Ryu's Vitals
Name: Ryu Takinawa
Race: Japanese/Psychic
Shortdesc: 5'5" skinny japanese man with blue eyes
Position: None Yet
Fame: Famous Blind Artist
Temperament: Very laid back.
Themesong: Coming Soon
Akanishi Jin as Ryu Takinawa


General: A blind artist from Japan. He specializes is clay busts but can also work with stones and wood if requested.

Artisan: He specializes is clay busts but can also work with stones and wood if requested. He does requests and also does things for charity.

WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.


Before you is a man 5 foot 5 inches tall. His hair reaches past his jaw and down his neck, stopping before it hits his shoulders with the exception of a few layered pieces falling to his chest. The straight, jagged cut layers are a dark brown possibly black, shiny and sticking out randomly. He looks as if he has just gotten out of bed. His skin is the color of soft maple. The soft color says that he is outside every so often and revels in the suns kisses. His skin is smooth and contrasts against his hazy blue eyes. He has large and open eyes. His eyebrows accentuate this feature by being lightly curved and darker. His long, thick, black eyelashes curl upwards in a fan. His nose is small and turned down slightly at the tip. His top lip is thick and pouty and turned upwards slightly, the color a little darker then a soft pink. His bottom lip is pouty and plump. His jaw line is soft but distinctive. His neck is thin. The long column has jutting veins and is partially covered by his lengthy light hair.

His narrow shoulders reach out on each side of him. They are held back in good posture and they look quiet strong despite their thinness. The man's chest is skinny and covered in a black cotton long sleeve v neck shirt. The flowing cotton leaves everything to the imagination. The flowing arms are wide and flow past his wrist to half way down his hands. His wrists are thin and bony. His palms are small and soft. Long fingers extend on each hand. The knuckles on every finger are defined and jutting out. One the tip of each finger is a short bitten light pink nail. He obviously bites his nails.

He is wearing dark pants. The pants are tailored to his waist and loose fitting around his thin legs. The pants crinkle around his knees and ankles and extend to the ground. They are cotton and soft to the touch. His feet wrapped in black runners.


Ryu was born is Okinawa, Japan on August 23rd 1897. His mother was a 16 year old and his father was unknown. He was born 5 weeks premature. His mother's parents adopted him into their own family and raised him to believe his mother was in fact his sister. He found out at the age of 16 that his sister was in fact his mother. He seemed to know all along so that particular news wasn't very shocking to him.

His mother was always important to him. She protected him and cared for him as a mother should just under the guise of a sister. His family means the world to him. Their support and understanding with his condition made life a lot easier then it could have been. Another interesting development was his ability to summon objects to himself. It also made his life easier. Getting his cane and the dogs leash was as simple as it ever could be. His family is rooted in the Occult as the family business was finding and selling in arcane objects. He learned a few things about this from them and can usually identify basic elements of an object by touch.

Ryu also found out that he has a knack for reading objects. Psychometry… He can touch an object and read where it's been, emotions around it and what's happened to it. It was something he started to develope secretly from his family. They knew about his Telekinesis but this was his own. He also had random visions of past, present and future…that would be cool had it not hurt every time.

When he was a year old he was diagnosed with Leber's congenital amaurosis. Within a year his world turned from colors to pitch black. He was home schooled due to his special schooling needs. He also learned very quickly that when you are blind…you fall a lot. So he was given a few first aid courses and he usually carries a satchel with a first aid kit in it. His family wanting him to be fully self sufficiant.

From a very young age, Ryu was good at working with his hands. He was able to replicate any face he touched and make busts of the person. He could also make pottery. His family is weathly so he really never had a job. He does now freelance his work to paying clients as well as doing it for fun. His art takes him away from the pain of life. Sometimes it's easier to immerce yourself in creation.

He always enjoyed sitting by the water. Listening to its waves was comforting to him. He also enjoyed going out and meeting people. He would introduce his Seeing Eye Dog. Sera. She was a beautiful black lab. Most people loved her, however they weren't allowed to touch her when she was on duty. She had to keep her eyes open for him. She was a good dog. He learned quickly from her how to trust her and navigate using not only her skills but the world around him. With her, he always found his way safely.

Ryu is motivated by rejection. Most of the world doesn't understand the functionality that a blind person can actually have and usually treat him like glass. He wants to prove the world wrong. He wasn't just a blind guy. He was an artist, he was a person. Discrimination is normal to him to it usually doesn't get him down.

Part of being blind meant that the rest of your senses are hightened. His hearing became an asset. He enjoyed ninja'ing around the house and scaring his family. How much of a laugh he would get that the blind one could scare them. They however were never able to get him. His nose and hearing picked them up before they even tried.

He decided to move to Chicago, against his families wishes for a few reasons. One… Sera died. Okinawa now just reminded him of her and it is quite painful. Two… Chicago is a decent market for his art. Three, he wanted a change. While Japan will always be in his heart, he needed this change. A way to grow more as an individual and more as an artist.


Seeing Eye Dog/Companion:
Drake is playful and obedient. The pup is new to the job.
It's been requested you ask permission to touch the pup.


Name Relationship Notes
Robi Matronly Female Voice She helped him and is very motherly. He likes her
Sable Beautiful Female Voice Drake walked into her store and she instantly became a friend.


None So Far

RP Hooks

  • Artist? I am too. Hit me up for some RP?
  • Looking to be a model? I am looking for models.




Business Card

General: A blind artist from Japan runs Shadows. He specializes is clay busts but can also work with stones, metal and wood if requested.

Business: The artist is looking for employees and a gallery. The current gallery is run out of his home.

Business Info

This business was started by Ryu Takinawa. It was established originally in Japan but due to circumstances has since moved to Windy City. Since moving to Windy City he's been working around the clock to attempt to establish himself as an artist in the area.

The business card is unique.(pictured left) On the back written in English and Japanese is Ryu's information. His name and phone number. Not his address. The front Kanji reads Shadows. And should someone run their fingers over the card…the information is also available in Braille on the card.

Art Gallery

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