Psychics & Sorcerers & Animators

Much like Animators and Psychics, one is either born with the knack for magic, or one isn't. Sometimes it lies dormant until one learns how to properly wrangle the arcane forces, other times it's a thing known for most of a person's life. The breadth and width of magical abilities range as far as one can imagine, from as powerful as demon summoning to as minor as luck charms.

Many folks confuse Sorcerers with Faithful, even Anita*. The first are folks with magical aptitude that they've had since birth. The second are folks who may have made pacts with "the great beyond" for powers. Much like in Harry Potter, a perfectly normal person has no access to odd preternatural magic unless they were born with the knack (or fall under the Faithful loophole).

* Please note, Anita refers to folks who've whistled up demons and spirits and cut deals with those aforementioned forces as "Sorcerers". Feel free to ICly call them that, but OOCly we call those folks Summoners and/or Faithful instead of Sorcerers.

Psychics are those who have an innate psychic ability. Clairvoyance, Pyrokinesis, Telepathy, Telekinesis, etc.

Not all are quite as flashy as the Stupendous Yappi (Dial 1-800-555-YAPP)

An Animator is someone who can control their natural ability to raise the dead as Zombies. Through training, they have harvested their skills to make them profitable. They can raise the dead at will with a small magical ritual, involving a sacrifice (chicken, goat, etc). The larger the sacrifice, the older the zombie they can raise. They have the ability to sense the dead in the ground.

Animators are those born with the knack for raising the dead, but who have had to work to learn their craft. Necromancers are those who have almost no choice but to raise the dead. Both show an affinity for allowing ghosts to manifest (for better or for worse), and it is not unknown for someone with the animation knack to never get into the practice of raising zombies, and instead focusing their attentions towards working as a medium.

Necromancers reportedly have nearly complete control over all things dead or undead. Their Necromancy can be used for added Raising ability, attempts to wrestle other folks' zombies from the original raiser's control, and (at very high levels) can be used to usurp vampires. This last one isn't common at all, but that hardly prevents many vampires from seeing all Necromancers as a threat. Another downfall of Necromancy is the chance of accidental raising of zombies (often the first sign of someone being a Necromancer), as well as an added "level of attention" towards ghosts (SEE: Ghosts).

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