Rai's Vitals
Name: Rai Marie Tarski
Race: Japanese-american
Shortdesc: A small, conservative girl.
Position: Student
Fame: None
Temperament: Easy going for the most part.
Themesong: None
Shin Min-a as Rai Marie Tarski


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Rai has just made enough time with rearranging classes that she can get out and see the city. Already having a shocking experience involving guns and such she's a bit reluctant to go anywhere that looks trashy or bad.

More Current than Current
People have been noticing that Rai's a little different. She has high functioning Autism, most people think that she's just weird, but that's only part of it. She's incredibly smart, but does not deal with conflict well. To some, it's also known that in December she will be graduating with Honors, early from her classes.

Rai was born to Arra and Darwin Tarski. She grew up in North Virginia; Arlington, right next to DC. Rai's favorite color growing up was always purple, yet looking at her now you'd never know it. She's never seen in anything but greys, blacks and whites. Darwin, a computer security guru, worked at one of the big four consulting companies of the area. And it was her father that inspired her to take up ISOM (Information system and operation management). Her mother was a house wife,Japanese by birth, and kept up the decently sized 3 bedroom condo on the fifteenth floor. Her parents kept up a 'well to do' life; parties, dinner out, so for and so on…So a lot of her even time was reading with the babysitter, whom was relatively stupid. Just like any teenager, she would sneak out while her parents were gone. She was a good girl though and would only hide at her best friends house, Linda. Linda was a school friend of hers that was completely her opposite. Where as Rai was small, dark haired and Asian; Linda was a tall skate boarding punk chick. Linda had pink hair and a thickly boned body. Rai was very upset when she found out that Linda would not be attending NIU with her in Chicago, but they still keep in touch. She left home after graduating at 18 from her high school with straight A's. She had begged her Father to send her to Chicago to go to school there…Finally he agreed.

So Rai moved to Chicago to go to the University, for their particularly good ISOM program. She's been in Chicago for 3 years, finishing up her degree in a year. She looks a lot younger, because of her petite form, than she really is and she attempts to make up for that with her style of 'grown up' dress. She enjoys romantic things; eagerly soaking up 'old culture' and accents. But she tries very hard to stay away from such things as to not tempt herself and does not take kindly to improper advances to her body. Her womanhood is intact, wanting to save herself for the one she marries, though she is not particularly religious…This is more of a personal goal for herself. Despite this fact, she is not 'innocent', Over all, she's pleasant to be around, easy going personality that is friendly and a bit energetic around friends from school and reserved in front of strangers.

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