Samantha's Vitals
Name: Samantha Calhoun
Race: Irish, Witch.
Shortdesc: Tall redhead.
Position: Lieutenant, Chicago P.D.
Fame: Ghoul Hunter.
Temperament: Fiesty
Themesong: Up Up Up Up Up - Ani di Franco
Alicia Witt as Samantha Calhoun

I Don't Have Time For You To Wonder.
I'll Just Tell You Why I'm Here


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

General: Lt. Samantha Calhoun is with Chicago's finest on the bomb squad.

Police: Lt. Calhoun is a witch, she works on the bomb squad because she's particularly talented at warding against elements- fire in case an explosion -and against other things. She's also been used in cases to dispel magical effects or to protect against them.

Criminal: Calhoun is a cop, alright, but she seems to only work the bomb/demolitions department.

Magic: Samantha Calhoun is particularly talented in the elemental arts, she shows some talent in the metamagic arts as well, but is rarely seen with any other sorcerers.

RP Hooks

  • Ghouls: Samantha is concerned with the ghoul population within Chicago and is doing her best to take them down. She can be seen with a shotgun going after the ghouls, trying to find their source.
  • Police: Samantha's with the bomb squad, but also helps out with preternatural crimes because she's a witch.
  • Magic: A magic studier, leaning toward Elemental and Meta magic.
  • Shapeshifters: Samantha is neither friend nor foe to the shapeshifters. She isn't afraid to defend herself if someone slips their skin, but she has no reason to go after them.
  • Vampires: Samantha is not a fan of vampires of any kind. She avoids them, at all costs.


  • Shane: Her own personal cowboy.


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