Dr. Tate's Vitals
Name: Rebecca A. Tate, MD, FACS
Race: Human
Shortdesc: Dark curls, bright blue eyes, freckles. 30s.
Position: Trauma Surgeon
Fame: Returned to Memorial Hospital after a two year stint with Doctors Without Borders
Temperament: Blunt to a fault. Confident. Loves adrenaline.
Themesong: Shut Your Eyes - Snow Patrol
Jennifer Morrison as Rebecca A. Tate, MD, FACS

The Present

WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Rebecca Tate attended medical school at Boston University. She graduated with honors, and did her residency at the BU Medical Center and went on to a Fellowship at Boston Trauma in Trauma Surgery. She is currently board-certified in Massachusetts and Illinois in her specialty. Dr. Tate moved to Chicago three years ago, accepting a position at Memorial Hospital.

As an up-and-coming surgeon, she was known to be both talented and focused on her career. With little warning, however, she took a leave of absence from her position two years ago. Rumors ran rampant regarding the real reason Dr. Tate left her position so abruptly. Some say she'd become involved with unsavory characters and left town to avoid trouble, while others whispered about a grim neurological disorder ruining a promising career. In truth, Rebecca took a sabbatical in order to travel abroad as the leader of a surgical team with Doctors Without Borders. Now, she's returning to Chicago General.

The Past

Born and bred in New England, Rebecca Tate was raised in a warm, loving family, to whom she was always just "Becca." Two older brothers and a twin sister kept her line, though as the second youngest by just one minute, she felt pressure to achieve and set herself apart from her siblings.

Still, Becca and her twin sister, Carolyn, shared the closeness that only twins can. While Rebecca went to medical school, her twin became a nurse and married a police officer. The young surgeon was delighted to be her niece's godmother, and she spent every spare moment with her family.

Nothing good lasts forever, though. Shortly after completing her fellowship, Becca canceled a date with her sister and goddaughter for the zoo to cover an extra shift. A page from her brother-in-law cut that shift short, though, and she learned that both Carolyn and her daughter had been brutally murdered in their own home.

Becca raced to the scene, only to be turned away by her brother-in-law's fellow policeman. Her sister was already dead; even the most skilled trauma surgeon couldn't have fixed that.

Perhaps Becca's time abroad was a penance of sorts. Perhaps it was running away from memories. Either way, Dr. Tate is back and taking up the scalpel at Memorial Hospital once again.


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