The Mirror Has Four Faces

<NIGHT> La Pomme Rouge: Paradis/Enfer Salons - Cermak Road: Crimson District

The VIP room: Two salons come together to form one lavish area. Paradis (paradise), in the front, boasts elegant couches, fireplaces and a Victorian sideboard on the back bar; Enfer (hell), in the back, is a "den of inequity" with fabric-covered walls, dozens of pillows and the design decadence of an opium den. The only divider is a fireplace that serves both sides of the room.

Red is the base color for the two salons. Paradis blends the red with gold and white, and Enfer sets the red brutally against black and Tyrian purple. The floors of both salons are lined with various thick, soft, rich rugs, and patrons are often seen sprawling on the floor amongst the many pillows of Enfer. Food is served throughout the salons, but Enfer offers a small cigar bar. A wine bar is featured in Paradis, and there is a small dais with a white baby grand piano for private entertainment. Most of the time, the salons play whatever music is currently spinning in the cabaret lounge but not always. A few small enclaves are curtained off for a private rendezvous, and all feature a rich autumnal palette.

If one does not have passage, he or she has to either impress the guards at the door with impeccable style or have an invitation from someone who does have passage into Enfer and Paradis. And while the guards are a nice touch, one could easily be more afraid of the beautiful patrons (and perhaps should be).

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When people start arriving there is -no one- here. Or rather no one here yet
that is not already known. The Salons are empty now. The silence is all but
frightening, until someone breaks it. But.. Who will be the first break the
eerie silence?

Into the silence walk Koray and Mikoto, letting the door to the offices and
apartments fall shut behind him. The click of the lock as the door closes is
the only sound until he speaks to his marked. "Well, I should have perhaps
limited who could be invited, but it's too late now. I hope this mysterious
person doesn't mind a crowd…"

In walks Iain, with a rather devious smile upon his face. Behind him walks in
two women and another man. One woman is somewhat feral looking while the
other is elegance and class turned to human form. The man walks with a cane,
and is dressed very fashionable.

Iain is clearly in charge of this parade.

Mikoto rubs her hand lightly over Koray's arm where she has it linked, looking
around curiously, then sighing when she sees no one is really here yet. Her
free hand absently plucks at the side seam of her dress, the only nervous
gesture she allows herself as she tips her head to catch Koray's words.
"Well, vampires love to throw parties." She smiles softly up at him before
tipping her head to lightly rub her cheek against his shoulder. Lisp aprt to
say more, but pause as the door opens and Iain walks in. She straights, her
hand tightening lightly on Koray's arm and a slight shift closer ot him as
her eyes run over the three new people. There's a slight hesitation, ebfore
she nods her head slightly with a small smile of greeting. "Iain."

Einar walks in behind Iain, leaning upon his cane as if he needs it though he
looks no older than his thirties. This vampire flashes a devilish smile
toward Koray. "Koray, you have such a wonderful city." He says his accent
heavily Icelandic. He looks toward Einar and then away. There is for a brief
moment obvious fear of the man leading in the current parade.

Elise glides in gracefully with the entourage. Her gaze flickers over the room,
taking it all in slowly. There is a sensuality to her moves, but not overtly.
It's almost like an afterthought, once one watches her go by.

Geneva walks like a predator, fluid grace doing little to mask the strength and
agility of the woman. A sharp cold gaze slices across the others but doesn't
rest anywhere for very long, before it cuts back to the back of Iain's head,
whom she tails behind. Her dark features are devoid of all emotion but the
eyes tell a different story.

Emerald moves into the salons from the lounge, her green eyes taking in the
expansive private club. Her expression is severe and emotionless, lips
pressed tightly together. There is no movement under her white skirts as she
moves and the tall vampire looks out of place in the club with her turn of
the century attire. Her white dress is bound tightly about her neck small
frills at her neck and wrists. A Figure moves into the club with her, this
Figure is robed and masked and moves at her right side. Emerald moves to the
side to stand, watching as people file in; hands clasped in front of her thin
frame. When Iain enters her eyes stay upon him for a moment before she turns
to the Figure that came in with her to make sure that the Figure has settled
in beside her.

Robed Figure moves slowly with a rustle of silk. The Figure does not make eye
contact with anyone in the room. She simply moves after Emerald, moving to
stand beside her.

Rodrigo walks into the salon, speaking quietly with the woman in a dress next
to him. "I talked to him. It's been scanned," he says. The older man looks
relaxed and calm, his eyes flickering around the room before they settle on
Koray. He aims himself across the room to settle within conversational
distance of Koray, murmuring a polite hello to him with a bow of his head -
one also to Mikoto - and then he's moving to settlew in. There's a two-count
before his left hand lifts to touch right where the woman next to him will
settle - at her hip a moment. Almost as if it's choreographed or her knew
where to expect her.

Elle offers a small nod to Rodrigo as she keeps her hand on his arm. She also
offers the polite hello to Koray and Mikoto and then follows to settle in and
see what brought them all here.

Savina pushes a curtain aside and steps out from one of the salon's private
enclaves before she begins to slide her hands into stylish, creamy white
leather gloves that almost exactly match her haute couture suit. The curtain
of her dark lashes threatens to lower over her chocolate colored eyes for a
moment before she looks around the room, the sated look being chased away by
something sharper. "Samuel," she beckons to her companion before looking to
the rest of the room and those she knows.

Samuel's eyes are almost calm, but a closer look betrays the nervousness in
them. He moves closer to Savina at her call. His power is held tight to
himself. "A lot more people here that I had expected." He looks toward Koray
and Mikoto, and the others near them. "Should we go pay our respects?"

Mia walks in looking fabulous with an arm looped with two very well dressed
men. One arm looped with Eric and the other with Jacob making the short
Blonde Russian look even more diminutive. A slow glance about the room as the
girl walks just behind Delilah. A pleasant smile is carried upon her
features. Turning once she places a kiss at Jacob's cheek then Eric's. The
length her lips linger doesn't really show a preference. Its the squeeze of
Jacob's hand that is the tell. The fact her gaze is not looking anywhere at
Ian could possibly the catalyst for the two kisses. By the look of things
arriving with Eric, Jacob, Delilah and Chloe the girl has an entourage with
her. Russian girl is so becoming Americanized. Looking Derrick and Rachel's
way she sends them a nod of recognition. The faces she recognizes also gets a
nod. Once she feels she has gathered attention with the display she's has in
attendance with her Mia offers another smile as she looks about. "I didn't
know if I could bring people with me. I was attacked by another from our Kiss
and having security makes me feel safe." At the word security she gives
Eric's arm a tug. When she talks or announces its to the train of new
arrivals that came with Iain. "I would like to welcome each of you to Chicago
personally. I have come accompanied with my Pomme de Sang Jacob Carrington.
Who is also my lover." A nod to Delilah, "I also bring with me my Childe
Deliliah LeMorte.." Gives things a few breaths to pan over she then looks to
Koray adding a nod.

One arm around Mia's waist, Eric walks with a hand on her hip and the other
tucked into a pants pocket. His expression is a grin that remains as it
searches the inward-filtering crowd. Everyone who approaches close to Mia
immediately has Eric's gaze locked onto them, although those on Jacob's side
are watched only long enough to be sure that the other has them in his sights
before he goes back to watching his side of the tiny Russian. Emerald is the
first face to be lingered on for more than a moment, a nod given before he
begins his search again. He leans in close to Mia's ear, murmuring something
to her as quietly as he can manage, but with the quiet in the room and the
sharpened ears of most (or all) of the inhabitants, it's more politeness than
privacy. "I don't see him. I didn't think he'd -skip- it." At the kiss on his
cheek, he gives a squeeze to Mia's waist.

There is an almost feral glint in the eyes of the huge muscled man on Mia's
other side, the small blonde's in his, giving it a small squeeze. With a body
that is almost absurdly unnatural in its overly generous spread of muscles,
that Jacob even found a suit to fit is miracle enough for one evening.
Although quiet, his eyes scan over the entire room, looking at each person
and making a split-second assessment that is filed away in the back of his
mind. Exits are noted, as well at the position of lights and furniture. It is
the look of a professional, one how has spent years with the same visual
routine upon entering a new room. It works like a monastic mantra, keeping
him focused on where he is and not the things meeting here, so that his smile
rests easily on his face on display for everyone else while tension runs
through his large frame. If Silence is Golden, then may as well call him
Midas for the evening.

Lillith comes out of the door leading to the apartments as well, a faint smile
upon her lips, the only expression showing on her face. She pauses just a few
feet outside the door, glancing around for a long moment at those already
gathered. She doesn't look at any one person for longer than a moment, until
Mia makes her introductions, and she glances at the woman's companions, a
brow arching slightly. But then she simply heads in Koray's direction,
inclining her head to him, keeping silent for the moment.

Malcolm strolls in, perhaps not fashionably late, but definitely not one of the
early birds either. Though the woman on his arm is dressed beautifully, he
seems to be giving this event little more attention that he would usually. At
least instead of wearing a t-shirt or tank top he's wearing a button down
black silk shirt, the sleeves rolled to his elbows, and instead of jeans he's
wearing black leather pants. The Doc Martens remain the same as always. His
gaze flickers through the room, resting briefly on each individual there, but
greeting no one in particular. He is, after all, the new kid on the block,
and now is as good a time as any to take stock of his local kith and kin. But
unlike many who have come before him, he looks relaxed and easy, almost
disinterested in the event that is to come. Once all the patrons have been
perused, he takes in his surroundings with a shrewd regard.

Merci walks in on Malcolm's arm. A small clutch purse in her left hand. In the
other hand, her French manicured fingertips hold the length of her long silk
dress off the floor in the front. It's just enough to lift the hem, showing
small pointed, matching heels on her feet as she walks. Her chin is tilted
down gently, face turned towards the man at her side until hazel, dancing
eyes are almost hidden. Merci wears a smile that is nearly Cheshire, peeking
at people now and again only to whisper into Mal's ear in ultra low tones.
Her energy however, is not disguised or masked, but neatly restrained, a warm
essence against the majority of cool figures in the room.

