Riley's Vitals
Name: Riley Connor Kilpatrick
Race: Irish-American : Lukoi
Shortdesc: A tall man with dirty blonde hair
Position: In the fast lane.
Fame: He's a well known wheelman and transporter. Served in Iraq.
Temperament: Abit short tempered at times but usually calm and collected.
Themesong: Of Wolf and Man - Metallica ; Die Dead Enough - Megadeth
Justin Hartley as Riley Connor Kilpatrick


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Dashing young man who seems to be quite well off. What he does for a living is anyone's guess but he seems to be doing well with what ever it is. Rumor has it he's from California. Though same rumor also says Louisiana

Old school racer. Old. Old. Old School. one of the Bay Area Living Legends, he's got the skills and the reflexs to back up most boasts he make. .


Had a count of Drunk Driving and Murder in the second degree when he was 18, back in California. Judge was lenient, gave him choice. Four year sentence or tour of duty in the military. Chose the military. Was medically discharged after being infected with Lupis type Lycanthropsy in Iraq in 2002. Since then relatively unheard of though suspected as a driver for the L'Angelle Cartel. No signifigant leads on the matter, unable to prove connection to Angelville Compound. Registered Chicago citizen

A Lukoi by scent, not really known. Weither that's a pro or a con, he seems to generally carry himself with a laid back demeanor.

A wheelman for the L'Angelle Cartel, or so rumor has it. He's got the balls and the skills to fly or drive anything and everything. Prefers package jobs rather than smash and grab, but has been known to when the moment strikes him.


"I will do my duty, come hell or high water. I will serve my pack, I will do the evil that must be done."
In refrence to duty.

In refrence to his mate.



** Cherish Roseworth — The One that Left:
** Jake Kramer — The Dead King: Gone but not forgotten.
** MJ Faulkaeisen — The Doc:
** Catherine Robinson — The Eranthe:
** Ricci Moye —The Mate:
** Robert Moye The Bossman:

RP Hooks

Former Bolverk of the Spirit Rock Pack
Hati of Robert, Ulfric of the Spirit Rock Pack

Underboss of Irish Mafia - Controls 90 percent of Grand Theft Auto related crimes in Chicago.


Warehouse 69 - Southside Outlet


Was once a Rogue.

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