Last Contact


Lillith's Home (Basement)



Aaaah, nightfall. Life returns to Lillith in gasping choking breathes. And she is not… in where she normally sleeps. Not at all. She's sitting on the floor propped up against her bed. Directly across the room, taped to the wall there is a message.

"Dear Lillith.

It has come to my attention that we need to talk. Please stay where you are, I shall be with you when you awake.

Love and Kisses,

The Traveler."

Lillith blinks slowly, her brow furrowing as she stares at the note. She rises to her feet, moving to the wall, pulling the message off of it. "Well this can't be good," she mutters, but she obeys, sitting down on the bed, going just as still as she had been a few minutes ago while she waits.

It takes a few moments, but there is a strange paralysis to Lillith's body. And then there is like a buzzing noise in her head. And then a voice whispers inside her mind. "Lillith, good of you to meet me here."

"With a message like that, how could I not wait to see what it was you had to say?" Lillith says, or rather, thinks back to the Traveler.

"The man who told that Eric wanted you dead, Lillith, was lying to you. Now, I cannot fault you for the weakness of not smelling it. He is a particularly skilled liar, and he fooled everyone but myself." The voice whispers through her mind. A sharp stab of pain is given at the word 'weakness'.

Lillith winces, or at least tries to. "I apologize for the weakness, but also consider that you are a member of the council, I am a new Master. Though I had intended to talk to the rats. I have already set in motion a meeting with some of them."

There is no wincing allowed except for the emotional sort. The Traveler whispers through her brain, "You should know, Lillith, that I saved your life today. The Rat King got into your house. And he had intents to kill you. I stopped him. And I told him of the lies."

"I thank you for that," Lillith thinks back. "What did he say when you told him of these lies? Although, if he did not want me dead, then what was he doing here in my home? Though I also wonder how he got in."

Traveler's voice whispers through her head, "Tobias told him that he could no longer protect him, and then tried to get him to meet. This tripped the rodent's paranoia off. And when men like him are scared they attack first. Until Tobias told him that the protection was gone he did not mean to kill you."

"I knew it was wrong to trust that he would not attack unless attacked," Lillith things, and the dryness of the tone is apparent even in her thoughts. "Has he decided not to kill me after all, or was it just your presence that forestalled the attempt today?"

The Traveler is silent a moment as if talking and he says, "I believe, Lillith, that I have scared him enough to give you time to speak to him. Yourself. I believe the two of you can work this out. That you both can avoid a war." There is another pause. Then the voice again, "I do not wish to see Chicago burn. I do not wish to see disturbances. His disturbances, your disturbances. They would bring attention onto preternaturals that I do not like."

"Nor do I. I have been working to see that it does not. While these lies were spread, I have made an alliance with the wolves. They, and the leopards, will help me, will help the Kiss protect this city," Lillith replies.

The Traveler is silent for a few more moments and he says, "I believe you mean well. That is why I'm going to send you one of mine. One who you should listen to when they speak. Many of my line are picked for their non-vampiric abilities. I will send you one to advice you as the oracles did the people's of times past."

Lillith is a bit surprised at that. "Am I to know their name now? And I mean no disrespect, but do you intend for this person to be /just/ an advisor? If so then I appreciate the offer, and gladly accept."

"Of they will just be an offer. And I will give you the name when I have decided upon the person." The Traveler responds, his voice brushing their mind. "I did not put you in power to simply have it usurped by one of my own."

"I understand. I just wanted to be sure that we were both thinking the same thing. I would gladly accept the offer of an advisor, and I thank you for that," Lillith replies.

"You are welcome, Lillith. Now. I leave you to do what you think is right." The paralysis is gone, suddenly, just like that.

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