Robin Has A Little Visitor

Robin has a little visitor

Most dollhouses aren't this large. This one is two stories, complete with a finely-wrought wooden staircase connecting the two floors. Each room seems to have its purpose and is filled with items that actually do seem to be used. In the living room is a large bookshelf full of miniature books, each wrapped in finely tooled leather. One is even out on the afghan-covered divan with a bookmark to set the reader's place. The kitchen holds miniature bowls and plates as well as an oven that holds the faint smell of baked goods still. There is a wooden table and four chairs as well as a single daisy in a tall vase in one corner. Upstairs is a large bedroom replete with a four-poster bed, bureau, armchair, and comfy, plush rug. There is a small, gilded mirror on one of the walls and on the bed is a blanket of faux fur as well as a hand-sewn quilt and pillows. If this were a real house, it would be quite cosy and comfortable.

It's a lovely summer afternoon and apparently one of Robin's days off from the shop. Rather, he'll probably go there towards the evening, but for now he's enjoying just lazing about as only teenagers can. In fact, he only got up at around noon and took his time puttering and getting something to eat before flicking on the television, watching for a few hours, and then flitting back to his dollhouse. Of course, he isn't -really- a teenager so much; part of his mindset goes back to that, but not all of it. With a heavy sigh he begins straightening up the house, starting with his room. Once that is done, he moves to the others. Not that he really ever gets company, but having a messy house just isn't fair to those who might wander towards this corner of the room.

Wissssss, whissssssss, the sound comes from outside the little house fluttering around the windows. Then there is thunk on the roof much like a snowball hitting it in the middle of winter and from the "chimney" a very high pitched voice is heard to call out. "Hellooooooo" It's a distinctive voice. One that sounds like a mouse on helium to most humans, and even to the demi-fae sounds a bit High pitched. Its also the voice of Pollo the tiny, a walking disaster area all 1 1/2 inches of him.

Robin looks up at the thunk on his roof and gives a grin at the call. Moving to open one of the upstairs windows, he peers out and up as best as he can without smacking his wings, "Pollo! Come in!" He leaves the window open for the smaller fae; Robin knows he's small, but he towers over this little one nearly as much as most 'human-sized' ones tower over him in this form. "What a surprise! You want anything to eat? I think I have something…" fruit, probably. Maybe some bread. He actually doesn't have a small refrigerator to keep things in.

There is a scampering sound as the tiny fae with his Red vest with black embroidery comes down the side of the house. The small face looks in the window before he launches himself off to wizzzz out a foot then through the crack in the window. Landing with what for Pollo is an amazing feat of agility, he only scoots the table a foot. Tucking his hands behind his vest's flapping ends, the small one bows. "Much honored Robin I would be delighted. Oh the house is preetty." The little one holds himself up proudly, rising on tiptoes to look up at Robin. "I bring news."

Robin smiles bows back before moving to where he keeps the little food bits and takes some table grapes and bits of bread over to the table. Some small goblets are brought over with some fresh juice as well. They might still be a little large for Pollo though. "Thanks! It's a mess, but I haven't wanted to clean lately." He then pulls up a stool to sit at the table as well. Blonde eyebrows lift and his young face looks, well, quite interested, "News? Oh, do tell!"

'Oh you bring a feast a feast!" The little one plucks from his pockets a small silver cup and knife and fork. "Always a good one you are." The HUGE Grape is looked at with an eye of delight! The little one sits crossed legged on the table, even these small chairs would be quite the challenge for him. "Tymoden the brave, has decided he wishes all the true fae in Chicago to bring him information on the Big ones!" Tymoden being of course the leader of the local Demi-fae (aka True fae) band here. "He says we have been ignored for too long!"