Shea enters slowly, with Liz hooked on his right arm. Normally, he shows her
off when she's with him, but tonight seems quite interested indeed in the
gathering. This is not to say he doesn't keep her very close. Their
attachment is painfully obvious. After a second or two of observation, Shea's
free hand grips the front brim of his hat lightly and he nods his head deeply
to Koray, catching sight of him, and manages a tip of said hat at the same
time. Apparently, he doesn't believe that he will be able to approach close
enough to greet him, and instead lightly steers Liz carefully to a spot where
they both can listen and speak if must be. He then spends his time observing
people he does not yet know, in a polite sort of way, a glance here, a glance
there. Finally turning his head to Liz he mutters quietly, "At least it seems
we'll find out about this note." His eyebrows work unconsciously up and down
as he takes everything in silently after that comment.

"Mmmhmm." is Liz's murmured reply to Shea as he guides her into the building
and leads her towards the quiet area. She sticks close, arm lightly linked
with his. Looking around, she only spies one face she really knows, and a few
she's glimpsed here and there. These few are given a nod as she settles in to
stand at Shea's side.

A tightly balled bundle of nerves enters with the sandwich-trio of Mia, Eric
and Jacob; Chloe skulks in, in a borrowed, slightly ill-fitting dress with a
bundle of bestial energy poised down in the pit of a nerve-wrecked belly. She
doesn't quite look like she knows what to do with her hands -- other than
juggle a too-small party purse -- or with her eyes, or with any other part of
her; so she just keeps her trap shut and watches for some cue. One must
assume that cue will come from Jacob, since she keeps boring a hole through
his skull with big old, mascara-framed eyes.


Delilah has coiled around her neck like a living shawl, a very big black
Persian pussy. Its golden eyes open and watch the room before closing once
more. It purrs nearly constantly, claws kneading at Delilah's arm. She
doesn't say anything, just keeps her blue eyes focused on the ground in front
of her.

Derrick slips out of the back area, not to terribly long after Lillith after all
but long enough. He holds the door open for Rachel and looks out with those
sharp fiery blue eyes at the room and the sheer number of people he doesn't
know. Stepping off to the side he leans against the wall near the door and
leaving room for Rachel to, not wanting to just walk off into the middle of
it all. He notably looks cleaned up, not his usual punk/goth clothing.

Rachel follows Derrick out then to the side. Her clothing has been upgraded to
a dress, a snappy little chic sheath of black that ends just above her knees
giving her the illusion of height and the black strappy heels on her feet
gives her a couple of real inches. She touches Derricks arm as she looks
around the room with eyes bright from excitement.

Koray watches people file in, nodding and greeting those who greet him. At
Mia's entrance he darkens and his power swirls. When she nods at him, he
shakes his head and crooks a finger to beckon her, adding a wash of power at
the same time just to make sure the message is clear. To those near him he
says, "It seems someone has taken leave of her senses."

Iain's gaze alights first upon Mikoto, staring at her as if he's looking
straight through her. And then he turns toward Koray and grins at him. The
walks to the center of the room, gesturing for his entourage to follow him.
He then announces to the room.

"Now, now." Iain says to Koray in a commanding tone. Holding up a hand to the
other vampire, to have him stop. And then one to motion Mia to stay. He
smiles and he says, "Allow me, good vampires of Chicago, to introduce myself."

There is a beat where his gaze moves over the room, over each occupant in turn.
Then finally he says, "I am The Traveler. I am certain you are all very
honored, indeed, to meet me."

He then turns to gesture toward Elise, "This beautiful woman, is Elise. She is
Belle Morte's Representative to the city."

Then he turns onto Geneva, "And this one, is our wild and willful Geneva. She
is Padma's."

Lastly he gestures toward Einar and says, "That one. Is Einar. He is The Queen
of Nightmare's representative."

Iain- The Traveler -then flashes a bright fanged grin onto the crowd, "I am
sure you will treat them all with the amount of respect due to their station.

His voice raises an he says, "And I am certain that those of you who have
brought guests. They will not speak of this outside these doors, yes?" There
is a threatening tone to his voice. As if there would be *dire* consequences
for anyone that spoke of this meeting.

Mikoto looks around as people arrive, starting to relax as they're not alone
anymore, before tensing as the people just keep coming. She draws in a
breath, then catching sight of Samuel, smiles warmly. Hearing Mia, eyebrows
lift in surprise, shooting her eyes to Mia before slowly turning them up to
Koray. Lips purse before she blinks again and looks back to Iain. She's
caught by those eyes, her own widening as she draws in a slow breath, hand
sliding down Koray's arm to take his hand. At his words, she's thankful she's
still staring at him so that she doesn't have to do a double take. She
swallows hard, her nervousness definitely going up a few notches before
sliding her hand free of Koray's to sink into a deep curtsy, grateful that
her Marking gives her the grace to be able to do this and not fall over, eyes
dropping to the floor, skirt spreading around her feet.

Einar gives his cane a little shake in the direction of no one in particular.
He says, "Yes. I am Einar Sjonson. My Lady the Queen of Nightmares, wishes
that I express her displeasure that she could not be here in person." A pause
and his eyes start to glow with green fire and he grins rather evilly, "She
wishes that I inform you that she would indeed love to be here."

Elise smiles, sweetly. Almost too sweetly, as a matter of fact. There is a
definitely amused glint in her eyes as she arches one brow delicately at the
announcement. She nods, dipping her head in acknowledgment of being
introduced, "I represent La Belle Morte. She had other, um, shall we say
pressing matters to tend to, but would be here herself, if she could. I am
called Elise."

Emerald remains standing not greeting anyone yet, as she actually does not know
anyone here really. Her eyes run along the crowd, Eric, Shea…that one must
be Mia. A slim fingered hand reaches out to touch at the robed figure's
shoulder delicately, comforting almost, yet her face is still a severe mask
to those that look upon her. As the Traveler moves further into the room and
speaks Emerald moves forward just a hair and gives a bow of her head and then
to his entourage. Mia and Eric get a smaller nod of recognition when Eric
greets her. All the power in the room; smaller, larger. Anyone coming with in
a close distance or sensing Emerald would feel that her power is warm, unlike
most of her kind. Emerald seems to already know who stands in front of her,
and is obviously the reason she did not greet anyone else. Her expression
never changes and she's already had time to get over the nervousness that
others seem to display

The blue eyes of the Robed Figure show absolutely no nervousness or fear. The
Figure simply looks onto The Traveler, and then onto the the representatives
in turn. There is no flinching fear nor nerves in this figure. It simply
stands next to Emerald in silence.

Rodrigo looks amused as people begin to slide in, glancing at everyone. He
doesn't talk with Elle much, although he glances at her from time to time. As
Koray speaks Rodrigo smiles for a moment. "Indeed," he murmurs. "I haven't
seen a retinue like that in years and years. Like she's arriving for her own
party." He pauses as Iain speaks and his eyes widen slightly. He glances at
Koray. A very soft murmur, "We have humans and shifters and who knows what
else in the room. We should clear it of all but our family, sir. There's no
need to have them here for … this."

The Traveler turns onto Rodrigo and raises his eyes toward him. The Traveler
wonders of Rodrigo, "Were you asking *my* permission or Koray's to clear out
the room, Rodrigo?" Oh yes, the Traveler knows his name. Those blue eyes are
filled with an alien expression that just does not look right in Iain's eyes,
and they are boring into Rodrigo's own.

Rodrigo turns from Koray, his eyes flickering slightly. "I was asking
permission of him and assumed you would hear it as well. As you hear and know
all, of course. If you had issue with my request, I assumed you would voice
it," he says politely, dipping his head. "I cannot imagine you'd like them
here, sir. Why would you, you know the value of things best left private."

Koray has bowed deeply to the council member and representatives. Then he waits
impassively as The Traveler and Rodrigo exchange words and clarify things.
"First, my apologies for not having prepared properly. I was anticipating you
tomorrow night. Also, I think the rest of this would be best completed with
only the members of my court here. Unless, of course, you wish others here,
or fewer."

The words Mia said before where to the few people with Iain but now her
attention is back to Koray. The beckon and wave of power from the Master a
good attention getter. "Our kiss is weak, it has been faltering. You have
been away and that has started talks from another about not waiting for your
decision. For not wishing to speak with you about their concerns. I have been
told the same by someone that I can not doubt is telling me the truth."
Whomever that might be doesn't get mentioned or even a nod as of yet. "Tobias
has talked of taking the position you sit at Koray. I know under him my
freedoms as a Vampire. And the rights this country gives all of us will be
hindered. He will Abuse the kiss." Looking around she laughs, "Where is he
now? He also attacked Eric and myself at a peaceful meeting. I have always
backed you Koray, I have been your retainer since Satine gifted me to you.
Tell your Kiss what to do so we can be sure that a weakling like Tobias"
Slipping an arm from Eric she holds a hand up, "Forgive me this is not the
time for us to talk of such things. We where brought here for other reasons.
We all received a message. Unless the state of The Kiss is what that is I say
we talk of our issues after we get what our guests may have sent us for." Her
normal club-like humanish giddy ways have no stepped foot into the place
this eve, Mia is very serious right now. She doesn't seem to try to play or
joke at anything as she is usually apt to do. With that she has yet to allow
her shields down which keeps her power at bay. Slipping her arm free from
Jacob she offers a prayer like motion to the new people. "Forgive me for the
outburst, just I have not been able to get a chance to meet with our Master
to discuss our problems. I was hired by him to make sure our City stays
strong and I am fully prepared to continue to do so." Her gaze sweeps out to
everyone gathered, "Is not the health of our city important? If Tobias tries
for your spot Koray I will do all I can to make sure that does not happen.
Living under your rule has led me liberties that I am not ready to forgo
anytime soon." Catching Koray's and Rodrigo's words about clearing the room
Mia shakes her head. "No this is for us all to hear, this matters each and
every one of us. If the Kiss fails then each and every one of our animals
will be effected. Asking them to leave the room is like telling them they are
not good enough to care for the city they live in." Not like The Traveler
needed her backup but Mia speaks her words. "I am Illyanna Kuscheva. I am
also known as Mia Love to many of you. I care for my Kiss. Koray tell us how
we can help bring strength back to the kiss." Slowly getting closer to Koray
she continues to look at all who is gathered. If she had a book to throw or a
desk to slam she probably would have, but for now the Blonde girl crosses her
arms and awaits a thwarting or possible support. Softly the Russians accent
asks almost pleadingly, "Tell us what to do?"

