Log:20080907 - Pretty When You Cry


Greek Revival: Common Room - Taylor Street: Little Italy
The main floor of the house is filled with only a few rooms but they're large
and encourage a communal sort of atmosphere. The floors are all hardwood with
rugs laying here and there to add touches of color and texture. The decor is
minimalistic, though the woodwork and moulding adds a certain something, and
most of the furniture doesn't match, but it's comfortable and clean. Across
from the front door in the foyer are stairs leading to the upper level.

The focus of the main level, off to the right of the stairs, is a common area
that might be considered a living room in a smaller home. There are several
sofas, love seats and chairs with enough seating for at least a dozen people
to sit comfortably or even more if personal space isn't an issue. A variety
of end tables, coffee tables and lamps offer light and places to put drinks
or collect clutter. There's a big, flat television hanging on the far wall
over a fireplace, situated so that most of the seats can get a comfortable
view. A double wide sliding glass door opens up onto a large back porch and
even larger yard, bordered by mature trees and a tall fence.

The kitchen, to the left of the stairs and toward the back of the house, is
big, but not overwhelmingly so, with stainless steel appliances, slate floors
and granite counter tops. There's a massive refrigerator and a pantry set
into the cherry cabinetry, always fully stocked, that probably take up more
space than would be appropriate in another home. More directly to the left of
the staircase is a dining area holding a table that's almost conference-like
in size, though there aren't typically as many chairs as it can support there.


It's evening and things have settled down for the day. At least that seems to
be what Mason's hoping for. He's sitting on the front steps, smoking a
cigarette with a bottle of beer resting near one bare foot. He's watching one
of the neighborhood cats walking across his yard. Because that's a fun

Gabe makes her way onto the front-steps from the street. She's got her hands
stuff into her pockets. She smells like other men this evening, though not of
sex. She's got both Tobias and Eric's smell on clothing. The black woman
considers Mason intently as she makes her way toward his steps.

Lupe steps outside, apparently looking for Mason. She has a rather concerned
expression on her face. She quickly tries to wipe her expression to a more
neutral one when she sees Gabe, and offers a smile to the other woman.

Mason recognizes ones of the scents on Gabrielle more than the other and his
power bristles possessively as she approaches before it calms again. Gold
green eyes are fixed on the woman, though, as he inhales a lung full of
smoke, then releases it slowly. "Gabe," he greets before she makes it all the
way to the steps and his tone inflects curiosity. He doesn't look away from
the alpha female when Lupe comes out of the house, but the waver in his
energy makes it clear that he knows she's there.

Gabe's gaze flicks toward Lupe for a moment, narrowing in a manner that scream
possessive- and it isn't of Lupe. The black woman lets it go a moment later,
amber gaze settling onto Mason. She states, "Mason." Gabrielle comes to a
stop infront of Mason, watching him with those intense amber eyes. There is
something in them. Something close to love, but even closer to possession-
passion, and need.

Lupe stays near the door, watching the two of them for a moment. She sees the
flash of possessiveness in Gabe's eyes, but she doesn't waver, nor does she
flinch or step back. She understands initial feelings and impressions, and
she also knows that she has done nothing to instigate anything or to
interfere with any relationship that might exist between the two of them. She
nods a greeting to Gabe, "Nice to see you recovering well from the night we
met, Gabe." She offers quietly, in a warm, friendly voice.

The alpha male's expression flickers into a hint of a smile when Gabe stops in
front of him and he pushes his cigarette into the ground before rising and
touching a hand to the female's abdomen as he brushes his cheek to hers. "All
in one piece still?" Of course she is. But he still has to ask. "What were
you doing with the men?" he asks that, too, because the scent is just going
to bug him until he knows why it's there.

Gabe's own hand lifts to slide around to the back of Mason's neck and then up
into his hair, fingers curling there. The much smaller of the werewolves
smiles up at him- it's a feral, vicious thing. "Jealous?" The alpha female
asks, her tongue flicking along her lower lip.

Lupe's expression is a tad bit amused at the exchange between the two. She
silently regards them for a moment, before speaking again, "If you two want,
I can make myself scarce, and leave you two be." Yes, there is a hint of warm
amusement in her voice, but it's friendly, and not at all anything else.

*THUMP* The sound is probably a familiar one in the house by now. *THUMP* He's
made it to the second from the top step, hopping on one foot, crutches in one
hand while the other one holds onto the railing. Really, Elijah's become
quite adept at getting around on the things even with his leg all straight as
a board in that splint, but the steps are still a tricky, risky affair.
Hasn't he been told about them two dozen or so times? Three dozen maybe?
'Eli, someone will help you get down the steps, so you don't fall and break
your other leg, or your neck.' By both Mason and Lupe? *THUMP* Maybe no one
will notice that? Being outside such as they are? *THUMP*

"That depends on what you were doing with them, doesn't it," Mason points out,
pulling Gabrielle against him and growling low in his throat. He tilts his
head to push his face in close against her neck, breathing in deeply like
it'll help him get a better idea of what was going on. Or maybe it's just to
give her a sharp nip like he does. The thumping in the house draws his
attention though and he says to Lupe, "Will you make sure Casper doesn't
break his neck?" Then to Gabe, "You wanna come inside?"

Gabe's skin doesn't smell like Tobias or Eric, whatever she was doing with them
didn't involve skin to skin contact it seems. The black woman wraps her other
arm around his waist and gives an answering growl. Her own teeth nip at his
ear before he turns to talk to Lupe. An eyebrow quirks, "Casper?"

