Ravenswood Manor


A six story apartment complex, done up in brick and concrete. Small trees dot the lawn next to the parking lot.


Ravenswood Manor is a gem of a place to stay. Close to the vampire district, close to downtown, and with reasonable rates. People flock to call this tranquil place home, and it's no wonder. The floors are polished to a gleam and shone like marble though they are, in fact, composed of small marble chips set in cement rather than real marble slabs. The receptionists desk is of dark oak and likewise polished by years of loving care. To the right side of the lobby area is a glass door accented by brass that opens into a courtyard and outdoor pool area.


A simple and clean hallway stretches out from the elevator, the walls painted in an off-white stucco and accented by the wooden trim around the doorways, matching the light beige carpeting. The doors themselves are also of a light colored wood, brass numerals denoting the room numbers. The even numbered apartments lie to the right, odd to the left.


The rooms are typical apartment style rooms with off-white walls and beige carpeting. Most apartments include a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Some include balconies.

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