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Real Life 2010

  • January 31, 2011 - Looking?

RL Date: Fri Jan 15 10
Rumor has it that the manager of the Circles, Travis, and some of his contacts have been discreetly asking around about a newcomer to town… someone called Eden. Supposedly any information is welcome, but why he's looking is anyone's guess.

(ooc - Anyone that wants to help or hinder his look, feel free to swing by the Circles (Second or Third) on Michigan or drop him an @mail. He's a pretty public person so it's easy to get his 'basic' contact info (drop a note at the bar, leave a voice mail, whatever)

Real Life 2009

  • August 06, 2009 - Hospital News

RL Date: Sun Jan 18 09
« Note that odds are one probably wouldn't have heard all these details unless one was a cop or associated with the hospital, or if one is illegally keeping close tabs on either »
Late Tuesday (August 3rd), ICU nurse, Mrs. James, was called into Mr. Morgan Heartsmith's room, by the call button on the patients bed. Arriving, she noticed Mr. Heartsmith (or who she thought was Mr. Hartsmith) was aspirating from what was later determined to be internal injuries and a collapsed lung. Quickly calling for the doctor on duty, the nurse moved to re-attach the patients IV morphine drip and quickly realized that the IV had never been in the gentleman's hand. No puncture wounds or tape were found where the IV should have been stabilized and checked by hospital staff. He also had no hospital bracelet to show that he had been admitted by any of the hospital staff.
Further investigation reviled that the gentleman who was, dressed in Mr. Heartsmith's hospital gown, was not Mr. Heartsmith. The heart monitor leads had been attached to prevent the hospital staff from suspecting the change out had been made.
The police were called, whom promptly fingerprinted the gentleman after he was treated for his severe internal injuries and found him to be Mr. George Lindridge, who had been visiting his wife in the ICU, whom being treated for a severe case of pneumonia. How these internal injuries occurred, Mr. Lindridge cannot recall. His last memory is of simply exiting his wife's hospital room after visiting her.
Upon comparing records with Mr. Heartsmith's injuries, one intern noticed that Mr. Lindridges injuries were nearly the same if not exact as Mr. Heartsmith on the day he arrived at the hospital. Further investigation is pending but currently, there have been no further clues. Fingerprinting the call button revealed only a partial print of that of Mr. Lindridge.
Currently, Mr. Lindridge's condition is stable and he is expected to make a full recovery.

Real Life 2008

  • February 06, 2008 - Lions in Lincoln Park

RL Date: Sat Jan 19 08
Passerby 1: Hey, did you here? Supposedly there's a pride of lions hiding in Lincoln Park!

Passerby 2: What? Hasn't animal control been called?

Passerby 1: Yeah, I heard though that animal control and police can't find them.

Passerby 2: Probably some punk shifters stirring up trouble. I mean lions? In a blizzard in Lincoln Park?

Real Life 2007

  • July 29, 2006 - Pitchforks and Torches

RL Date: Sat Jan 13 07
<Teenager 1> Man did you hear about that fight near 7th house?
<Teen2> Yeah something like a riot or a lynching happened right?
<Teen1>Yeah it was some were that was getting beat on by some people.
<Teen3>I heard it was more a lynchin' cuz of all the murders and stuff.
<Teen1>Nah man it was like total hottie of chick that bit someone or something. A bunch of those guys down by 8th av. got together and started to show that monster who's the boss.
<Teen2> Realy?! I'm sure that's a dead girl then.
<Teen3>You're both so full of it.

Real Life 2006

  • February 10, 2005 - Uptown Girl?

RL Date: Sun Jan 22 06
A small, non descript ad appears in the back of several papers. From the larger publications to the smaller rags with stories on baby Jesus arriving in the next year… all containing the same information.

Preternatural researcher needed to help diagnose a special case. Participants must be willing to sign a contract of non disclosure. Possibility of large reward. Please send the contact information to the following PO BOX.

Below that, is listed a generic PO BOX address that, if researched is connected to a Ms.Lillian Kight and paid off in cash for a year.

Contact Lyle for information.

Real Life 2005

  • April 06, 2004 - Uptown Girl?

RL Date: Wed Jun 29 05
It's rumored one of the wolves has gone to the seedier side of life. After all, it's not like she can catch a disease. Word is, she's doing films. Can you believe it? It doesn't help that most of the wolves are gone, hardly anybody seen at the shelter now a-days.

  • April 06, 2004 - Despite rumors..

RL Date: Wed Jun 29 05
Yes, many of the wolves are gone, but the Vagramor, Viola, is almost constantly at the shelter these days. If she's not working at the hospital, and she's cut back on her hours… then she's working at the shelter, trying to keep the pack together. Rumors fly that she's expecting too.. but surely not at her age. THey can't be true.. but she does spend an awful lot of time with that Leopard Matthew… She's also been trying to get more breeds into the shelter… trying to make it a larger family, as it were.

Real Life 2004

  • April 21, 2003 - Hints, Allogations, and..

RL: Sun Nov 07 04
things left to rumors only. There's been a noticable absence of vampires in the Crimson District. It's been quiet there, almost too quiet. Either something has happened to all of them that the police are keeping quiet about or there's something afoot at the Circle K (so to speak). Are all of the vampires underground? Literally and figuratively of course. Or is something else entirely going on..

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