Randi Shaw's Vitals
Name: Randi Shaw.
Race: Caucasian, Were-Leopard
Shortdesc: Cute auburn haired teenaged girl.
Position: Receptionist, ex-cheerleader.
Fame: Won a Wet T-shirt contest once.
Temperament: Playful and easy going.
Themesong: None
Unknown as Randi Shaw.


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Randi Shaw, a Chicago native has only recently become a leopard. As a result of the infection her family had moved to another part of the state leaving her alone and because of the potential danger she had to leave high school without finishing her senior year, putting a crimp in her plans to get into collage and become a fashion designer. Luckily however she found the Pard and they've welcomed her and helped her with her beast and in finding herself a new life as a were-critter.


Hair nearing auburn in color is kept in a loose high ponytail that reaches the base of this girl's neck with where gravity takes hold of it just exceeding the five and a half feet the top of her head normally reaches. Alluring features make picking an exact ethnicity difficult other than skin that. Gray eyes with brows to match the brown above with some dark colored eyeliner dusted over the lids. A small upturns slightly and full lips bear a sheen of lip gloss to make the natural pink stand out on an oval shaped face.

Keeping the young woman's chest covered is a halter top made from a think faded green wool. A plunging neckline adding some generous cleavage with the front terminating at her navel, showing off a majority of her flat stomach while an inch wide band of the same wool reaches around her neck and again similarly at her back keeps it exposed if she isn't wearing a jacket. Her arms follow the shape of her shoulders. Her wrists are tiny and slender, tapering down from her upper arms and elbow. Her hands small but dexterous, her slim fingers ending with well manicured nails painted red. Over the top of her clothes the young woman wears a brown sheepskin lined denim style corduroy jacket. Kept open with the bottom hem and the sleeves terminating wrists and hips

The girl's, slender but well curved lower half is hugged by a tight pair of well worn but still reasonably new charcoal gray corduroy button fly Lee jeans. Holding the form fitting cords redundantly are a pair of black leather suspenders, the clips attached at the belt loops either side of her top button up front and at the loops dead center on her behind with the straps over her shoulders and digging a little at the sides of her breasts. Gripping everywhere the corduroy rides up sharply into behind, Running down her legs the pants cling and grip against them from her thighs down her ankles. On her feet is a pair of black suede, knee high lace up block heeled boots, the heels adding five inches of height and a rather generous wiggle in her step. On her feet is a pair of black suede, knee high lace up block heeled boots, the heels adding five inches of height and a rather generous wiggle in her step.

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