Malcolm's gaze flickers toward Koray, one brow arching in interest before Iain
takes center stage like a circus ringmaster. His gold-green eyes linger the
longest upon Elise, though he does study each introduced ambassador in turn.
At the mention of guests, his gaze sidles to Merci and softly he murmurs to
her, "S&N, baby. Just smile and nod." These are some big guns and there's no
telling who might decide to just go off in here tonight. His body is still
relaxed and limber, but his gaze is now sharp and thoughtful. Though it is
not in his nature to do so, Malcolm bows to the vampires holding center
court. Mia

Iain is patient throughout all of the words that are spoken by each of the
vampires that step up to speak. His gaze turns first onto Rodrigo and says,
"Of course I know everything, boy, do not patronize me. For your false
respect your Master will have the back from your skin peeled off with a very
dull razor. And your master will not deny me because I am The Traveler."

He then turns toward Koray and says, "You should have prepared your city the
moment you go the letter, Koray. This is a testament to how you have failed
here." A gesture is given to Mia and he says, "That one is a testament to how
you have failed here."

He then turns and says, "All who are not servants of the vampires of the city
will leave. And they will leave now."

On Samuel's arm, Savina makes her way to Koray, Mikoto, and those who stand
around the master of the city. She smiles warmly, her vision adhering to
Koray. The obvious change in Iain stops Savina just as she turns her head
artfully to expose a line of neck to Koray. Her warm smile remains plastered
on her face as she turns her attention to the voice that… well, it is The
Traveler. Savina is contained and silent as only the very dead can be. Her
gloved hand remains on Samuel's arm. As Iain - The Traveler goes on then Mia,
Savina finally speaks, "Has the law of the council changed? Koray is our
master, and this is his city until he is challenged and usurped." Or until
something else happens, but what that is she doesn't mention.

Samuel greets and bows as appropriate once he and Savina draw near to the
others. He smooths his face as much as he can, which is close to what Savina
can do, but not quite there. Savina's ward to the council people bring
surprise to them though, and they flick from her to The Traveler with

Mia turns to Erick and Chloe, "I am sorry my friends but you have to wait
outside. I am truly sorry." Anything else she has to say is lost in a hug
she gives Eric and Chloe. As she steps back tp Jacob she rests a hand on

As the order for those not Marked to filter out comes, Eric remains, even as
others, perhaps, begin to head quickly for the door. After the hug from Mia,
however, he stands straight and solid for a few moments past when he should
have begun to leave. And, rather than turn to go, he steps forward, one
half-step toward Iain. "Sir. I don't think there's any need for me to tell
you who I am. But I do have a concern. One who was under my protection, a
guest within my territory, is missing. Ptesan-Wi. I am concerned for her
well-being, and know no other who could satisfy that than you. I would have
waited for a more opportune time, and perhaps not addressed you directly. But
I am worried this may be my only chance. I do not take offers of guest-rights

Einar steps away from The Middle of the room and moves toward Eric speaking to
him instead of the Traveler. He says, "Oh, oh. You're that rat fellow, yes."
He points at the door and says, "Here. Come speak with me. I will tell you
are a tale. And perhaps it will be truth. And perhaps it will concern The
White Buffalo Woman." The he then walks out the doors.

Lillith stops several feet from Koray, though she turns quickly enough towards
Iain, her head tilting at his introduction, and those of his companions. She
inclines her head deeply to him, though it's not /quite/ a curtsy. She nods
then to Koray, then Rodrigo, but she still doesn't speak herself. Instead she
settles in to watch and listen now.

Malcolm's gaze flickers toward Koray, one brow arching in interest before Iain
takes center stage like a circus ringmaster. His gold-green eyes linger the
longest upon Elise, though he does study each introduced ambassador in turn.
At the mention of guests, his gaze sidles to Merci and softly he murmurs to
her, "S&N, babe. Just smile and nod." These are some big guns and there's no
telling who might decide to just go off in here tonight. His body is still
relaxed and limber, but his gaze is now sharp and thoughtful. Though it is
not in his nature to do so, Malcolm bows to the vampires holding center
court. Mia's outburst, however, causes not just one but both brows to rise
up. Oh. My. He's somewhat surprised that she does not suffer for her outburst
as Rodrigo did, and then it just seems like everybody's got something to say.
He's just waiting for someone to put on their Queen of Hearts outfit and
start shouting 'Off with their heads!'. But it's that final command that has
him feathering out a breath and turning to the shifter at his side. "That
means you. Sorry, Merci. Catch you later?" He gives her a crooked yet
confident smile and a wink.

Merci is listening, intently. While careful not to look anyone in the eyes
save Malcolm, she's not rude. Through practice, she has learned to look just
below their eyes, leaving the impression of eye contact. Her tongue passes
over her lips, the blushing petals pressing together at Iain's words. Her
other hand wraps tightly, small clutch purse and all, around Malcolm's arm
and she presses her body close as if chilled. Her face looses some of that
coy posture, something else settling there. Idly her thumb strokes Malcolm's
covered arm where she lightly holds him. Observing, Malcolm can feel her
squeeze his arm gently. Upon the final word from the vampires, she begins to
uncoil from Mal. "I'll wait for you outside if I can." To Mal. She turns,
stepping from Malcolm.

Shea places a gentle hand on Liz's back. "Liz, go wait for me at the office,
please." He doesn't use his normal quiet, polite tone, this seems to be
almost a command. The 'please' has a bit of a begging sound, however. He
tries not to look at the others in the room, but is more concerned with
getting someone out safely at the moment.

Liz studies Shea's face for a moment and then nods, lips thinning into a line
and worry evident on her face. She pauses long enough to steal a gentle kiss
before leaving him behind and heading for the outside, her steps quick,
though not necessarily rushed looking. A last glance back and she slips
through the door.

Delilah doesn't know what is going on. So she simply turns her gaze onto the
floor. A small nod is given to Mia when she places a hand on her shoulder.
Her cat continues to purr. PUUURRRRRRRR.

Derrick blinks at the names and more being thrown around and watches everyone
elses reactions to it as he sticks there by the door further inside with
Rachel. It does take a minute or three and well some of the people leaving
for him to blink and move from his spot "Can head to our place or out Rache..
but can't stay here unless I'm wrong." he will hold the door for her or walk
her to the other door not wanting to leave her side.

Rachel clings to Der's arm and seems totally confused, bothered by the
conversation and mostly Mia's action. She looks up at Him as she gives his
arm a squeeze, "sur, sure babe, outside, whatever you say." then with her
eyes lowered toward the floor she walks by his side, while she tries to hold
her mounting fear back. At the door she looks up at him again, smiles then
slips through the door going out.

As Rachel and Derrick leave, the door never manages to make its way closed.
Stepping into the Salons comes Tobias, a cane in hand, which he leans on, to
look over his shoulder at the departing individuals. He frowns a little, and
then looks up at the doorman. He smiles as he is asked about weapons and holy
items, and allows himself to be searched, before handing over his cane, and
saying "just in case" with a small smile. His eyes gaze across the room, and
he takes a couple steps further into it, before stopping and waiting.

Koray looks at Savina for a moment as she speak, then to The Traveler. As the
recently de-invited file out, his power builds, but then the building stops
as Tobias enters. "Ahh, Tobias. Late, but with the timing you've just managed
I can't be overly angry." He looks to Mia. "Mia who has an overly loud mouth
this evening," and with that he causally whips his power at her, drawing a
deep gash along her abdomen, "has claimed you wish my position. And yet I
know you to be loyal. How do you respond to this?" He looks to Jacob for a
moment, "She has marked you I assume, since you have not left. You may regret
that before this evening is over."

Emerald speaks finally and it is directed at Savina, "What do you think this
is?" when she talks about being usurped The question is rhetorical, and
Emerald's voice is laced with a heavy German accent but that is not all,
Italian slips in there too, smoothing out the rough edges of the harsh
German. Emerald comes forward with that odd unmoving skirt, ignoring most of
the others. "Traveler, Padma, Belle, I have come at your request." Calling
them by who they represent, knowing that when she speaks to them, she is
speaking to their fountain heads and also making it known that she did not
just 'show up'. Green eyes turn to her companion, "Dio fiamma, stay for you
are mine in this riunione del potere" If anyone knows Italian you'd know
she's talking about God's Flame and Meeting of Power. Then she brings her
attention back to the company in the middle of the room, only a slight look
given to Koray and the others around the room. "I am Saphira Siaperas,
Emerald, and I represent the Church in Xanthus' stead." Letting all know whom
she is now.

Iain heaves an annoyed sigh and turns to Savina and says, "You are right about
one thing."

He then turns to Koray and says, "Koray. I challenge you for you city." There
is a pause. The man in Iain's body then says, "You have a choice however. You
can give it over willingly, and you can accept the proposition that the
Council has for you."

There is a pause as he looks around, letting his words settle in. He then turns
back to Koray, "You can hand over your city to me willing. And you can become
one of the few given the honor in the United States to be a Liaison, a
Representative to the cities of Chicago from the Council. As a whole. Do you
understand the position we are offering you, Koray?"

