Robert's Vitals
Name: Robert Moye
Race: Werewolf
Shortdesc: Tall African-American
Position: Deceased Ulfric and C.E.O. of C.L.A.W.
Fame: Personal trainer, specializing in self defense
Temperament: Protective, quiet and steady
Themesong: Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival
Jason Momoa as Robert Moye

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Died IC Mon Jan 02 21:58:42 2012 & RL Fri Aug 27 15:20:25 2010

Robert is a serious type, with rare bursts of humour. He is the Ulfric for the Spirit Rock Clan and the C.E.O. for C.L.A.W., and still takes on a few clients for personal training.


A tall African-American man, apparently in his mid thirties, with dark brown dreadlocks to his mid-back. He wears a neatly trimmed beard, and moustache, slightly darker than his hair, and his eyes are set back a little, dominated by the heavy eyebrows. Despite that, his face has an angular shape, his cheekbones high and sharp. His choice of clothing reflects his practical nature, the sleeveless waistcoat made from brown leather matching the serious brown eyes, covering a light brown cotton top. Worn black jeans are held loosely to his hips with a heavy brown belt, and the outfit is completed with a pair of sturdy boots. He wears a strand of leather around his neck, hanging a small stone from it. He is well kempt, neatly turned out.


Born and raised in New Mexico, Robert was a border patroller until he was twenty-five. A rogue were-wolf changed his life forever, attacking him and his partner, killing the one and leaving Robert badly injured. Robert retired, taking a few years out to gain control and make decisions, his life shattered by the loss of his close friend and the change in him. The pack there helped him gain control, and come to terms with the infection. Around this time, his little sister, Ricci, came to live with him. Because of her and the pack, he forced himself to live, to accept this life and set up some routine in his life, stabilizing it for her. He began to train others in self defense, and advertised himself as a personal training, bringing in enough income to support them, and help the pack.

A serious man, he formed deep friendships within his pack, becoming protective of the younger wolves easily. He spoke only when he had something to say, his voice a low rumble of common sense when he did speak.

The pack there was small, often young and utterly outnumbered when the humans came for them, citing the critter laws, blaming them for the loss of animals in the park they ran in. Robert, knowing he could not beat the many humans with their weapons alone, gathered his siter, and the younger members of the pack that he could find, and fled, leaving the state with the critter laws forever. He brings to the city with him several of the younger pack members, under his protection, to request permission to join the Chicago pack.

Having arrived in the city and met with Jake, their pack had been absorbed into the Chicago pack, and found accommodation. Robert settled into working on setting up his business as a personal trainer and self defence instructor. Shortly after their arrival, Jake, the Ulfric, was killed, and Robert put himself forward for the position of Ulfric. The pack accepted him, and now they are moving on, looking to the future. He has let it be known that wolves within the city are welcome to join him, leaving behind old animosities, to work together to form a strong, healthy pack. At the very least, he expects them to be polite to each other, if the wounds of the past are too much.

The formation of C.L.A.W. had brought new activity and motivation to the man's life, and his pack had shown that most of them support the ideal behind it. The links with the other groups pleased him, working towards the goal of cooperation and communication between groups, supporting their community. It had limited his time for his other work, and so he took on few clients during this time.

Then a rumour that his old lover, Simon, survived that attack in which Robert was infected, despite the stories he was told at the time. Robert left Chicago on the day he received confirmation of that rumour, taking Monty with him at the man's insistence. He left MaryJane in charge of the pack. His recent return was equally as abrupt, with the deaths of many shifters in New Mexico and the attack on the Pack home there. He brought with him some members of those groups.

He met with MaryJane and, by agreement, retook his position as Ulfric.

Died IC Mon Jan 02 21:58:42 2012 & RL Fri Aug 27 15:20:25 2010



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