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<NIGHT> La Pomme Rouge: Cabaret Lounge - Cermak Road: Crimson District
Guests of La Pomme Rouge are welcomed to indulge in the soothing comforts of the lush oversized beds surrounding the dance floor or dance the night away to the softer, more sultry side of progressive music mixes- grooves that one can just as easily and contentedly relax to as dance to. The black stone floor of the vestibule stops and dark hardwood takes over the dance floor. Black stone steps lead up to the beds. Champagne-coloured and crimson-coloured sheer, silk curtains are layered to create the illusion of privacy between each downy, red bed. Small tables rest at the foot of each bed with a golden bowl of edible red apples. Overhead, three floors high, the ceiling is ornately carved and painted in rich gold, white, and red. Modern lights make the room glow, the few lights over the dance floor shift in various honey-hued patterns.

The bar is against the wall to the right of the entrance and backed by a golf-framed, six-foot-tall mirror. The mirror's length is equal to the bar. The bar is made of the same dark wood as the floor with a red granite top. Dim lamps are dispersed along the length of the bar-top. Stools are draped in burgandy velvet slipcovers and tied on by silk ropes and tassels.

While this is a restaurant, there are no dining tables with chairs. People are seen carrying small trays of food- the main courses portioned into finger foods. (See +view) There are, however, small tables in front of the beds in this room and more tables dispersed throughout the salons where patrons may relax and nosh on posh nibbles throughout the night's revelry. And, of course, guests are welcome to dine at the bar, too.



Giovanni is currently stretched out on one of the beds near the dance floor. His head is resting on Sergio's knee and that long blond hair of his is spread out around him like a golden fan. The conversation he's having with the human is mundane, silly almost. "….but then you would have to stand on your head?" Lord only knows what the youthful looking little vampire is talking about? But whatever he's thinking, it brings a curl of a smile to those pouty lips of his, a predatory sort of smile that shows more than a hint of fang. He shifts and sits up, back facing the tall dark Italian. A gesture of his hand toward the dance floor and a pretty little thing dancing on it brings the comment, "What about that one? I'm not really sure that hair is natural. I do so hate bottled blonds."

Carmen walks casually in from the vestibule after pausing momentarily to give her sword over to the bouncer. "Take care of it, will you?" She asks gently before continuing her way into the bar. Giovanni and Sergio are noted with a slow nod of greeting before she turns her gaze upon the rest of the room.

Passing through the curtained-off area, Louis leads Maeve to the arranged meeting area, the Frenchman's steps taken confidently within the establishment. "Yes, I am certain that it will be fine," he asides to her quietly. Spotting the familiar faces from afar, he gestures her toward them, making his way over toward their table. "Good evening, friends," he says in greeting, with a slow, steady nod given toward Giovanni and Carmen both. "I have brought Maeve with me; she is the Ra of the Pard, and was quite interested in making introductions with the rest of you."

The scent of leopards comes with Maeve, as if she's just spent time around a good number of the Pard. She wears that scent like an expensive, musky perfume—there, but not overpowering. A nod of familiarity is given to one of the staff, and then a pleasant enough smile to those gathered. "Hello," she offers with the slightest of inclinations of her head. Her voice rumbles, feminine and feline, with a heavy thread of her home, Scotland.

The tall, dark Italian sits there on the bed with the small blond vampire, legs pulled up and crossed as though meditating though it's quite clear he's not. When Giovanni sits up, Sergio's gaze shifts toward the blond that is pointed out to him and he smiles. "I'm sure there are more fun ways to find out than asking. But I can ask if you wish, padrone." He falls silent when they're approached however and his smile slips into something more polite.

The arrival of Louis, well more the other vampire approaching him directly and introducing the Ra actually has Giovanni sitting up and swinging his feet over the side of the bed to slip back into his leather loafers. His attire for the evening is casual, yet chic, a simple button down silk shirt, a deep russet in color, is coupled with a pair of linen slacks, cream in color and dotted throughout with small threads that compliment his shirt. "It's a pleasure," he offers as he stands. He extends one small, pale hand in her direction. "My name is Giovanni Medici. I was hoping we would have the opportunity to meet." The smile he offers the leopard is a little less predatory than the one from moments ago. His intense blue eyed gaze shifts toward Louis and then toward Carmen. "So…it has come to my attention that this city has a…rodent problem," he offers, smile still present. Nothing like cutting right to the chase?