Mikoto has straightened from her deep curtsy to once again stand by Koray's
side, hands linked together in front of her. She nods as the de-invited
leave, watching them before flicking her gaze up to Savina, listening
quietly. At some internal decision, she inclines her head slightly towards
Koray before looking back to Mia. Her gaze is hard, whipping up to Tobias as
he steps in and narrowing slightly before going back to Mia. Those same eyes
slide to Emerald and an eyebrow starts to arch before
Traveler's…Iain's…words stop her dead. Her head whips to him and lips
part at the offer. "But the Council stays…" They don't live in the US. Even
Miko knows that. Even now, they're here through reps. She trails off though,
as the full implications of the offer sinks in, wide eyes slowly turning to
lift to Koray.

Robed Figure's blue gaze turns toward The Traveler once more. And then toward
Koray and then onto Mia. Then finally she turns her gaze back to The
Traveler. She does not move.

Elle remains stock still by Rodrigo's side. She says nothing and merely watches
what is starting to happen here. Only once does her dark gaze move to the
other vampires and servants, before returning to the Council. Mainly Traveler.

Savina raises a brow, catches sight of Tobias and shows more interest in him
than Emerald. As The Traveler speaks, she tightens her hand on Samuel's arm
for just a moment then shows a more relaxed expression while at her servant's

Samuel tries to watch too many master vampires at once, though as it seems
Savina and The Traveler are done, he does relax some. That is until
challenges and invitations to challenges start flying. He takes a fraction of
a step back, nudging Savina that way as well. His hold on his power loosens,
so he has it at hand should he need it.

Mia keeps held at Jacob's side, her hand still on Delilah's shoulder. Her mouth
is now kept closed she watches the others leave. Derrick and Rachel get a nod
and a finger wave, a least Rachel gets the wave and a silent mouthed 'Sorry'.
As the new injury rips her abdomen open she grits teeth and holds onto her
animal's arm a little harder. A lick of her lips and the Russian girl starts
to smile. Patting at her belly the smell of her blood wafts to the senses of
the man she clings to. Looking to The Traveler then to Koray as she waits to
hear what might come of this situation.

Jacob looks up at Koray, eyes hard and just as he is about to say something, he
looks over at Mia and then back to Koray. The big man nods in acknowledgment
to the Master's words, his lips quirked into a pleasant smile. He doesn't
answer the other's words, but lifts his head to look over at Mikoto instead,
levelling a glare at her just as equal as the one she was giving to Mia.

Lillith glances to Tobias when he enters, nodding to him before turning her
attention back to the others. However, when Iain speaks again, he gets her
full attention. She glances to Koray to see his reaction, then splits her
attention between the two, shifting slightly to do so more easily.

Folding his arms over his chest, Malcolm settles back to watch the show as the
plot thickens. His gaze rests lightly upon Emerald, one brow lifting at her
pronouncement, pondering the importance of it and her invitation, if any? So
new to the city, the idea of losing one Master for another means little to
him in the end. But he watches curiously to see what Koray will make of this
unusual 'deal'.

Shea notices after a second or two that his mouth has been open in a little 'o'
for a bit. Closing it…firmly, he simply takes a seat on the nearest plushy
sofa, crosses a leg over the other, and watches, arms folded. He knows enough
to tell when it is not his place to speak.

Delilah stares up at The Traveler for a moment and then looks to the floor once
more. Her hand shakes as she reaches up to touch the black cat hanging around
her shoulders. She reeks of fear.

Koray blinks and the rest of the room is ignored; clearly he did not
anticipation a challenge from a council member. "I am not your match,
Traveler. And your offer is unexpected… unexpectedly clement. I can but

The Traveler smiles with Iain's lips toward Koray and gives a small bow. He
says, "One of us. Elise, Geneva, or Einar, or myself. Will get with you later
on and tell you what your full duties will be."

The Traveler then turns to the others. He says, "But, Koray's Human Servant is
correct. The Council does live in Paris. For now I am your Master. All of
yours. Until there is one who proves worthy enough to hold this city."

His gaze drifts around the room and he says, "I was going to pick tonight. But
all save that one-" He points at Emerald "-have acted like spoiled children.
Rather than the inhuman creatures that you are. And well I just wouldn't give
a city to a Bright Lighter."

"Then there is the matter of Ptesan-Wi." There is a pause and he says, "I
expect for you to tell me that why she was not taken care of. Why the Council
had to take care of her for you?"

Derrick turns and looks sidelong at Tobias then turns at all of the speaking
and Koray wounding Mia, which causes the guy to flinch. He shifts along the
wall a little bit from the door out, but not all that far. Really all he is
shooting for now is a good view and not being to close to Tobias. Oh and he
looks worried and unhappy, but silent.. he isn't an idiot. At the final
interchange between Koray and then Iain, well he blinks and crosses his arms.
Heck he doesn't even know what they are talking about.

Tobias opens his mouth as if to answer Koray's question, and then the Traveller
speaks. He watches, and listens, taking the time that the others are speaking
to travel around the room, and formally greet the Council, Savina and
Rodrigo, and then finally Koray. A quick glance is given to Mia, and then the
Traveller speaks again. "Master" he says, stepping forward, and bowing his
head. "I accept blame for the handling of Ptesan-Wi. It was I that was first
told about her by the Wererats, and I who failed in removing that problem so
that we could deal with it directly." He looks over at Mia, and then says "I
was unaware that some of ours had turned against us, and did not discover
this until after this problem had been resolved." He takes in a long, slow
breath, and then says "however, I would happily challenge this traitor in
response to her false accusations against me." He then turns back to Iain,
and bows his head. "However, I will do nothing until I know what you would do
with me."

Koray bows his head to The Traveler, "Of course, Master. I will await their
pleasure." He grimaces at the mention Ptesan-Wi, but holds his tongue as
Tobias approaches. "It is loyal of Tobias to try to shoulder the blame
entirely, but he cannot be blamed without me sharing some as well. I let the
impass with the rat king go on too long, when it was clear action should have
been taking sooner rather than later." He straightens.

Savina sinks into the nearest sofa, waiting to oblige her new master as asked
or ordered. Her expression is blank but brimming with potential. Ask or tell,
and thou shalt receive.

Mikoto's hand slides up to one more settle around Koray's elbow, a gentle
contact but able to communicate so much. Lips quirk faintly at the mention of
spoiled children, a soft amused light at the comparison before she sobers
again. Eyes go to Tobias, her hand shifting slightly on Koray's arm as he
speaks as well. But as the conversation is getting down to actual vampire
actions, she remains quiet unless needed, though her support of Koray never

The Traveler looks between Tobias and Mia. He looks slightly amused and he
says, "Traitor? Aah, but you told me the other night, Tobias. That you did
not care what Koray said. You were not waiting for him any longer."

The Traveler holds up a hand and points out, "Do you think that she is anymore
of a traitor than you?" A glance is given to Mia and then back to Tobias,
"Not that I particularly care either way if you two kill each other. If you
wish to fight her, then I shall stand witness. But I will note that if you
are doing it out of hopes of impressing me. That I am The Traveler. I hear
and see all. And I know of your impatience. Which is the only crime that the
accused is guilty of." A glance to her and then he says, "Well that and she
apparently created a new vampire without her last master's permission. I am
half tempted to simply destroy it out of hand."

Traveler's gaze turns onto Koray and he wonders, "Koray? Should her fledgling
be destroyed out of hand?"

A glance back to Tobias and he asks, "Do you still wish to challenge her,
Tobias?" A pause is given and he says, "As for what will happen to you. You
will be punished. You like the Belle who was disrespectful earlier. Will have
your skin removed. And your fangs shall be taken as well. Nothing that will
damage you forever, but trust me. I know how to make things very, very
painful for you."

Mia continues to lend support to Delilah by rubbing her shoulders even
squeezing them when they mention her death. She also knows when to speak and
not to. Truly she does, even though her outburst earlier don't support such a
claim. Looking towards The Traveler the Blonde girl clears her throat and
raises her hand from Delilah's shoulder. Damn one of the moments she SHOULD
keep her mouth shut. "I have prepared a strong power backing to help aid
Koray against what I saw and was led to believe was a threat. And Yes if that
ment taking the position from the thief who would take it from him so be it.
I am prepared now." Brave or just damn stupid. "I have the support from more
than just one group of Therians. Teh past three masters who have held a seat
in this city have been unable to without teh helpf teh rat king. I have his
support. I know my Animal and our Master do not like dealing with him. But
thats what I do for this Kiss, I deal with the people normaly not delt with."
Shaking her head at Tobias's words, "I am far from a traitor, far from it. If
you do not take back what you have called me and start treating me like a
Master like you we will not have many fair dealings Tobias. Never have I been
treated fairly by you." Leaning against Jacob her words where kept low in
volume but slightly firm. She's upset yes she is. "The past three Masters of
the City have been unable to work a peaceful treaty with the rat King. And
that has inevitably failed them. I have done so without any harm to the Kiss.
So I wouldnt call it an impass Master." A nod of her head to Koray, "Just
delt with in the wrong way. You hired me to do things, certain things for
you. Perhaps things you either didnt want to dirty your hands with or things
that are beneath you." Motioning a hand from herself to Tobias next, "Think
before you challenge me as a traitor. I am far more prepared for this than
you are."

Emerald bows slightly as the Traveler recognizes her. "Thank you Traveler. I
would not want the City, I am under no illusions that everyone seeks the
blessings of God even though they might need it. I seek only to solidify my
Church. If I might offer an unbiased opinion about this matter?" She motions
her hands out to encompass the room. She does not know names with faces but
she is pretty sure that the ones she speaks about is here tonight. Her
posture is impeciable and as she starts hands come to be placed in front of
her body and shit waits for an answer before continuing.

The Traveler gives a nod to Emerald.

