Ricci Skylar Moye's Vitals
Name: Ricci Skylar Moye
Race: Human
Shortdesc: A petite pretty African-American woman.
Position: Med Student/Vargamor
Fame: n/a
Temperament: Laid back for the most part.
Themesong: "Defying Gravity" - Wicked
Yaya Dacosta as Ricci Skylar Moye

WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.


Ricci is known to be a researcher in the preternatural sciences. She is intrigued with the various shifters and the vampires. Currently, she's a medical student learning where she fits in. She's relatively new to the Chicago, arriving with her brother and two other of friends. She's managed to quickly establish a 'pack' of friends.


This young woman is noticeably African-American. From her smooth, coffee colored skin to her curly hair; she proudly displays her heritage. Thin, arched brows start the structure of her beautiful honey-gold eyes that have slight specks of green in their depths. Already possessing a oval shape, dark kohl is painted around them to give them extreme Egyptian points. Those beguiling eyes are painted a hue of pink and gold with black smudged across the top to give a smokey effect. Her nose is thin with the flare of ancestry to it, which only adds an exotic appeal. Full, lush lips are painted a deep cranberry and seem to be almost always curved into a friendly smile.

She does not possess a great deal of height, topping a few inches above five foot in her flat feet, but she makes up for it in sheer presence. Today's look is a casual one for the girl. A white, overly large masculine styled sweater falls to mid-thigh upon her and tends to slide from her body; both over her hands and off her shoulders. It hides her curves from view, as a pair of loose fitting denim blue jeans slide down the rest of her legs. It ends with a wicked pair of black, heeled boots that give her at least a few inches of height.


Some people always judge a book by its cover. They pick the brightly colored one thinking it's a child's book, only to realize that it's a Stephen King novel. They pick the one word title thinking it will be the edgy cult classic, only to find the story of Snow White. Ricci Moye is used to these stereo-types and in some ways they threaten to define her. She's judged by the color of her skin as if it is a natural selection of what rank of mate she may have in life. Those black girls better not be trying to get ahead with a white boy. No good black girl goes slumming with a Mexican. She's judged by gender quantified to be the weaker and fairer sex. Or perhaps her name, Ricci, a boy's name. This must make her a dyke. It must mean she's into sports. Her parents must not have wanted a girl. She is also defined by her abilities. Magic. Some recoil. Others lift her up upon an altar no human was meant to stand. So Ricci knows all about picking a book based on the plotline it holds.

Ricci's parents died when she was twelve and since then she has lived with her brother, who is fourteen years older than her. There isn't much really known about her past yet, but it is sure to come out soon.


  • Robert - The Protector - Ricci couldn't have made it this far without him. He took her in when their parents died and she'd be lost without her brother. He raised her. He protected her. He made sure that she survived and thrived in a world torn apart by allies and enemies. To everyone else he's stoic. To her, Ricci understands. There is something between the siblings that move past lines of words and onto something far more. They understand each other's hearts. He left at before she got to tell him she was going to have a child. Ricci has withdrawn a bit more into herself with the leaving of her brother.
  • Riley - The Beloved - To say it was hate at first sight, wouldn't even come close to the truth of the matter. He gave into his beast when she called him a Mick and Raymond got injured at his claws while Ricci cowered. She ran oddly to his house when hiding from her family. It led to some shared discussions on love lost and so much more. If anyone would have told her that he would be claiming her, or she would be placing her mark on him; she would have laughed. Now, however, he is her protector in a different sense. He now has a banded scar around his left ring finger from her. She is now claimed as his. He left during her first trimester to take care of urgent business. She's a bit lost in the world of wolves without him.
  • Connor - The Protected - This was most definitely love at first sight. In fact, Ricci can't imagine loving anyone more than Connor. He came screaming into the world on November 14, 2011. Her first child with Riley Kilpatrick, even if his father has been out on business for the later part of the pregnancy and missed the birth. She's more than a little protective of the little guy and curious how things are going to turn out for his future.
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