Robin grins at Pollo's excitement over the 'feast' and he lets the little one take what he will of it. "Thank you. Those words mean much from you." He sits back, his own small goblet in hand as he sips and listens to the very small fae. "He does? And he says so? Well…what sort of information is he looking for? And ignored for what? They listened to us at the gathering a while back, when we didn't agree to elect a leader over us all." Granted, they weren't the only ones doing so.

The grape is expertly carved into some nice thick steaks and one placed on Pollo's plate along with a nice slice of bread crumbs. As the small one begins to carve up his 'steak' he looks over. "Oh he wishes to know everything. Who their friends are, what alliances they have here." The small fork is waved in the air. "Everything! Tymoden thinks they forget that we give them their magic!" Oh the little one has good gossip. "They do not know that we keep faery alive even in this remote location!" Pollo now seems to be doing some pretty accurate direct quoting from someone, most likely Tymoden. "Just like the courts, and we don't have to put up with it."

Robin taps his chin with his finger and leans forward some, taking a bit of the grape himself as well as some of the bread. "Friends…well, I don't know too well. I did see some shifters around some of us before." He chews on some bread for a bit as he takes in all that is said. "I think he's right, actually. They do forget." And they seem to forget, most times, that -he- is Demi-Fae. "What is he planning on doing to remind them of it?"

With a mouth full of juicy grape steak, Pollo can only nod for a second. "He has big plans. Big big plans." Pollo comments as soon as he swallows. "Tymoden is organizing all the demi-fae. He says why we need to ascribe to the big ones wars? We not seelie or unseelie, goblin or nymph…we TRUE Fae!" While the little one can give the overall gist of what he has heard, the main plans for action seem to be beyond him. "We are scouting all the big fae's meetings."

"Spying?" Robin looks a little uncertain at all of that. "And I didn't think they were warring. Are they?" He's been busy with his shop and most of the 'big fae' are keeping to themselves. "I don't want to hurt them…some of them are my friends. But I think that Tymoden is right in that we are ignored and overlooked. Maybe even forgotten some for who we are." Probably because not many of them hang about the 'big ones'? At least, not in their small forms. Robin sips at his juice and eats a bit of grape as he considers a bit, "So. What can I do?"

"They always at war, even when they are not. Its a…" Pollo tries to remember what Tymoden called it, his little face scrunching up in an expression of rapt concentration. "Armed truce!" The look of relief says, YES! that was what he said. "But we are not them. The city is unclaimed territory! We are not going to harm them, no, no, we are going to.." The steak is being demolished millimeter by millimeter. "Tymoden says, we need information. So that the plans can be made. So all True fae are being called to tell Tymoden all they know of the big ones." He leans in confiding, "I got to go on a mission just this past week. The ogre and the wolves are in disagreement. And some big fae don't like the vampires."

Robin sighs some and pulls a couple of curls down straight before letting them bounce back. "The ogre and wolves are in disagreement with each other or among themselves? I really don't know many big ones, but…I guess…I guess I can look for some. Find out about them. I see lots of all sorts in the shop, but…well, it seems like the big fae are really just seeing to their own. They're not really doing much of anything."

Pollo gasps, "See they trick us that way. We need to be aware." He nods. "The ogre has land he says is his, and the wolves have land and they say it's theirs. But its the same land." The little one rubs his belly which has grown quite round with the grape. 'Thank you Robin! You are a true True Fae." Then he finished the meal with a large drink of grape juice. "This will give me quite a bit of energy to go to my next place…"

"They do?" Trick the Demi-Fae? Well, now Robin is a bit concerned and confused. Could they really be tricking him? "I'll see what I can find about the others. I don't think they think of me as D…as True Fae because I can be big like they are." It might make him a good agent then. "Fly safely, Pollo and know you are always welcome at my table and in my home."

Hopping off the table the tiny one makes a bow and then backs up giving his wings a good fluttering start…then crashes into the wall right below the window. Patting the wall he climbs to the window sill and launches himself into the air…whhhhhiiiiiiiiisssssss…down towards the ground before climbing up up and out of the room.

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