Rex's Vitals
Name: Alexander Raske
Race: Shapeshifter, Were-wolf
Shortdesc: Lean-built male with long brown hair.
Position: Full-time university student, junior year, undecided. (on hiatus)
Fame: Among the Lukoi, the troublesome puppy.
Temperament: Modest in general; warm and friendly when acquainted. Extreme ends of emotions heightened from uncontrolled inner beast.
Themesong: "I Want Out" - Helloween (and various covers)
Thomas Dekkar as Alexander Raske

WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

General Information

Alexander Raske (more commonly known as "Rex"), a 21-year-old student enrolled as a junior in the University of Chicago with an undecided major as of now. Formerly enrolled for the 2011-2012 semesters, he's dropped all of his classes and stopped showing up at the University in early October, with rumors of an illness in the family forcing him to return home for some time. Since late November, he's been seen around the local college hangout spots, but being this late in the semester, he's unwilling to attempt to re-enroll and salvage what little of a grade he had.

His demeanor is modest, and almost quiet, when interacting with others for the first time, getting a feel for the other person, before warming up to a level more sociable and comforting to be around. He's able to be proper and respectful when the time calls for it, but prefers casual, friendly encounters over stuffy-aired meetings.

Rex is also a recreational game hunter, with an interest in classic-style lever-action, muzzle-loaded, and bolt-action rifles, and talent in wilderness survival, and tracking. As a side-hobby, he is also capable of skinning, cleaning, and even preparing meat meals with a passion, and though the flavor isn't going to be steakhouse excellent, it's beyond that of "slap it on the grill with salt" as well.

Rex is also a typical heterosexual white male, but raised on tolerance of the difference races, sexualities, religions, and even species. This has also shaped his viewpoints into a more liberal sense, but with a strong libertarian foundation, thinking people (and most of all, himself) are completely capable of making their own choices on controversial issues. If he had a car for himself, it would definitely sport a Ron Paul '08 and '12 sticker.

Lukoi Information

The absense from school, however, was due to his own illness. Mauled in an attack in southern Wisconsin during the October deer season, Rex incorrectly assumed the animal was just rabid (and had himself treated for it), and ignored the subsequent illness that took over him until two weeks in, when the paranoia and realization of what is likely possible. Lycanthropy.

This was confirmed on the full moon surrounding November 14, 2011, in which Rex woke up to a shredded apartment room littered in food, damaged linens, and claws in the wall. Seclusion for several days would follow, until making contact with one Robert Moye, to have a scared and confused young adult fall under the wing of the Lukoi Pack.

Since then, Rex's spirits have lifted, and there's a dedicated eagerness to learn what he can about what he has become, as well as to further himself as a well-rounded werewolf. The back of his ears are still dripping moist, and is always seen in public with a senior-ranking escort, but he does his best to not let that get to him. Or keep him stuck indoors.

At present, partly by orders, partly by his own action, he's a closet shapeshifter. He doesn't mention it openly, and the topic of his wolfiness only is approached by his lack of skill at masking his own scent. Officially, he's still human in most records, as he's yet to register himself as a lycanthrope.

Miscellaneous Information

All information listed below are Rex's personal (IC) opinions, and do not reflect his player's (OOC) opinions.


  • Robert, the Ulfric - The big boss. Always wearing that stone-cold mask of a face, but he does have a lot of heart underneath it.
  • Logan, the Geri - Second in command, and quite the knowledgable man. Robert trusts him well enough, and I can see why.
  • MaryJane, the Freki - Things got complicated…
  • Una, the Sister - Like the big sister I've never had. Always there, supporting me, looking out for me. I love her as such.
  • Cherish, the Skoll - She teases me, and gets me into trouble. But beyond that rough, wolf exterior, there's a kind-hearted woman.


  • Santiago, the Bolverk - Idealistic enough to take one title, only to rip another from the hands of a different wolf. And fight over it with a third.
  • Erin, the Yellow-Eyed - There's an attitude around her, and a fiery spirit within. Not much else to say about her yet, though.
  • Karmen, the Hati - I've never met her before, let alone see her. If she's a bodyguard, she better be around Robert a lot more than I've been lately.
  • Victor, the Professor - A new arrival to the city, and a real old-fashioned alpha. A quiet one. I have respect for him only of his rank.
  • Riley, the Gun-Runner - A battered warrior who clings to his titles of the past, forgetting his place and the respect he owes in the now.


  • Raymond, the Unknown - A new face at Lupanar, and was with Karmen during the event. Can't say much about him.
  • Xian, the Chinese - An unknown face at Lupanar.
  • Russell, the Blonde - An unknown face at Lupanar.

Former Pack

  • Joshua, the Traitor - A bomber for Human's First, and executed? I can't believe it, and I was living with him… It makes me sick.


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