Emerald gives a slight twist of her lips, "Words have come to me from many
sources. I have heard many things that disturb me and reflect upon my Church
where they should not. I have heard that the vampire Tobias attacked the
vampire Mia and the Rat King with Silver, in a peaceful meeting. Simply
because the Rat King wanted to be asked for premission to enter his
territory, and action that we /all/ hold to. I have been told that when Koray
does not speak it means that things are acceptable. That any of his Vampires
may speak for him, by Tobias himself. The Church was attempting to find a way
to help the White Buffalo Woman, she needed an Earthmover childe. We came to
her late, however, why she was not helped before this I do not know. As far
as I am aware the Church is the -only- vampires with in this city that even
attempted to work with Ptesan-Wi."

Robed Figure does not say anything. She continues to stand there, simply
staring on through her mask.

Elle chances another slow look around the room and finally noticing the woman
with a cat around her neck. Her lips purse just slightly and then her gaze
goes to Emerald for a few brief moments, along with the robed figure.
Although, Rod remains silent, his hand does tighten on her hip a little at
what is going on. Mia barely gets a look from her after her little speech
from before and she listens to Tobias' answer. A small breath is finally
taken and a glance shifts to Samuel and Savina for the time being. When
Traveler mentions the Belle, she stiffens at Rodrigo's side and loses her
outward calm now.

Jacob watches Tobias with a steely gaze, a hand on Mia's side as she speaks
again. His eyes sweep the room, looking over the Council members eye to eye
and then back to Tobias, waiting to see what happens next.

Lillith remains silent as Koray accepts the offer, glancing to him, then
Tobias, and finally back to the Traveler. But still she lingers near Koray,
silent, still but for her head turning to look at the various people. "I
would like to make a statement as well, if I may, about Mia's words," she
says, tone respectful, looking to the Traveler as she speaks, waiting for
permission or denial of such before she continues.

Lillith nods to the Traveler. "Thank you." She looks to Mia then. "You claim to
do everything you do to support the Kiss, to make it stronger. But you do not
make it strong with your words within this room. Rather than standing by your
fellow members, your words proclaim us all to be weak. Your feud, if it can
be called that, with Tobias has led you to make statements that are less than
complimentary about the rest of us. Including the man who was, until just
moments ago, your Master. You may or may not be a traitor, but perhaps you
should decide on one course, rather than damning with words that which you
profess to want to protect."

Malcolm resists the urge to snort at the Traveler's disparaging remarks as it
would put him in the spoilt children category he so firmly feels he is /not/
a member of. Not to mention that it would likely also get his head removed
from his shoulders. But on the other hand, he is not a Master and even if he
was, he would not want rule over the City if it was handed to him on a silver
platter. As for this Ptesan-Wi person, this meeting is the first mention of
her to reach Malcolm's ears. If it was his responsibility to take care of
her, someone forgot to forward him that memo. So he follows the golden rule -
do not speak unless spoken to. Besides, no one ever likes to hear excuses and
as his Master of old used to often say, 'Non Satis Non Scrire' - 'To Not Know
is Not Enough'. But fortunately others offer answers and regrets. He listens,
however, to Emerald with interest. Finally. Someone with detailed information
rather than random accusations and bold claims.

Shea listens to Emerald and finally opens his mouth. "Some of us
attempted…sadly some of us are not well connected, however. I told who I
could. Even attempted to contact my old master." He keeps his arms folded and
doesn't really look up all that much. His mouth tightens as though he would
love to continue talking, but shakes his head slightly, knowing better than
to continue. Especially on any other topic. Instead, unfolding his arms, he
plays around with the brim of his hat, clearly a nervous sort of habit.

Delilah's eyes go very wide when Traveler asks if she should tie. The cat on
her shoulder gives a soft hiss and then hops down from her shoulder and then
stretches out infront of her feet, then winds about her ankles. She shivers
faintly, but she says not a word. Simply stares forward.

Derrick shifts firming his back up against the wall even more now, not entirely
happily about the spoiled children comment either. God knows he hasn't done
anything but what he has been told to by his master and others in charge, and
has been as helpful as he can be. He does know damn well with all this fang
pulling and back skinning being tossed around at anyone who is in need of
punishing to keep his mouth shut. His blue-fire eyes shifting from person to
person as they speak. He is just a ball of nervous tension and way to new for
a council proxy audience.

Tobias bows his head once again, and says "I apologize if this is how you view
it, Master. However, it would seem that ample time has been given to speak so
very ill of me. If you are not opposed, I wish to tell my side of the story?"
he wonders, keeping his head bowed while he speaks.

Koray shakes his head and sighs. "The rat king was a pompous ass in all his
communications to me. And then there were the rumors he was trying to unite
the shifters against the vampires." He looks to Mia, "Interesting how you are
now keeping company with an enemy of the court, bringing him into my
territory, and never found the time to mention that his tune had changed." He
pauses while Lillith speaks, the nods and adds, "Indeed, you speak as if you
wish to strengthen the kiss, but your words are double-edged." He looks to
the Traveler to answer his question. "For bringing over one without
permission? I would kill the bringer certainly. The fledgling, it would
depend on the situation, master, but probably. That was my law before you

The Traveler speaks up once more and asks, "Will anyone speak for Illyana's
fledgling?" A hand gestures toward Mia and says, "You may not speak with
her." He then turns toward Tobias and says, "You make speak your side after
the business of her fledgling is taken care of."

The traveler looks around and says, "So. Will anyone speak for her?"

Emerald says, "I speak for her."

Tobias nods slowly to Iain, and says "as you wish, Master." He bows his head
once again, and then steps off to the side of the gathering, waiting to be

Emerald says, "The church welcomes all with open arms."

The Traveler comments, "The church might, little church mouse. But that is her
choice to join the church." He looks about the room and asks, "Will /anyone
else/ speak for her?"

Robed Figure stares on placidly, she does not speak for Delilah.

Lillith nods once. "I will. It is not her fault that she was brought over, and
perhaps she could end up benefitting the Kiss," she calls out.

"If I may, Master," Koray says. "I think it would be unwise to set a precedent
of allowing the court's cast offs and worse find refuge in the Church. I fear
that such an… option would be abused."

Elle remains silent next to Rod, seems he isn't speaking up for anyone made
without permission either.

Raising his head, Malcolm studies Delilah for a moment before stepping foward.
"As one who was turned unwillingly, I will speak for Delilah, even though we
have never met till this night. I believe she deserves the right to live
within our society, so long as she obeys the rules of it. Should it not be
the one who turned her that should be punished for doing so without

Koray nods at Malcolm. "Just so. As long as the fledgling is not a threat to
the court, I have not problem with it. The transgression is on the part of
the maker."

Mia steps away from Jacob and clasps her hands a the small of her back. Blood
from teh wound inflicted to her earlier seeming through her dresses thin
material. Nodding slowly to Lillith as she says, "Sometimes a slap in the
face is needed to get the Master and Kiss's attention. I am guilty of trying
to do just that." Rocking on the balls of her feet Mia tilts her head to the
right. "I am this Kiss's Dick Channey, I do the bad things that need to be
done for the best of us. Disrepect is the lowest of the things I would be
doing." Looking directly to Koray she continues, "But Koray told me to
behave, his words. Behave." Turning with a little half spin/step the
dexterous beauty looks about to everyone. Her grin gets big, bg enough to
show fang, "No rumor there, he was working to gather the shifters under
him..and me to aid the Kiss. I speak the truth." She holds her hand up like a
boy scout might. her Childe being barterd snaps her atention into the more
important thing. "She was going to die, I saved her life. I do not see why I
can not claim her and continue on with her. Or why can the church not accept
her? That is up to her." Hands still clasped at the small of her back Mia
rocks on her heels. "I do not wish for anyone to take her away from me. Leave
her under my care."

Delilah takes a deep breath she doesn't need, and then coughs a moment for her
lungs don't truly work anymore. She looks about the room toward Emerald and
then toward the two who speak for her. She says, "If punishment must be
given, Master." Oh she learns fast doesn't she? The blonde dips her head
toward The Traveler and says, "Please let it be upon my shoulders. My.. My
Crea-creator. She was only doing the only thing that could keep me from the
grave." She looks to the floor, look absolutely submissive. "I was born with
a blood condition. It was shaped wrong. And it was slowly killing me." Her
words ring true. She says, "Please. If there must be punishment for this,
please let it be on me."

Derrick isn't going to do anything but.. then he sighs and shifts actually
raising his hand like they would in school for permission to speak now.

The Traveler gives a nod of his head and says, "You may speak." This is to

Derrick rubs the side of his face "I'll admit.. I bet it was best to just keep
my mouth shut and be very quiet by the door, but I couldn't not say something
or I would have felt like I was an ungrateful .. um.. jerk." maybe he was
going to say something else, his southern Atlanta based accent slipping out
more now. "But Koray and Mia are the only people who have helped me since I
got here and I did need help. Koray gave me shelter and helped me find a
means to be useful. Mia has worked very hard to make sure I don't make any
mistakes.. taking time to teach me as one of Padma's line and .. she really
is a great addition to all of us here and is a great teacher to." yeah his
words ring true. "If I didn't come to their defense.. since they have been so
good to me I wouldn't have been ..well a decent vampire or person Sir…" he
falls quiet and steps back a bit to the wall again.

Tobias watches the others speak in silence, apparently not stepping forward to
speak for Delilah, and listens to Mia speak, and Delilah with an emotionless
look on his face. As the others finish speaking, he takes another half step
forward, and says "if she was dying slowly then she had time to speak to
someone, and to willingly join the Church if it was her wish to be turned.
Mortals die every day. It is not up to us to save them. Were we to turn every
Mortal that was in danger of losing their life, then there wouldn't be enough
of them left to sustain us. Our laws have been in existance for eons. They
should not be broken simply because someone has a blood condition. We are not
human, and we are not God. We should let them deal with the life and death of
Mortals." He gives a half glance to Derrick, and then turns back to the
Traveller again. With that, he steps back, and listens once again.

