Robi's Vitals
Name: Catherine Robinson
Race: Werewolf
Shortdesc: A mature, attractive woman.
Position: Retired Teacher
Fame: NA
Temperament: Gentle and Caring
Themesong: NA
NA as Catherine Robinson


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

A shifter who has been infected for just about fourty years. Hailing from Southern California she has chosen to come to a city that, as a child and young woman, her family would often visit. She is a retired school teacher and has brought such over into her life in a pack, often helping to teach and train other wolves.
She has a child, grown, who lives in Seattle. She had sent her child away after she was infected to ensure they could grow up with a safe, normal life that she was unsure she could give.

Other Notes on her - She is a bellydancer. Or rather, she knows how to bellydance. She tends to stick around the green spots of chicago with forays into the more usual places. Standard cafes and the like. Not so much the clubs and odd themed locals.

Image Note - Really difference is graying blonde hair.

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