Player-Run Plots (PrPs)

Player Run Plots (PRP)

As a general rule the staff strong encourages players to come up with and run their own plots. We also wish this to be done in way that is fair to other individual players as well as the various factions.

Therefore we have some guidelines to keep in mind when creating and running a Player-Run Plot (AKA: PrP). Many of these guidelines can be ignored for small plots or where the participants are all comfortable with one another. The larger the plot though, the more important these rules become.

  1. Make sure the players of the characters you want to involve want to be involved. Obviously, you can't force them; it's simply better to find out up front instead of partway into your plot that JoeCharacter has no intention of playing along. Although tacit consent can often be implied (EG: strange puzzle box left in the sewers, JoeCharacter starts to research the box and ask about it, JoeCharacter's player has rather indirectly implied he wants to be involved), roping folks into hijinx can often result in a horrible trainwreck.
  2. If you are going to cast members (NPC or otherwise) of a faction in a particularly bad light, please check with that faction head. It may be that they are very overloaded with badness already or not going to be around, so again, they may not be able to give your plot the attention it needs or you may get a very different reaction than you expect. If you are going to beat up on a faction, make sure you and your participants have read and understand 'news consent'.
  3. The same goes for owners of establishments. If you are going to stage a scene there that is possibly going to lead to damage to it or seriously bad PR for them, they deserve a chance to opt-out. This goes doubly so if they're not online at the time of the scene, since there might be guards and wards that are not readily visible to you.
  4. Be tactful and do not cast your character as the hero of your PrP. If you want your character to be in the spotlight in this way, what is better to do is to get another player to run the plot for you. You can also try to get staff to help by +pitching the plot to them. The point of a PrP really should not be "how can my character look really really good?" and bonus points if your character ends up admitting defeat and requesting random outside help early on.
  5. If at all possible, try to +pitch the notion to staff beforehand (not a few minutes or hours beforehand, but at least a day or two). This can be useful so staff can let folks know about ramifications that you might not know about (in case Vampire Joe is keeping an eye on Bartender Vic's bar, even though neither you nor Vic know about it), as well as making sure it "could happen" (EG: If your PrP hinges on all vampires being able to turn into bats, Mr.Oliver being killed in St.Louis, and mermaids being a type of shapeshifter? You'll be in for a nasty surprise that could've been avoided by +pitching the idea to staff) When pitching it, please try to include a general outline of what will happen with it and please try to add on any updates of how it is progressing.

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