execute us now?"

Crystal whimpers as tears fall down her cheeks and her head falls "Please…please don't do this? I didn't know he was there..wasn't going to stay…I wasn't trying to break your rules…I value your judgement…please…anything but this?" she was completely terrified "The pard is my family…my life…" her beast pressed down beleow her as she crouched on her belly submissively.

Johnothan looks at forest "Let me..test my understanding on this. Because crystal went to her home to get freshly changed and enjoy her returned freedom, finding her mate there with one of their human roommates, she is now bannished from the pard because she didn't turn immediately around?" he looks rather confused, hands working in and out of a fist as he shakes his head. "I do not mean to sound disrespectful, and I am sorry if I do but I cannot ask this any other way.

When Ahi declares his intention to leave and follows it up by the growling, Stephen gives the young man a sad smile, shaking his head. "Ain't nobody protectin' you now, little man. So watch yer fuckin' mouth."

Forest closes his eyes at Ahikam's words, his jaw muscles working as he keeps his beast and emotions under control. He ignores Crystal's pleading as best he can as he turns to Johnothan, again speaking in a controlled tone, "You should have had her out of there the moment you smelled a human in the apartment. But you're not alpha so I won't fault you, completely. However, I won't stand here and listen to your lies.

When Ahikam answered the door he said that you were all in the bedroom getting ready to settle down for a nap and snuggling. Then when you came out of the bedroom you were yawning and appeared to have been asleep." He looks to Johnothan with a heavy gaze, "You have a choice, you can stay under the protection of the Pard, or you can leave with them."

Ahikam shakes his head at Stephen, feeling utterly betrayed, he moved forwards to Crystal, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her up, "the decision is made, Lenore will take us in, shes already offered," a glare sent to Forest, "you get rid of your weakest leopards Forest, i hope you are happy," as he turns to start helping Crystal off, heading down the road and away, since they had been driven out to the middle of nowhere just to be sent back home again… it wasn't going to be that long, as he pulled out a cellphone to start getting a ride near.

Auranna looks over at Forest and then to John Ahi and Crystal. She gulps and she clenches her hands tightly, tightly enough that her nails draw blood from her palms. Her eyes dart to Stephen at his words and just glares but she still doesn't say anything for the moment.

Crystal nods her head and scrubs away the tears from her face as she rises "There's still a painting under the bed for Zack Forest, and a figurine for you" her voice a soft whimpering whisper

Johnothan takes a slow, deep breath and releases it "Dwayne and Electra live there Forest, of course I'd smell a human there, particularly if they had just recently been there." he says, a slow trickle if a growl edging his words, then smiles a slowly unpleasant smile "You would be suprised at who still protects those two Steven." he says softly, turning on the ball of his foot to regard the cajun a moment, then walking to follow the pair as they walk down the path to the road. "If it is a choice between a closeknitted grouping that wishes to build off of a relationship of understanding and family instead of who can make them cower and tuck their tail and not give a shit about what their supposedd FAMILY has gone through? Hmm…tough choice. Oh, thanks for dragging us thirty miles from where we were to toss us in the street." wit hthat the young man continues down the road, beginning to whistle a soft, light tune, his hands behind his back

Stephen turns to look directly at Auranna, then John. "You got any problems, we gonna hafta settle up some other time. You jus' lemme know where an' when you wanna do it." he rumbles.

Forest watches as the trio leaves, his expression gaurded the entire time. Once they are out of sight, he moves to walk along the path towards the pond.

Auranna looks towards Forest and watches him go, her heart just broke a bit, and she doesn't know who he is anymore. She turns back and looks at Crystal, Johnothan and Ahi, "I will call you later." she says and only then looks at Stephen, "Any time." her desire to hold back to bide her time is gone, anger has taken its place.

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