Raymond Dire
Raymond Dire's Vitals
Name: Raymond Dire
Race: Vampire
Shortdesc: Tall and gaunt, mid-40s
Position: MotC from 1871 to 1968
Fame: See Above
Emit: n/a
Joseph Furphy as Raymond Dire

Raymond Dire (Morte vampire) was Master of the City from 1871 (following the Chicago Fire) to 1958. Killed and replaced by Lukas.

Unusual for vampires at the time, Dire occasionally tended to use both his first and his last name, even though he was brought over in 1741 (in early NYC). His assumption of office was partially contested, with some claiming that the previous MotC, Metella, had died in the fire and Dire was merely filling the gap, or even claims that he had used the confusion of the fire to take advantage of Metella and dishonorably kill her with the assistance of weapons and/or other assailants. Known for his habit of carrying single-sided ax-heads on his person, using them like punch knives (often using them to pry limbs from torso, then to pry jaw from skull), as well as calling on other crude but effective industrial weapons (EG: meat hooks, ice picks, et cetera). Demanded a dress code of "black" among attendees of Vampire Court meetings; transgressors were dealt with at best by being slathered in hot tar, at worst by being set aflame (after being tarred).


OOC ORIGIN: The "An American Werewolf in America" episode of the animated series Ugly Americans talked about an early authority-figure vampire, named William Dire. He was drawn to blatantly resemble Daniel Day-Lewis in his role in Gangs of New York, who helped inspire the notion of our V.Dire. Not surprisingly, it's not very tough to find actual photos of men from back in the day who resemble(d) Mr.Day-Lewis. A large portion of his personality was cribbed from Vlad the Impaler.

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