Lupe nods and starts to turn toward the door to go and help Eli, when Gabe
speaks up, "Yeah, Elijah. He's sorta laid up for a while. It' sort of my
fault. I'll be right back, let me make sure he gets down the stairs in one
piece." She grins, and heads in to get Eli the rest of the way down the
stairs, even if he resists, or insists on doing it himself, she's gonna get
him down the stairs, one way or the other.

It's not so much that Eli protests help when it's offered as it seems he's just
not the sort to call out for it, or something. He doesn't resist being helped
the rest of the way down the steps, doesn't even claim he could have done it
himself. Once at the bottom, however, he does offer up, "I got it now,"
before moving away from Lupe to head for the kitchen. Munchies! That's what
drove him down the steps to begin with. A big bad case of the Munchies! He
raids the 'snack cabinet' and comes up with chips and pretzels and doughnuts
and some wheat thins…and… Now, to get it all back to the living room.
He's wearing a pair of loose fit pants as that's about all that will fit over
the splint, so a few items get tucked into the waistband, while a few others
are held between his teeth. Will he eat /all/ of that? Probably not, but a
little from each can't hurt.

Since Lupe explains who Casper is, Mason doesn't repeat her as he steps toward
the house and drags Gabe along with him, pausing only to pick up his beer
along the way to the door. "You good, Eli?" Mason calls out as they come in
the door. "We have company." He leads Gabe toward the living room unless she
protests too much and asks, "Want anything to eat? A beer?"

Gabe's gaze narrows toward Elijah, and there is.. something aggressive there,
something not friendly. Her tone drips acid as she says, "Oh. Your vargamor."
The 'your' is stressed. Gabe comments a moment later, "No, I'm not hungry."

If by 'good' Mason means 'are you clothed?', well the answer would be yes! At
least the bottom half of the gimpy little medium is anyway. He mumbles
something that might be an affirmative around the bag of chips dangling from
his teeth. He stops short at the aggressive nature of their 'company' and
shoots an uncertain glance in Mason's direction. Normally he'd be making his
way toward the alpha male in such a situation, but well…she's standing next
to Mason. He lets the chips drop from his mouth to the floor and mumbles
something about going back upstairs before he's doing just that. Well, at
least he's heading that way as fast as he can manage in his current
condition. He still has his wheat thins and pretzels in his pants! He's good.

His lupa's reaction to Elijah has Mason bristling immediately. There's a flare
of something both possessive and protective in regards to the human and the
alpha male's grip tightens like a warning on the alpha female. His voice is
more of a growl than anything when he asks, "Why are you here, Gabrielle? If
it's just to scare /my/ vargamor, then you can get the fuck out."

Uh-oh. That's bad. The female's power -explodes- in the room suddenly. How,
bristly, biting along the skin of anyone who can feel it. She will jerk
herself out of the male's grip, her amber gaze narrowing on him. Gabe's teeth
bares at Mason and she says, "You need to think very carefully, Mason West,
on whether or not you just kicked me- your lupa, your fucking *mate* -out of
your house." The black woman straightens up even more now, to her full
height. "Because if I walk out that door? You can kiss my ass goodbye."

"I'm the pack's Vargamor, Mase." Elijah's voice is barely even a whisper. "The
rest of me belongs to you," he continues, just a little more audibly. He
pauses at the bottom of the steps and turns around for a moment or two. The
explosion of power makes him take a reflexive step backwards, but he doesn't
retreat in the face of it. "You, perhaps, should think very carefully before
coming into your Ulfric's house and being…that way…with someone he's
placed under his protection?" His voice is calm, even…he doesn't judge,
he's just speaking the truth of the matter and then he's turning again to
head back up the stairs.

When Gabe jerks herself out of Mason's grip, he moves to put himself between
her and Elijah, closer to her than him. "You do not want to force me to
choose between the two of you, Gabe." The dominance of Mason's beast pours
into his energy and a tension builds through his muscles as he watches the
other wolf with marked intensity. "I didn't say I was kicking you out, but
there's no reason for you to stay if you're gonna threaten Eli." Which is
what Mason got from the aggressive, not-friendliness. "Why are you here?"

Gabe's amber gaze dances between Elijah and Mason, and for a moment there is a
certain heart broken quality to her expression- in her eyes, as if her heart
just shattered. But she covers it up a moment later with that rage and
aggression. The black woman flicks a hand at Elijah and says, "You already
did Mason. Fuck you. Find yourself a new Lupa. Because I'm not being second
to a fucking human." The black woman turn around and is out the door is a
flash, moving faster than the eye can follow, likely tearing the door off of
its hinges in the process.

Once again, Elijah's slow progress up the stairs is halted and he turns around.
His brow furrows ever so slightly, but he remains silent, crutches on the
bottom stair, him on the next one up. "I'm sorry, Mase," he offers up in the
softest of whispers, like this was somehow his fault.

Mason doesn't want to see that look, but he doesn't look away. His jaw clenches
when Gabrielle speaks, but he doesn't try to stop her. Maybe he thinks he can
fix things later. But Elijah is under his protection and Gabrielle has proven
more than once that she doesn't need Mason's protection. When she heads out
the door, a part of Mason seems to follow her, wants to follow her - his
wolf. It's the human in him that keeps him standing where he is, staring at
the door hanging off one of its hinges.

All Gabe leaves is a trail of angry power, and the emotional backwash of a
heart that seems to have shattered. The black woman disappears out the door
and she keeps going.

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