Roleplay Tutorial Part One

You agree to ICA=ICC when you type +agree in Character Gen

This session looks at the actual words that are typed and the means behind them.

Firstly, this is a consent based game. All actions that are made are made with concent and if not then all players have the right to deny what happened. So, to get things rolling, start thinking about how the words effect you. Using poses, we'll work through how they can be reacted upon.

Grace moves into the room, she is crying as she watches her boyfriend kissing up on another girl. She moves over to the pair and slaps the man.

Obviously, the girl is really upset ICly. However, what are the issues with the roleplay in that pose? Powerposing side, there will be in character consequences of her actions which the player must accept. These may include some from the establishment that she or he is standing in - such as being ejected by the bouncers or banned.

So why do people have problems with In Char Consequences?

Well, we all put a lot of effort and time into our characters, and we get attached. We get super hero syndrome, and some may not entirely understand roleplaying. It is not a way to do whatever you want since it is a fantasy realm. It /is/ a game. So there for there are no actual reprocussions for your actions other than IC ones (as long as your actions are IC), and that if something DOES happen as a result of ICC, then you always can create a new concept. Though it might suck, you'll have fun again and continue playing.

There are times when people do not accept the ICC of their ICA and that is difficult for those around them, since they may have to get a staff member involved. Let's face it. ICA=ICC /IS/ a rule of this game.


You are using your IC feelings in a thought to OOCly bash another player in a way that they cannot react (unless they have mind reading)

Power Posing

Forcing yourself in a way that does not let the other character react in a natural way to you post. With or Without premission, this shoudln't be done unless a situation spefically calls for it.

Why is ICC important?

Because otherwise you could do anything and not suffer for it. It brings a sense of reality to RP. Without a grounded consensual 'reality', there is no game.

Written by Grace & Robert

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