Emerald 's fire green eyes turn upon the one that has been named Koray and
there is a bit of rage in her features, that mask slips just slightly showing
a hint of her bloodline. Warm power flaring as she speaks "We welcome /all/
with open arms. If they wish to come to us. You get no say in what someone
might chose. Unless you are going to kill her. And if you do that once she
has accepted the Church you will have more than just mis-behaving children
and rumors upon you. For anyone under the protection of the Church has the
protection of God." Her face goes back to blank instantly, hundreds of years
perfecting her control. And though she was looking at Koray at the beginning
that was to /all/ the other vampires in the room except for the Traveler; for
she knows the Council does not mess with the church because of the publicity
it would cause. She is severe in her words and believe in them fully. A slim
hand runs over the Robed Figure shoulder, looking like she needs the touch
more than anything; like it's unconcious.

The Robed Figure finally speaks up. The voice is clearly feminine and even
perhaps recognizable to some, especially Tobias. It's sweet though muffled by
the mask she wears. Making it sound slightly inhuman and distorted. She says,
"Anyone who would kill someone who had -accepted- God into their life and
joined the Church of Eternal Life would face the wraith of God, through me."
A blue aura starts to form around her and her hand catches fire. Oddly her
clothing are not burned. She announces, "I am the Angel of God. The Angel of
Fire and Vengeance, Nathaneal dwells within my body." She shakes her hand and
the fire goes out. "The Vampires of this city have been told. To attack the
Church is to attack me. And to attack me is to Attack Nathaneal."

Mia snaps towards Tobias, "I turned turned her, saved ehr life Beacuse she is
my friend, something I think you have very little of Tobias. We spent time
together, had fun together. I was a productive member of the city with her."
Her mood is quickly changes as she smiles to Derrick. Lips held together she
draws a breath through her nose as if the act will help her to relax even
more. Emeralds words also bring up the smile on her lips. Looking from
Derrick and Emerald she nods but she returns a look of thanks to Derrick. The
Holy Rollers trump crazy Russian girl, her lips utter not another word.

Koray has fade back into the rest of the gathered - slowly taking on a role as
just another master. Mikoto is with him of course. He nods at Derrick's
words. Emerald's outburst makes him laugh though. "You silly girl. You have
no idea how a true vampire society functions. I may have been lax, but at
least I understood." He shrugs. "In any event, it is not my decision. It is
my master's. Perhaps you would like to yell at him and tell him what he can
and cannot do?" He tilts his head questioningly and flicks his eyes to The
Traveler to see if he's about to let the Church dictate to the court and

With a loud sigh Geneva speaks up, her voice cutting like glass across the
room. "Is this all that Chicago has to offer, Traveler? Those who squabble
like children and puff their chests at their own self import. For hours they
have batted about the true issues like weak prey they have no intent to kill
and I grow restless at their sounds." That dark glittering gaze cuts to those
gathered again as she continues, her voice dripping disdain, a fist raised
into the air as her voice raises, projecting with each word. "Fight as your
blood tells you, or crawl into your holes and fuck like little bunnies or
just leave but do /something/ and stop wasting my time!"

"Very well then." The Traveler says as he turns toward Derrick and he says,
"Derrick has spoken for Mia and Koray. He will take Mia's punishment for the
crimes." Iain's eyebrows raise and Traveler asks, "Unless you wish to take it
back, Little One?"

He then turns toward Delilah and he says, "And very well. Delilah will take the
punishment for Mia creating her without permission. And then she will be
given to a foster Creator and I or the next Master of the City deem that Mia
may have her back."

Traveler then turns toward Amalia and stares into her eyes. And then staggers
backward a moment and away from her. A hand lifting to cover his face as if
she had burnt him. A snarl is given and he says to Emerald, "How clever of
you, Little Church Mouse. However, very, very Clever. Taking a one of the
Truly Faithful as your Servant." Iain's eyes narrow and he says, "The Church
will survive for now. As long as you keep that-" He points at Amalia, "-under

He then says, "Therefore. Derrick shall be punished for Mia's crimes against
the City. Delilah shall be punished for her Creator's crime in creating her."
A glance around the room and he says, "Koray is no longer responsible for the
city so he shall not be punished." A glance toward Rodrigo is, "He shall be
punished for failing to show respect."

A glance to Tobias and he says, "You may be punished for failing to deal with
the rats before the Council came to pick up your mess. But you will be able
to speak about it."

A glance is given to Geneva and he glares at her, promising pain for her
outburst. He then says, "But as Geneva says. The matters of Mia's crimes or
Tobias crimes are not over." A glance between the two, "Unless you are going
to duel. Shut. Up. About it."

"I am sure we have other issues to speak of." A pause, "Do we not?" A glance
about the room and he asks, "Does anyone have anything they wish to tell me?"

Emerald smirks, eyes still fire green and turn to the Traveler dismissing Koray
from her attention, "Thank you for your assement of my Dio fiamma Traveler.
She fills my soul where the devil attempted to take it. You wished to have a
reason for my Church to stay. I give you it, in my previous words. We are
strong and public." She is not stupid, "And I thank you for letting us
stand." The thank you is slightly spiteful, though truthful.

Elise wisely sits daintily, prettily, silent, listening and taking everything
in, patiently.

Derrick chews on his lip a little bit as he gets a bit wider eyed as that .. um
pronouncement is made and he shifts his stance sort of squaring it and looks
back up to the Traveler. "I'll take it sir, I don't want to die so I really
hope that isn't her punishment….but you have to stand by your debts and
those who have done you right. If you don't your not worth much and Id rather
not be worthless."

"Master," Koray says to The Traveler. "With your leave I will withdraw and
await your and representatives of the other council members' pleasures."

Tobias bows his head deeply as his issue is addressed, and says "I have no need
for a duel tonight." With that, he stands and looks at the various members of
the Council, and his head dips once again. "However, I have no need to bore
the Council with these petty details. I will return, and speak with my new
Master in private, if he would allow it?" he wonders. It would seem that the
other issues have escaped his notice.

The Traveler nods toward Koray and says, "You have my Leave, Koray."

Malcolm is right there with Geneva. All this politicking makes him just want to
shake and smack people … but when you're at the bottom of the totem pole,
you just don't have that kind of freedom. So instead he takes Geneva's advice
and removes himself from the proceedings. He can't leave physically without
likely pissing someone off, but he can remove himself mentally. Retiring to
the nearest wall, he twirls a chair around, sitting on it backwards, folding
his arms over the backrest and placing his chin upon them in turn. As it says
in the Bible, this too shall pass.

The Traveler also nods to Tobias and says, "You also have my leave, Tobias."

Lillith doesn't say anything, or look at anyone but the Traveler for the
moment. Seems she's just waiting for this 'party' to end.

Elle is still just there, with Rod, watching and listening. She is still not
happy about this punishment thing, but her lips stay pursed together rather
tightly the next time it gets said. As it seems others are now filing out,
she isn't even sure she can move until Rod gives her waist a light squeeze.
"I and my servant would like to take our leave also, Master," Rod bows his
head now, in asking.

The Traveler nods to Rodrigo and Elle and says, "You and your servant have my

Mia steps back and takes Jacob's arm, her eyes intently on Delilah. Squeezing
teh large mans arm she takes in a breath. She continues to watch her childe
while the others leave.

Delilah does the only smart thing she can do. She nods her head and says
softly, "Yes, Master." Her gaze on the cat winding about her feet.

Shea stands up quietly. Tipping the front of his hat upwards with a finger, he
looks at the Traveler carefully. "Alright. So, in essence, we were all
summoned here for you, a Council member, to praise the Church, and beat the
rest of us into submission…for what? For you to take over a city that you
could really care less about?" He tilts his head. "Forgive me, but that
seems…odd." He waves a hand at Emerald and the girl under the robes. "From
what I know, they shouldn't have even been in this discussion at all. If it
even is a discussion, or if it's just you throwing your weight around." He
folds his arms over his chest. "I know…I stepped right over the line of
protocol, etiquette, all that happy stuff. Do what you want to me, then. If
this is what I have to look forward to for the rest of my endless nights,
then I'll wander out and see what the sun looks like tomorrow one last time."

Jacob smiles as he glances back at Shea and gives the vampire a nod. He mumbles
under his breath, "About time one of these leeches had their balls drop low
enough to say it." Jacob chuckles almost silently and shakes his head,
grinning still.

"Illyana. Shut your servant up or I will risk your death to Geneva." The
Traveler says. He then turns toward Shea and then back to Geneva. He says to
her, "Geneva, you may do what you wish with that one. So long as you do not
kill her."

Emerald tilts her head in a bird like motion. Looking to Derrick and Delilah,
"They are not powerful enough to survive your attentions Traveler." Her brows
rise at Shea in surprise….even she cannot save him at the moment.

When Delilah calls someone master Mia winches. Stepping way from Jacob she once
again clasps her hands at the small of her back. Eyes still on Delilah. "A
decent amount of people have been feeling the same way." Looking over the
council she holds her arms out, "Stop punishing the our Kiss. Do what you
must to me and not them. I admit I have done wrong and will do wrong again.
You are only proving what started this from me. The kiss has becoem weak. Now
you have come and crushed us. Do not take Tobia's teeth, do not take anything
from anyone else." Stepping up some she sighs, "You are all fucking horrible.
You come here and smack us down as if we are all just dolls to be played
with. I asked for you help, I asked for your advice and this gets the Kiss
injured. And my servant speaks my mind. I agree with him. This isn't vampire
like at all. This is disgusting. But if you must make us suffer do unto one.
If I get to pick I would say yes Tobias in every way I do not like him. This
is not why I staretd with this. But he would not do the same for others. I am
willing to for the Kiss." Deropping to her knees teh Blonde yells out, "I am
the traitor, I brought you to us and this has done worse to the Kiss than in
all the time of Koray's reign." Arms are held out but her hands are tight
fists, tight enough that blood drips from the wounds within the palms.

