S Mart
S Mart's Information
Type: Retail store
Rating: 1 Star
Location: Division Avenue: West
Fame: Inexpensive and convenient, one-stop shopping
Atmosphere: Well-lit and utilitarian
Owner(s): N/A
Manager(s): N/A
Employee(s): N/A

Ah, S-Mart. A place to get anything and everything… almost.

Cheap, fast, convenient: that is the obvious goal for this store. Automatic glass doors line the left and right sides, providing entrance, and right inside and between these is a solid line of registers and check-out lines. One can find just about anything they need for daily life here, plus some. A pharmacy, electronics department, toy section, grocery store, housewares, even places to buy clothing; it's all here. Even a small Taco Shack lies in the back, tucked behind the grocery section, and a video rental store and bank transaction area reside in the front.

When one needs to swing by somewhere on the commute home or during a lunch break to grab a few of the must-haves, this is the place they go.

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