River's Vitals
Name: River Abigail Wendell
Race: Human, Animator (unknown to self)
Shortdesc: Red hair, green eyes, average build. Ponytail.
Position: N/A
Fame: A nobody.
Temperament: Able to tolerate most idiots on a good day.
Themesong: N/A
Nobody is playing as River Abigail Wendell

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Character Information

Background Synopsis

At 22 years of age, River comes out of a small town in southeast Missouri where she's lived most of her life. She was born and raised there, then moved to St. Louis for work and getting away from her family around 19 years of age, after failing at doing the community college thing. She can't say she's got the best head on her shoulders, but she does have her heart in the right place. Her family is rather wealthy, but she rarely ever gets to see much of the money, whereas her sister Jennifer does.

River is currently living out of her car, though does attempt at making it look like she doesn't to avoid fines, and is looking for employment someplace in the city. She has pretty vivid nightmares with the usual faceless (well, bodiless, really) or mutilated figures freaking her out. These nightmares do tend to make her wander around the city if she can, going to brighter lit locations, to try and get away from the nightmares hold, what with the dark holding some sort of freaky bad things in the shadows. When these nightmares hit, depending on the ferocity of them, she can normally be seen huddled in a seat, holding onto a small white statue, throwing paranoid glances around herself and mumbling, though the amount of light she's around can influence how scared she is.

Character Description

A nice hourglass figure, standing at the average height of five-foot, four inches with coppery red hair and green eyes, you could say that she's of either Irish
or Scottish descent and possibly be right, but when she speaks, she carries accent of neither.

She normally wears flared blue jeans, some random shirt picked from her dresser and either black or white sneakers. The aforementioned red hair is of longish
length (pulled back into a high ponytail, it reaches a few inches into her back) and is commonly held in a ponytail of some sort, or possibly a claw clip if she
doesn't think she'll be too busy. Green eyes glint with excitement and cheer, "I'm a nice person" written over most of her face.

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