Iain's eyes go suddenly blank. And he crumbles down to the floor. He just drops

Mia shudders and shivers. And then she walks over to the limp form of Iain, she
reaches down and pulls out a knife that was hidden within his boot.

The Knife is brought to her eyeball, and -stabbed-. Over. And over. And over.
And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And
over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over. And over.

There is nothing left of Mia's left eye by the time the knife is finally
dropped to the ground. Mia then drops as well.

As Jacob steps back a few steps, an unnatural growl emanates from his throat as
he swiftly changes form into that of a huge brown bear, the sudden shift
sending the icky goo flying through the room as the monstrous ursine steps
forward looking from side to side at both limp bodies and nothing to attack.
The sound of an even deeper growl reverberates through the chamber and the
beats sniffs at Mia and then over to the limp form of Iain, gleaming, furious
eyes watching both bodies for movement.

Geneva's growl is unearthly, beginning in the pit of her being and welling up
before it explodes, reverberating around the room. It is soon followed by the
sickening pop and snap of bones as the Feral begins to shift. All too quickly
the shape of her head melts away as it elongates slightly, widening, dusty
skin giving away to supple midnight hued fur, ears that lay pinned to her
broader skull, and blazing yellow eyes, thrilling for the release. Both arms
lengthen, popping as the very joints take on a new shape, inky fur forming as
hands become paws, nails become wickedly gleaming claws. A roll of her feline
head brings about the cracking of tightly held neck muscles as the leopard
pins Shae down with a gaze so eager for blood, it's frightening. The scene
with Mia and Iain is largely ignored, or so it might seem, the Feral has her
chosen prey, for the moment, though she's well aware of the changing
tension.. and the bear.

Lillith has remained silent since her speech to Mia, gave moving around as
people speak, Shea and Jacob getting long looks. But Mia gets the longest
look, though her eyes narrow at the vampire. When Iain drops her expression
smoothes, then she watches as Mia stabs herself in her eye. She does nothing
to stop it, doesn't even make a sound of protest. But when Jacob shifts and
sniffs at Iain though she moves forward quickly. VERY quickly, in fact, even
for a vampire, trying to get between Iain's body and the bear, to stand guard
over him. "You will /not/ touch him. You are a guest here, and your master is
receiving punishment from /her/ master," she hisses at him, apparently fully
intent on standing her ground against the large animal.

For himself, Malcolm watches the proceedings from where he is seated
dispassionately, part of him perhaps hoping that maybe they'll all just kill
each other off. He doubts it will end that way, but one can always hope.

Iain stays limp on the ground, seemingly passed out.

However another vampire, one that was in the back steps forward. It laughs at
Jacob and says, "You think you can attack me, little bear? You can kill these
bodies, but you'll just piss of this court. Because I am not here in body."

Traveler smiles in the body of one of the lesser vampires. He snorts and says,
"Do you want to die, Bear?"

Shea tosses his hat aside. "No need to ruin it," he mutters quietly. Turning to
Geneva then, watching her change, he takes in a concious breath, then sighs
loudly. "Alright kitty, nice kitty," he says out loud, holding his arms wide
apart. "Do what you have to do."

Jacob roars at the vampire as it comes forward, spinning to face it, his maw
opened wide and yellowed, sharp teeth gleaming with drool. It moves over past
the two limp bodies to the one calling it out and stops a few feet away,
watching it, keeping Mia's body close beside him.

Perhaps if he cared about someone in here he might feel compelled to stay and
fight. Or at least stay and witness. But Malcolm is a lover, not a fighter,
and there isn't a soul here that he knows, let alone cares about. As such he
rises quietly and makes his way to the doors with grace and calm, slipping
out easily as the rest of the room is too consumed in the blood and battle
that has ensued.

Lillith doesn't move when Jacob roars, but continues to stand over the body of
Iain, even when the bear moves off to face the Traveler. She doesn't speak
again, but neither does she move or take her eyes off Jacob.

With a hand at her bloody socket Mia starts to wake. her teeth grit enough her
fangs creak for a breath. Jaws unclench after another breath through the
nostril. A bloody bubble breath through icky looking kind.

Geneva's reflexes are as quick as her mouth, it would seem as the Feral flings
out a furred arm, claws gleaming and snatches Shae by the throat. A simple
flex of claws and they sink into the flesh like butter. The razor tipped
claws pause once the hold is taken, hooked just behind the trachea. She makes
a little growl, a lip curling upward in a silent snarl, teeth gleaming,
almost /encouraging/ the little man to fight and harm himself even more.

Shea obviously says nothing. He spreads his arms apart and waits, eyes looking
down at the massive cat. His eyebrows come together when the claws sink in,
sort of a very overdone wince. Thinking it would be wiser to not move, he

Emerald floats forward, though the only thing that shows she is actually
floating is that her knees do not hit her skirt when she 'walks'. She moves
the short distance to Mia and helps the girl up. "Dio fiamma let us leave.
This is not our fight. I will help this one to her other entourage as her
bear rages." Her hands heft Mia up easily and hook under her arms to support
her. Unless someone stops her, she makes her way to the door.

The Robed Figure glances toward the bear and then toward Emerald. She gives a
nod of her head and she says, "Very well. The smell of burning bear fur is
horrid anywise. As if is burnt vampire flesh." She turns and follows Emerald.

The gloves have come off… of Savina at least. One bared hand clenches
Samuel's, so when she stands, she brings him with her. "Leave Mia with her
kiss," Savina says clearly. "She will be cared for," she says, taking a step
forward. The gentleness and warmth has melted from Savina's expression some
minutes prior, but there is no harshness to the master vampiress.

Samuel's power flows and his glove splits and falls off in time to bare his
hand for Savina's. He inhales sharply and steps with her, silent but watching
and sensing.

"Well?" The Traveler asks of Jacob, looking at him with absolutely no mercy in
the eyes of the vampire he has possessed now. His voice races, "DO. YOU.

The first thought that runs through the bear's mind is 'I can't answer you
because I can't talk, dumb ass!' followed quickly by a lower growl as the
bear backs up a slowly a few steps, his back paw crunching onto Iain's limp
hand, breaking it under a ton and a half of brown bear. The bear doesn't even
notice it under him and lowers its head, eyes still watching the vampire and
then looking around the room. It's head shakes once, showing some level of

Derrick is just well standing there mouth open as all bloody hell breaks
loose.. sure he can track it all and he closes his mouth.. leaning to start
forward then stopping and looking from one mess to another. He doesnt know
what to do without making anything worse so he just holds very still and
keeps his mouth shut for the moment. Good point Savina has and he moves to
join her looking at Emerald "I have to agree with her." her being Savina.
Then he looks to Traveler and then the bear and Iain and winces … he shifts
moving over towards Iain now "Crud…" watching the bear he moves to pick him

When Jacob starts to back up towards Iain's body, Lillith kneels, to prevent
the stepping on, as well as to obey the Traveler's command. She is, after
all, standing over him to protect him, and being that close it would take a
total lack of attention to not prevent that. And she is very much paying
attention. "Bear, watch yourself," she says in a cold, soft voice, even as
she's scooping up Iain effortlessly, stepping away from Jacob with the
unharmed but unconscious vampire.

The movement causes pain to shoot through Mia. Growling she stirs a lot more.
The one remaining eye flashes about. For the first time tonight power roars
from the small Russian girl. The power reaches to the bear. It reaches with a
calming grasp. "My love come back to me. Need you." If the words she says are
needed or not it dosn't matter, the calling of ones animal dosnt care what
you mutter. Be it the lords prayer or the Jersey Shore weather report. When a
Master enrages or soothes thier animal it could even be considered multi
lingual. :P The harsh Russian that follows can not be mistaken, and for those
who can understand the language that was kept behind the Iron Curtian, she
growls, "Leave this City, the council is no longer needed here. Enough has
been done." One hand at her eye she reaches out towards the bear with the
other. Her accented english returns. "Tonight I cracked the mirror that is
our Kiss and then the council shatters it. No more is needed." The hand that
reaches for Jacob waves away towards the council reps. The power wells up
again washing towards the bear.

Geneva seems to be far less picky about where she dines then most felines for
she drops Shae where he stands, following him to the floor. Nature shows that
document large felines will never be the same for the vamp under her as he
begins to experience exactly what it's like to be a leopard dinner. With a
last look at the others, she leans down, snuffing his belly with her muzzle
for a moment before she begins to bite into him, taking her time. She's in no
hurry.. with her claw holding his neck and her teeth in his gut, it's
unlikely the little vampire is going anywhere fact as she settles in to enjoy.

Shea does his best to not make noise, but it doesn't work. Almost
involuntarily, he takes small breaths in, and grunts them back out. But he
doesn't push back or try to wrestle Geneva off, either. He starts to grimace
finally when she uses her teeth, though. It surely looks like it hurts.

Emerald eyes Mia, "I will leave you here if you like, but I know that the Rat
King can heal." The tall vampire leaves it to Mia's descrition, an arm still
holding Mia up. Her other hand comes to her Companion's shoulder, rubbing the

Delilah's cat is somewhat attracted to the mess that Geneva's is making of Shea
and starts in that direct. The blonde woman gives a soft hissing breath and
starts quickly after the cat. She snatches is up and then slinks slowly to a
corner to cower. She's already been threatened tonight.

Like a switch is hit in the mind and body of the bear, it shudders and yowls
painfully as the change if forced upon it. With the accompanying snarls,
snapping of bones and gooey mess, Jacob falls to his knees out of breath. It
is the first time she has ever called to him like this and the sensation
leaves him stunned and staggering to his feet slowly. His bare body shaking
as he walks back to Mia, his eyes cold as he looks at her, at her face. Words
passing silently in that look to her one good eye. He holds a hand up, palm
out towards the vampire currently inhabited by the Traveler. "I'm done. I'm
leaving, if Mia wishes. Just one last thing before I leave, if I may?"