Carmen begins to smile even as the introduction is being made and her gaze sweeps over Maeve. After the greeting, she bows more like a gentleman than a lady and offers up. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Nim Ra. I am Carmen Capel." There is a very slight accent to her voice too… as if she once had an English Cockney that has not altogether faded away. She pauses momentarily. "Rodent problem? I have not heard. The one Rodere woman I did meet seemed charming enough."

Nodding his own assent, Louis lifts a hand in gesture toward Maeve. "I was only a few hours ago being told of some of the Pard's problems with them. And yes, if you are referring to Merci she warned me of their King as well." His eyes follow to Carmen when she speaks, adding that second bit apparent for her benefit. Soon, they reset toward Maeve and Giovanni though, and the vampire's posture lifts into something more suited for business. "I wonder, then, what is there that we can do? Have all diplomatic notions been exhausted?" he questions, his own heavy french accent tinging his voice, "Are other plans being made? Certainly we newcomers are not the only ones to notice."

Maeve's hand is given to Giovanni, and while her energy moves around her, it is not pressing. Just there, dancing along her skin, regarding everything with a cat's interest. Which is, to say, that it's gone nearly as soon as it appeared. "I received your message, Giovanni, but hadn't the chance to return the call. It's a pleasure to meet you all," she says, clearly including Carmen and Sergi in that. "The majority of the Rodere are not a problem. Their King, however, has been pressing buttons and been…very demanding, since his taking of the crown. Most attempts the Kiss has made, I believe, have crumbled quickly into threats of violence. I have barely held onto my own skin, when it comes to matters with him. As for other plans…I do know there is a meeting, this week, between the Leaders of this City."

Sergio rises behind his master as the youthful looking vampire stands and his hands move to clasp behind his back. He nods a just perceptible greeting to both vampires and looks more openly at Maeve as she speaks, though he offers no introduction for himself. As far as anyone need be concerned for the time being, Sergio is merely an extension of Giovanni. Or maybe he just doesn't want to interrupt. In any case, the dark Italian watches and listens.

"This," Giovanni offers with a gesture in Sergio's direction. "…is my Servant, Sergio." Really, he's not rude! See, he remembered! His mind is just…elsewhere at the moment. His attention is offered, first, to Carmen. "Likewise, I have quite enjoyed the company of the young Rodere woman I have had the pleasure of meeting. It's whispers of their King's …dislike for our kind that constitutes a problem. It is my understanding that he would like nothing more than to see all of our kind gone from this city." He neither confirms or denies Merci's involvement, with comment or expression, he simply continues on, gaze flickering toward Louis "…from what I have heard, there really are no 'diplomatic notions' with this one and it begs me to ask why he is still /here/." Those blue eyes turn toward Maeve. "He dislikes…leopards as well?" It's clear from the way he snorts along with the word 'dislikes' that he's using it to replace a less diplomatic term. "Later this week? To give him more time to prepare for whatever…he might chose as his next action against either of our factions?" He finds that a little…odd as well. "He is a threat to the Kiss, apparently to the Pard…perhaps to his own kind, from what I have heard. Later this week?"

"Ahh yes," Carmen says with what actually looks like an apologetic smile to Maeve. "Forgive me for feigning ignorance. I assure you that it was solely for the purpose of discretion in this new city." He hands lace in front of her at the waist as she begins. "If I may ask, how have these 'buttons' been pushed? I have not met this man and it would be good for us all to have some insight." As she asks it, she takes a seat nearby. "He sounds, if I don't offend anyone for saying, balsy."

Louis's nose wrinkles with Giovanni's words. There's a stare given there, although it slips away soon enough, back more toward the man's chest as his arms criss-cross about his frame. "These things are best done by overwhelming force, not by a hastily-assembled rag tag pitchfork-wielding gangs. Even if all of us here went, right this moment, then there is no guarantee of our success," Louis states, "Waiting seems the most prodent course of action. But we should all be careful to protect our own from this threat, in the meantime."

Maeve smirks a bit. "It's not that he dislikes leopards. It's that he thinks he has the right to demand things of my Pard. He's strong. Very much so." Another smirk. "Ballsy is a way to put it," she says with a shrug. "Death threats, coming to doors with a sawed-off shotgun. Ways like that, Carmen." She nods, then, in agreement with Louis. "If we are to take him out, it would need to be with a force. And we would need the aid of Koray, for his ties in this city are deep, and I am quite certain he would greatly enjoy giving anyone who seeks to remove the Rat King aid."

