Sable Gray - Stage name's Vitals
Name: Sable Gray
Race: African American/Shifter
Shortdesc: A dusky skinned woman with rich chestnut hair.
Position: Singer and Songwriter for the band Neverwhere
Fame: She is an accomplished singer and songwriter for a local Punk band.
Temperament: Easy going, firm
Themesong: {$Themesong}
Beyonce as Sable Gray


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.


  • She is one of seven children to Marcus and Desiree Dean.
  • Desiree Dean was a well known female magician, disavowing the sexism of the trade with her abilities.
  • She has six siblings: Steve (eldest), Maria, Evelyn, Jerome, Michael, Stacy.
  • She is a cursed were-panther, of the leopard variety. Something that occurred in her youth as none of her siblings or family has this afflictio
  • Sable is the lead singer for a band called Neverwhere. It is a punk/ska sort of a band. Known for its covers and geek lyrics.


Black liquid eyes are the first thing that stands out about the woman. They are matched with a set of full, coral lips - often found in a wry smirk. Laughter dances in the dark brown eyes, their hue nearly black. She has the features of a model or actress, flawless chocolate skin and high cheekbones. Dark brown eyelashes, and kohl outline her liquid gaze. Long hair cascades down her back in waves of chocolate brown, with blonde highlights. Natural curve, handed down by the gods, she is voluptuous and feminine.

She wears a red dress that highlights her natural curves. A halter top style that dips low in the front into a three in band of black that encompasses the woman's slender waist. She wears a thin filigree gold necklace, a charm of a curlicue rose. She wears red heels. Her hair flows free around her delicate shoulders.

RP Hooks

  • She wishes to be an established member of the Pard. In that vain, anything Pard related does catch my attention.
  • She is an accomplished singer and songwriter, so she is always looking for gigs as well as band members.
  • Shifter related RP and really any form of RP gets my attention. Just page or @mail.


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