Rian Sanford's Vitals
Name: Rian Sanford
Race: Were-rat
Shortdesc: Pale, wan, and short
Position: Model for Silver Rose Intimate Apparel
Fame: Model
Temperament: Fun loving and quirky.
Themesong: Three Doors Down - "Here Without You"
Unknown as Rian Sanford


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

General: Pale 5' tall model for Silver Rose Intimate Apparel (on Navy Pier) since late 2000.

Shapeshifter: Was the leader of the Chicago Rodere since the 2001 twin death of the previous Rat King St.John and Vampire Master of the City Stepka, until she handed the office over to Eric Jameson in early August of 2008.

Fashion: Although not nationally famous, Miss Sanford has been modeling for Jaedynn Shadowdancer's Silver Rose Intimate Apparel since she was 18 (in 2000) and has been often seen on local designers' runways, advertisements, and publicity events.

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