Rondo Building
Rondo Building's Information
Type: Residence
Rating: Two Star
Location: 4887 North Avenue: East
Fame: n/a
Atmosphere: n/a
Owner(s): n/a
Manager(s): n/a
Employee(s): n/a


The lobby itself is lush but at the same time sparse; no clutter here and exceptionally clean. There's a white and blue large vase that a tall potted fern thriving in a corner, a low table that looks to be at one time someone's much loved and well taken care of writing desk with a chair before it, a Western style sofa in plush textures of basic black and a matching chair — both of which look as if they've rarely seen company other than in passing. The whole air of the room, however, is of things calming, quiet, peace, patience. This isn't a place to feel harried but to find solace from the outside world. Even the sounds of the street outside are muffled enough to be almost nonexistent.

A large paper screen is placed before the front door with carvings of koi and trees with butterflies in a black lacquered and brass inlay pattern. A single step divides the screened 'lobby' from the room, the former a polished hardwood floor and the latter very dense scarlet carpet. An old armoire sits at an angle to cut off a corner itself from access, also in that simple classic black with very ornate legs of dragons holding up the furniture which is, itself plain. Instead of there being drawers or a set of doors, the armoire bears wooden mailboxes each with a simple lock mechanism with each labeled as to apartment number and residents' name.


The scarlet carpet continues on but so too do the white rice papered walls. The walls have a slight texture to them, but the arch leading into the stairwell has a carved sinuous dragon curling down one side and a phoenix rampant on the other. Where there is woodwork, it's a simple glossy hardwood polished to a rich shine. Each door is plain and made of a similar hardwood with the residents being able to view their visitors through the standard peephole and the locks looking fairly sturdy. Alternating between each door is the small curved form of a dragon, a brass bamboo-leaf design shading the bulb held within its mouth.

Stairs stand at the far end of the hallway, the dark wood visible on either side of the central crimson carpeted runner. A bonsai tree sits in a low ceramic dish atop a narrow end-table aside the stairs that lead down to the ground floor.


The apartments in the Rondo Building tend around 1,000 square feet, generally between one large studio-style room with a small bathroom and kitchenette, or a wide living room with a bedroom and kitchen/dining room in back, or four rooms 12' square each.

The trend of red carpeting continues into the apartments, although blackwood floors can be found underneath and in the kitchen and bathroom. The walls have the same rice-paper motif of the hallways and lobby, black 'frames' running along the floor, ceiling, and where panels meet. The heating by means of hot-water accordion-style radiators (although it is not unheard of for folks to divert the gas-line to the kitchen and set up gas fireplaces).

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