Sergio listens quietly, taking in the information that everyone offers so readily of Chicago's Rat King. This fact all on it's own seems to interest the human a good deal. Like the good servant that he is, however, he remains silent as the others speak, eyes shifting to the person that's speaking at any given time.

He snorts, once again and Louis' stare is returned evenly. "I would not suggest just /us/ going after him, but certainly we have enough power at our disposal to gather, quickly, an 'overwhelming force'?" Giovanni still doesn't seem to understand why it hasn't already been /done/. "I have a meeting scheduled with Koray for tomorrow night," his attention lights on Maeve. "Would you care to join me for that meeting?" A representative from both sides present can't hurt, right? "It was to be nothing more than a simple introduction and to ask his blessing, if not his permission as this is no longer his city, to remain here. I wish not to step on his toes simply by being here. I've heard good things about him." One by one, he shifts his gaze to those gathered. "This is not an easy thing for me. Not something I speak of lightly, but this threat needs to be dealt with and sooner would be better than later? I'm sure we all agree on that point. We can't sit around and wait for him to follow through with his threats. It needs to be moved on soon. I believe…I have means to draw him out." He plays that down just a little bit. "I also have his personal address, not that I believe he's still staying there or that the information isn't likely known by some."

"Well, this man thinks he's Al Capone, doesn't he?" Carmen for the most part remains quiet, but does interject that much, along with "I wonder if the council has been kind enough to pay this man a visit yet." As talk turns to going after the rat in question, she quiets and looks between Louis and Giovanni, perhaps deciding to hold off with her response for the moment..

"Do we?" Louis asks simply, his shoulders lifting for another shrug. his gaze favors the others in the room then, glancing back to Maeve and then Carmen, even glancing in Sergio's direction once or twice. His hands slide back into his own pockets as he takes a stance. "I believe that everything is already under way; all that should happen now is that we should coordinate our efforts with the others."

Maeve's gaze moves to Giovanni—she doesn't meet his eyes, but her own settle on his mouth, watching it as she speaks to him. "Coordination will be key. He threatens the Kiss, as well as the Therian community. I am sure it is more than the Pard he has threatened members of. Arrange the meeting with Koray, and I will go, gladly."

Sergio continues to listen, but it's when Maeve speaks that the human smiles. It's a pleased smile and something else. But it fades away after a few moments to leave Sergio mostly without expression once again. His dusty green eyes shift to look at his master before shifting down, not quite to the floor.

A threat to the Kiss, a threat to the Therian community at large. Maeve's words have Giovanni frowning ever so faintly. He's still just trying to figure out why nothing has been done about this…situation already?! He offers the leopard a small nod of his head, even if his expression is still just a bit bewildered. "Barring something coming up to cancel it on his end, it is already scheduled. Do you think that you could speak with the Ulfric before then? Find out where the he and his stand in all of this? Or, provide me with his contact information so that I may speak with him directly?" Again he returns his attention to the group. "I, personally, see no reason why a coordinated and forceful effort to deal with this issue could not be made in a fortnight?" He rolls one slender shoulder in a shrug. He really, really doesn't /get it/.

Carmen's lips press together for a few seconds before she speaks. "I agree with our meeting Koray first. While there are few things that I love more than a little adventure, we must remember that we are still strangers here. We must practice this dreaded diplomacy for now." The last part almost sounds like a joke, especially with how she cracks a little smile with it. "What of the Ulfric? Have your dealings with him been better?"

Maeve mms. "I have had no unpleasant instances with the Ulfric. He doesn't seem to shove his nose in the business of others. I have his information," this she offers to Giovanni, "And would gladly speak with him about how he feels about the Rat King, to be sure." She smiles, sidelong, to Louis, if only briefly.

With his piece said, Louis largely quiets, instead taking up listening to the meeting and drawing near the tableside. His eyes lift up toward Maeve, looking to her for explanation. Her own smile is matched by his, even as his eyes half-lid in thought.

