Pyotr's Vitals
Name: Pyotr Dragunov Zagadka
Race: Human
Shortdesc: An extremely short, yet very broadly built and powerful young man of obviously Slavic descent.
Position: Blacksmith/Metal Artist
Fame: Famous Russian (Ukrainian) Artist and Blacksmith who specializes in metalwork.
Temperament: One moment the little Russian can be silent and cold, the next moment he can be flamboyantly, well, Russian and very very warm and humorous.
Themesong: "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" by Green Day
David Beckham as Pyotr Dragunov Zagadka


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Pyotr Dragunov Zagadka is a Russian artist of growing repute. He's been called one of the best modern blacksmiths of the age, and is well known in Europe's artist community over the past few years as a rising star in Metal Art. His creations, from Jewelry to his amazing swords, have been likened to being more then just worked metal, but seeming to live and breath with life. After an attack in early 2003 by rogue lycanthropes who slaughtered a few dozen people at one of his Moscow shows, Pyotr has decided to leave the homeland for a while an bring his art to America. It is rumored that he has a bit of Romani in him and that he initially apprenticed with an actual gypsy blacksmith, but this has been put to be rumor.

Getting down to it, Pyotr's family tree is a little hard to follow. Pyotr was born in the Ukraine during the height of the USSR, so generalizes himself as a russian with gypsy blood. To be more exact His father was a Ukrainian Rusyn, part of the small ethnic group of people living in the mountainous Transcarpathian region of western Ukraine. His Mother could be considered three quarters romani and a quarter Romanian since three of her grandparents were Romani and one romanian. Thus, this works out to Pyotr being roughly half Romani. The Zagadka bloodline is not a main gypsy clan, nor affiliated with any particular clan or nation. They are an odd bloodline in that they tend to take mates outside of the rather ethnically secular Romani, remarrying into the Romani every few generations to keep the ties. Because of some odd boon owed to the Zagadakas by many clans centuries ago this is not frowned upon as it would be with others. Pyotr took his mother's maiden name as his own since after his family's murder since he is the last remaining member of the Zagadka bloodline. While he is attributed the respect and the reputation of a Zagadka blacksmith and welcomed among most Romani, he does realize he is not pureblooded and that he will always in some way be an outsider even among his own culture.%r%rPyotr is considered a Master Blacksmith since there is really no title higher.

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