Roxxy's Vitals
Name: Natasha Kerensky
Race: Human
Shortdesc: A tall, red headed woman with blue eyes, in her late 20's, and usually dressed in work coveralls
Position: Freelance, Independant, Repair person
Fame: Top rated mechanic and repair specialists. One of only four people on the earth qualified to maintain the Surako-Sendi Calufraxator
Temperament: Usually easy going, fun loving, keeping serious in reserves when needed.
Themesong: Heart of Darkness, Iron Maiden
There are no actresses to fill the role as Natasha Kerensky


This is a work in progress (spelling not checked yet)
Sometime in the late summer or early fall of 2004, Natasha Kerensky made her way into Chicago. Taking work as a gerneral maintanace and repair person, she blended into the rank and file of the hundreds of cover-all clad workers that worm the city, keeping the metropolis repaired and usually ignored by the populace.
With her hair pulled back, tied in a ragged tail, and half burried under a work cap, and her body covered in loose fitting, gender nutral work suit, "Nate's" sole marking identiy was her use of a coarse, bastardly accent that sounded to mix serveral versions of the spoken English language at once.
Having no fixed place of residence, Nate lived out of her reonvated cargo van; an old junker salvaged from the wrecking yard that still bore the faded advertisement of Pinker's TV repair service on each side. Her van worked as a mobile tool shead and repair center as well as her home while she traveled from job to job.
Her reputation as a fast, highly skilled repair person earned her the a work contract with Fitz's repair service; a clearing house for independant contractors.

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