"Good then, speak with him and then get in touch with me?" Giovanni requests. "It would certainly be interesting to know if the Lukoi feel the same way about the man. I know at least some of his own kind do." His little button nose scrunches up slightly. He's starting to wonder if this Rat King is dipped in Iron and covered in Steel or something? He turns his attention behind himself, to Sergio and offers a perplexed, almost pouty expression up at his Servant. "I think it's bottled…" he offers up along with more of that nose scrunching.

Sensing the slow in the discussion, Louis lifts his voice up. "Is that all?" he asks simply, before stretching the muscles in his shoulder. "Obivously, we all need to go and make what connections that we can, and be ready for the big moment." He tries to manage his best smile between further glances. "But it is good to hear that no one is suffering alone with this…presence in our city."

"I hope I am not rude for saying," Carmen says after a few seconds of silence. "But I am amazed that something like this could go unchecked for so long. If the Kiss has been friendly with the pack and the pard then…" The words cut off before she shakes her head. "In any case, it will be my pleasure to speak to Koray. There must be a way to stop this."

Maeve smiles, warm. "I certainly hope so, before Eric goes off on a rampage. Perhaps even more so since I'm quite certain I'm on his target list." She gives the gathered a small bow. "It has been a pleasure meeting you. Louis, thanks for bringing me along. I should go give the Ulfic a little ring."

Sabine walks in and the expression on her face is one of surprise. Eye's flash around and she mutters one word. "Beds."

Sergio lifts his gaze just so to look at Giovanni and his smile returns as that gaze shifts to look at the cause of those words. If he responds, it's certainly not out loud.

"It is a pleasure to have met you again, Louis." Carmen calls after him while rising to bow. "And I wish you luck upon your meeting."

Giovanni offers Maeve a courtly bow, but as he rises he's adding a wink to downplay the gesture just a little bit. "Thank you and do let me know if he wishes to speak with any of us? I'm certain we can resolve this before he has a chance to harm anyone, yours our ours? Certainly we are strong enough standing together to deal with him? Until then, safety in numbers, yes? Be safe and should you find yourself…unsafe yell…really loud?" He winks again before turning his attention to Carmen. "Well, that's basically what I've been getting at this entire time now, isn't it?" he points out. He turns his attention, then, to Sergio and offers the Servant a crooked smile complete with the tip of his tongue sticking out from between his fanged teeth. "You should find out, yes?"

The fact that there are beds all about the room Sabine seems to enjoy. Folding her hands over a small black purse in her lap she takes a seat on the corner of one of the beds.
Sabine moves over towards Small Bed.

"You have," Carmen tells Giovanni. "I suppose it is just impossible for me to wrap my mind around." She pauses and shakes her head. "I think perhaps I am talking in circles." As a newcomer enters the room, she glances up quietly toward her before looking back to Maeve.

Louis wasn't necessarily saying that he was going to up and leave the meeting, but rather weighing the possibility that it might actually be wrapped up althogether. Still, Louis lifts his chin back toward the exit, and he casts a vague nod toward the others. "It's been a good chat. And a pleasure seeing all of you once again; I think that the city can be made a better place, as I always say," he offers. Then, he turns to separate from them, off to find other entertainment for his evening.

Lillith comes out of the salon door, smiling, looking as though she's in a good mood. She glances around for a moment, gaze settling on those she knows, then starting towards them. "Good evening everyone."

Maeve laughs, softly. "If I feel unsafe, I will let out a roar that will carry for miles," she assures. "I'll let you know how my phonecall goes." She flashes a smile to the gathered and approaching, then heads for the door herself.

"Si, padrone," Sergio responds to his master, smile lingering this time instead of fading as it had before. His dusty green eyes flicker through those gathered and those just arriving before the tall, dark Italian shifts behind Giovanni and moves toward the dance floor where the person of questionable blondness is dancing. He invites himself into that dance easily and falls in to conversation a moment later before gesturing to a darker corner.

"Bogglin', init?" Giovanni remarks to Carmen and that puzzled expression on his doll like face is nothing short of…priceless, but it quickly shifts to something more sinister, more predatory…something that really shouldn't be present on such a baby face, when he turns his attention toward his Servant and the questionable blond he's leading off to a darker corner. It takes effort to rip his attention back to Carmen once again. "I do believe that it ranks right up there with one of the true mysteries of the world."

"Perhaps, so," Carmen says as she follows his gaze toward his servant. "In any case, I shall begin making some contacts. It has been a pleasure once again." She bows toward Giovanni before beginning her way toward the exit.

…end of meeting.

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