The Traveler has had enough. He walks over toward Emerald where she has lifted
up Mia. Jacob is ignored, completely. The Traveler says, "You have one
chance, Illyana. You have one chance, and then I kill you and your bear as
well. And then I kill your fledgling."

His tone is hot with rage and power like no one has ever seen is flooding
through the room. Stronger than -anyone- in this room has seen. It is violent
and it is angry. The Traveler says, "Your next words will be, "Master, I am
sorry for my insolence. Please forgive me." Or you will be dead before your
next sentence is finished."

Mia staggers and nearly drops to a knee. Good thing another has thier hold on
her. Still a nasty sight, a hand over the socket that held her eye is still
bloody but not as much as earlier. Anger shows in her remaining eye.
"Master….you may go fuck yourself." Fiery little stupid Russian girl. "You
destroyed our kiss, you take my child from me then you proceede to harm our
people. I will never thank one who does that. Its good to see that all of the
council supports you perfectly. If I die I will make sure I will drag you to
the bad place very soon." She sounds very specific about the bad place.
"Frightfully soon."

Emerald eyes the Traveler as he comes closer to her. Emmy and her fanatical
ways, sigh. Emmy still has a hold upon Mia, hauling her up easily as she
falls. "Dio fiamma, please, drive him from the room. No one else needs to die

/Now/ she starts to glow. The robed figure reaches up and takes ahold of her
mask and takes it off. She is smashed on the ground, and she starts to glow
all over now and she chants in Latin. A prayer from the lord. She she
advances upon the vampire that the Traveler currently has ahold of. A snarl
escapes her lips and she says, "In the name of the Lord."

She advances and places her hands onto the vampire, which are glowing. The
vampire that the Traveler is in starts to scream, as his flesh starts to melt.

She snarls at the vampire as she more than likely brings it to its knees in
pain and agony as holy hate is poured into the flesh of the vampire. She
commands the vampire, "The Demon who is know as The Traveler is REBUKE AND

The glow from the robed figure is blinding now, and painful for the eyes of any
vampires who on look her. Though she does not harm any vampire who is not
touching her.

The vampire that Traveler is in, does indeed, -scream-. It is horrible agony
that the vampire is in. It collapses down onto its knees. Snarling at Amalia
before the eyes go devoid of emotion and the creature falls backward, limp.

But is the Traveler -really gone-. Can the a human being force the Traveler
from a place?

Samuel's power flares and there is a ripping of the back of his jacket. Six
knives slide from sheaths hidden in a vest and fly toward the Robed Figure.
They pierce the skin, deeply, leaving six gashes. Two exit out the other
side. The amount of blood is predictably large.

Amalia lets out a scream of pain as the knives start tearing into her. One from
them slits her throat. The others slide other important things. Blood sprays
everywhere. And she drops to her knees infront of the vampire she was just
burning with her hands. The glow dims and then is gone. The woman in the robe
falls backward, and she is no longer breathing. Her blue eyes stare up

Emerald shouts

Emerald crumbles to the ground, apparently the fact that she was fly is obvious
now. She crawls over to the dead body of Amlia, bloody tears running down her
pale cheeks…"Dio fiamma……DIO FIAMMA!!!!!!! AMALIA!!!!!!!!" Emerald
pulls amalia into her lap and sinks fangs into her, attempting to turn
her…maybe there's a chance. Her eyes are wild, green flame dancing upon her
eyes. They couldn't know…but that is the second time in 4 days that her
soul has been ripped from her. She is not taking it well.

After Mia starts to kneel, and his own request has been ignored, Jacob, naked
as a jaybird, pulls out his cellphone and hits a button, "Yeah, Vincent.
Bring the Denali to the Pomme. Time to go home. Yes. Yes. Bring me a change
of clothes, too." He clicks off the phone as Mia speaks, expecting her to
give in to his demands, then shocked when she doesn't. He looks over as the
robed figure is killed and Emerald takes a smack at the damage from the
Marked servant and raises an eyebrow slowly. "Mia, I'm out of here. Let's go.
Vincent's on the way." He looks at Savina, as if daring her to keep Mia from
leaving. "We're leaving now. You people have fun cleaning up your mess."
Jacob moves to the door, grabbing Mia's arm and pulling her up and with him.
As he reaches the door, he jerks it open. With a hand raised in fond
farewell, a wave if you have to call it something, he turns his fingers
around and closes four of them, leaving the middle one outstretched as he
walks through the door, dragging Mia with him.

Geneva nomnomnom's on the nasty little vampire under her. It's less about the
eating and more about making a mess and hurting the wrong for speaking out of
hand to the Traveler. Shea will live.. but he won't be a happy vamp for a
while to come. Once the large feline has slashes her way through most of
Shea's belly, her head moves downward, over the pelvic bone and begins to rip
and shred anew, making a merry mess of blood and undead dangly bit flesh.
Shea will not be doing a little dance and will not be making a little love
for a while to come, right now it's just lots of pain. Mean evil leopard.
Just imagine what she would.. and could do.. if given leave to kill?

Still alive, Mia seems to be lucky. That single eye look that the Travler got
is now aimed at another. "Was my support." Anger flows up with her power. She
dosn't say anything but she stares him down with that single eye. As her
attention is grabbed by Jacob she starts to move his way, and ratehr fast.
Fists still clenched from earlier she growls, "I will be back Delilah!!!"

It's a vampire club, a very nice one. Vampires work here, shifters work here,
human 'slaves' work here, and then just some humans work here. There are
guards at the door in addition to bouncers, weapon checkers, holy item
checkers. Most people have to have permission to get weapons in. Anyway…
Amalia's holy light fades, and the Traveler has apparently fled the room. A
vampire flunky lies on the floor badly burned while another vampire is being
chewed on by another vampire that looks like a massive leopard. Jacob's just
said something to Savina, but Savina doesn't seem to give a damn about Jacob
at the moment. She's already hissed at the pain to see Amalia's brightly holy
light, and now that Amalia is dead… Savina's hand continues to clench that
of Samuel's. "You," Savina says to Emerald, "have defied the laws of our
kind. You attacked a sourde de sang. You tear apart this kiss… bring an
internal war to the front, but a war nonetheless. Your servant has been slain
in what I consider fair and understandable circumstances, but I do not rule
here. If you wish vengance… well, I doubt your goodness. You obviously have
no understanding of our society and no consideration for laws older than
either of us." And now the petite Savina bends down as if she would pick
Samuel up.

Samuel lets out a gasp the full on use of this TK undoes his other defenses and
emotions flow into him. His grip on Savina's hand tightens and closes his
eyes against the scream under the scream of Emerald. "Fuck!" he cries out,
then gasps and pushes the emotion back. Once he has his defenses back a
little, he lifts his free hand to beacon the knives back to him even as
Savina lifts him up.

Shea stops grunting and lets out a bellow, that trails off to a small whimper
of great pain. He barely manages to pull his head up enough to look at the
cat, see his blood dripping from her jaws, and beg her with his eyes to stop.
That's all he can manage before his head drops back and he's as limp as a
roughed-up one-eyed doll. His white suit, now red, would cause him stress if
he could see it. The pool of blood around him is certainly impressive, and
quite disconcerting.

The doors slam open, and a bouncer slides across the floor, unconscious,
skidding to a stop a full twelve feet from the entrance. And then Eric walks
in, a long grey trench-coat flapping behind him as he walks through the door.
A sawed-off shotgun hangs at his side, not drawn but ready at a moment's
notice. "All that," he says, voice a growl, power throbbing off of him, "And
she's also got the protection of the mother-fucking Rat King. That's me, by
the way, sexy. I suggest you get the fuck out of the way while I take my
people out. I'm so fucking tired of vampires inviting you to a party and then
trying to fucking kill you. Anyone who wants to stop me, keep in mind that
I'll die, but the one of you that pisses me off worst will die -first-." Eric
walks across the room, the smell of blood in the air assaulting him, driving
his power higher, and heads toward Emerald.

Far more calmly are two men stepping in behind Eric. One is a tanned curly
haired man with brown eyes. The other is a non-descript vampire. The tanned
man places his hand onto that of the vampire. The vampire says, "I have had
enough of this city."

It would seem that The Traveler is back indeed. Is this is real body? Or just
another horse. And how is the man that he is holding hands with. The vampire
turn his hands onto Delilah and lifts a hand, the one not holding onto the
tanned man. There is a slashing motion.

Delilah.. dies. There are no words for how much the newly created vampire is
dead. She simply explodes as if she has been torn apart from the inside out.
Her skin is peeled off. Blood explodes everywhere. Spraying anyone who is
even a little near her.

She doesn't even get time to scream in agony. She is simply dead.

Emerald is rocking amalia in her arms, bting the dead pink haired girl over and
over again. The bites do not work to Emmy's dismay. She cries out loudly,
screaming her pain, bloody tears running down her cheeks. "The Lord is my
shepherd: I shall not want.He maketh me to lie down in green Pastures, he
leadeth me beside the still waters.He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the
paths of righteousness for his name's sake,Yea, though I walk through the
valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me, thy
rod and staff they comfort me.Thou preparest a table before me in the
presence of mine enemies: thou anointed my head with oil; my cup runneth
over.Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I
will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever……. O Divine King, Jesus,
whose heart is so compassionate to the afflicted, I wish to live in You;
suffer and die in You. During my life be to me my model and my support; at
the hour of my death, be my hope and my refuge. " Her words are cried and not
even, some in german, others in english. Her face is filled with rage it just
hasn't found the target yet.

-------- The following was decided by staff since there was an interruption to the scene ------

Savina and Samuel will not stop Eric from dragging off Amalia's body and Emerald. Because Traveler will tell them that if they do, he will kill them as well.

Traveler will then tell Savina that anyone in the city who offends him in anyway shape or for from now on, will be killed. End of story.

He and the man he came in with, will then leave. Shortly there after Einar will return to help clean up the mess that was once Delilah.

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