Rowan (AKA Lt. Rowan Wintercoat)'s Vitals
Name: Laudomia Adelaide Rowan Wintercoat (Nee Mac Douglas)
Race: Psychic
Shortdesc: An Irish woman that is either in casual dress or in her police uniform.
Position: Captain of the Detective Division, of the Bureau of Investigative Services
Fame: Part of RPIT before it was moved into homicide investigations. (see short bio for more)
Temperament: Spunky, witty Irish woman.
Themesong: Until… Sting , Call me when your sober - Evanescence
Angelina Jolie as Laudomia Adelaide Rowan Wintercoat (Nee Mac Douglas)


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

“It’s been ten years since Statesville had its first preternatural inmates arrive onto the prison grounds. Since then the prison has built a separate wing for those of the preternatural races. It all started with the brutal and savage death of patrol officer Michael Lansford. Vince Gonzales and Bobby Parks were members of Joliet’s 26 gang and the first vampires to be inmates in Statesville. Gonzales and Parks were at 707 Marion, when a disturbance call came in from a Missy Ferguson. She was babysitting her four younger siblings within the house. As Officer Lansford and his partner Officer Mac Douglas arrived, they split up with a plan already. Lansford distracted the vampires while Mac Douglas went to get the children to safety.

Mac Douglas ran out of the house just before the first floor gave out and fell into the basement. She was on fire and used herself as a weapon to free up her partner. People around never heard her cry in pain until Parks pulled out a hose and started to douse her with water. She let out some horrific screams though tried her best to save her partner. It was at this time that the fire department started to arrive and sadly enough Lansford was lost, Mac Douglas was saved, and the fire was put out. Lansford’s mutilated body was found the next morning. Mac Douglas suffered second and third degree burns on her hands, back of her neck, and back. She remained in the ICU for two months, and then spent another year in a burn recovery center. The two vampires were caught, tried and convicted. Both Mrs. Lansford and Officer Mac Douglas were present for the executions. Many of Joliet’s laws were changed thanks to the newly formed groups called Humans Against Vampires and Humans First. Mrs. Lansford has since moved to California and Officer Mac Douglas has since left the Joliet police department and moved to Chicago.”

Excerpt from Chicago Tribune’s September 2, 2007th article of “Preternatural Rights evolved from …”

Since this event many question if Rowan supports Humans Against Vampires and Humans First. Rowan has only stated she supports the law, and the constitution. She has a background with preternaturals, due to her mother being a Naturally born witch. Rowan’s personal findings are that those that are made into a preternatural state do not understand the responsibility that this power entails. Rowan has kept her own opinion about Pretenders (vampires and were creatures) private.

Rowan is the only surviving member of her birth family. The daughter of the late Assistant Chief of police of Joliet, Il, and a natural witch; Rowan's life has been mostly within the realm of law and preternaturals. Raised around witches and psychics alike, this was due to Rowan being born with her powers active. She holds black belts in Tai Chi and Kung fu. In learning both forms of martial arts, it has helped her controlling her powers and dealing with humanity. Her father was killed on duty, and her mother died shortly after Rowan's recovery from severe burns she received from the above quoted news article. She had signs of that attack as she still has specialized gloves she uses.

Rowan was hired by the Chicago RPIT division shortly after her major rehab was over, and she moved to Chicago. She has been with that department until the department was downsized and merged with the homicide department. Rowan as if now holds a raking of a Lieutenant Detective. She quiet about her psychic powers around normal humans, however around preternaturals she doesn’t mind using her powers around them. She has to use one of her powers to help with her hands, so some people would think she’s flashing her power.

Rowan is fluent in several languages that are not only around Ireland, as well as England, and even knows a few more. She does speak the rather old and almost forgotten language known as Primitive Irish. This evolves into Goidelic, that would be old Irish, and that branches into Insular Celtic then into Gaelic. (Game mechanics as they are do not account for her knowing these languages in game due to they are not coded in the system and are such rarely used langagues most people wouldn't know them.) She can write and read Ogham as well. She can read, write and speak Welsh, and Latin as well.

In 2008, the world changed for Rowan. Gaining and then losing two partners, she still was on contact with Gavin until mid-September in 2009. Brandon she has lost contact with. She survived a kidnapping from a Sorcerer trying to steal her mother’s family’s secrets. In surviving and being saved from the kidnapper, she had to recover from a hip surgery and several broken bones. It was then she met a Fae named Rex Wintercoat, and forged a deep friendship from then on.

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